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In this video I’m gonna show you how last year I was able to make more than fifty thousand dollars off of the coin base affiliate program, and if you’re familiar with the coin base affiliate program, it’s not a high ticket affiliate program.

It actually pays out ten dollars per sale. So without further ado, let’s, dive in and figure this out. [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]. All right! We are back and just to show you proof that I’m, not pulling your leg or anything like that.

We’re, actually gonna go to my coinbase account and we’re, just gonna kind of show you we’re gonna scroll through a little bit of last year, so coinbase, as you know, it’s, nothing like a real affiliate program.

It’s, AA referral program where they pay you ten dollars in Bitcoin for every single time that you manage to get someone to sign up for coin based and make a purchase. Now we’re gonna go to my account here and you can see I’m starting last December.

You can see I’m receiving Bitcoin in the amount of $ 10. You can see it highlighted there and we can just scroll down and you can see that for most of the year I was getting. You know the end of year to slow down quite a bit, but I was getting between five and ten a day.

I think, on average, throughout most of the year, you can scroll down right here and see. Now we’re into September and you can see I’m still just getting these ten dollar increments. We’re in August. You can see it’s, a lot bigger in August.

I’m, getting bigger because it’s newer videos anyway into July here – no and look at magically changes over the logo here anyway. So this is the Columbus affiliate program increments of $ 10, and we’re going to talk about how exactly this came to be at this point right now so um.

The first thing I wan na talk about is Google Trends? Okay, so the the real way that this was able to happen – and it may not even last year, had been two years ago. The way that this was able to happen is, I was able to capitalize on a trend: okay and that’s huge in online marketing.

If you’re, looking for a fast growth strategy and you don’t want to, you, know, spend years and years slowly building something up if you can grab onto a trend and grab something right as it’s happening On the internet, you can be the one to really gain massive amounts of exposure and commissions and subscribers and all kinds of things from grabbing out of that trend.

So if you look in Google Trends here, you know what I type in Bitcoin. If you’re, familiar with oh, I can’t spell Bitcoin. If you’re for those Google Trends, it tells you what’s trending at the bet at your current time.

Okay, what it! What it is that everyone on the internet is talking about and searching, and things like that, as you can see here, if we go back five years, I I did this about right here. Okay, it’s been two and a half years ago.

I did this right here you can see this is when Bitcoin was the hottest thing on planet Earth. Everyone was talking about it ever buying everyone’s, trying to figure out what it was. You smell that? What is that? What what’s? It’s, no opportunity! No one me! I smell money, and that was a big trend and that’s, why I was able to capitalize on an end and use it to slingshot growth and slingshot commissions.

So what you’ve got to do. Is you’ve got to use Google Trends, you’re gonna use the Explorer feature? Okay and you’re gonna scroll down. You can type in a topic right here, or you can scroll in here and kind of see some some different topics that people are searching.

Okay, so you can see there’s, some guy named ed Henry and the other guy named Bobby vanilla. I don’t know any of those guys are you have a new sim Governor of California and you can click more chin, trending searches and get access to all kinds of things K.

You could also put in a topic, for example, affiliate marketing and it’s. Gon na give you well, it looks like a foot marking is starting to trend up, which is a good thing, but it looks people looking people are looking for Microsoft.

Advertising millionaire trader profit landing page. These are all growing right now, probably because of kovat related queries, people are looking for a food marketing platforms, huge increase in people.

Looking for that people are looking for the Amazon affiliate program. I don’t know why there’s, a big increase in that best to fit marketing course k. You can see that there’s like the the term or the subject of affiliate marketing is, is actually growing in it.

‘s, estimated that it’s going up right now it’s, it’s. Uh I don’t know why, but it’s. Cars looking up big, and so you can go. Look there, you can type in subjects here and you can go here and find additional subjects get more topics.

This way, as you scroll looks like email marketing is getting big right now, HubSpot is, is exploding, edison LLC, which is clickfunnels all kinds of research that you can do here just hopping through and figuring out what what is going on right now? What are people just you know, scouring the internet right now to find more information on, and then you’re gonna capitalize on that? Okay, so that’s, the first thing that’s, why? I was able to do this.

This wouldn’t have worked. If i’d, have done this, you know. If we look at that Bitcoin graph again it wouldn’t have worked. If I did this at one of those points where it was low, you know if I finally crazy right here – I wouldn’t have made that much money.

I’m crazy right here. I wouldn’t made that much money had that explosion, but I hit on a trending topic and that’s, why this was able to happen. Okay, that’s, the first one. The next thing we’re gonna do is we’re, going to use YouTube and the reason we’re gonna use YouTube is because I’m.

Assuming you don’t have a massive audience right now I’m. Assuming you don’t have a massive email list. I’m. Assuming you don’t have a blog that Google loves so much that you can post something and it just shoots up to the top of the rankings.

I’m making all these assumptions and with that assumption, YouTube is the best place for you, and the reason for that is. If I go to youtube.com and I type in something like how how to buy or how Bitcoin works, let’s, say: okay, you’re gonna see some old videos, but you’re.

Also gonna see some new videos. In fact, this is a live. Someone is live talking about this right now that looks like most of it is old videos actually, but there’s one from two months ago. Okay, in fact, what’s trending right now? How corona virus spreads might be a big one, that’s, training right now, you can see one month ago, three months ago, two months ago, a live stream.

Three months ago, three months ago, one month ago, so your YouTube is much more willing to show fresh content. Then then, some of the other platform like then Google is especially in terms of search engines.

So a typical search engine like Google loves love the old content that it’s tested and tried and true, and it won’t, show content for months and months and months oftentimes, but YouTube is very, very different and it it’ll happily gives throw some tests out there and throw some bones to some some fairly brand-new videos from channels that don’t have any clout and see how they play out.

Okay, so it’ll. It’ll. Throw you that bone and see what happens and if it the results, are good for YouTube. They’ll, continue to start showing your video, and so we’re gonna. Do that. We’re gonna use YouTube because one it’s hot traffic.

They’re people that just love the people that are looking with credit card in hand often times you know they’re. Looking Bitcoin right here right now, and they just want some tutorial video – that’s, good hot traffic, that’s; buyers, so that’s, one reason and then too we want people that are.

We want to have a shot at this K if we, if we put it on a blog, we’re gonna be going against some huge major blogs and Google is much less kind to the new, less well-known blogger. The next thing we need to do is we ‘

Ve got to do more than one video okay, so you can’t just make one video and then sit back and hope that it works. Youtube needs you to make more than one video so that it can identify what your your your niche and stuff is, so that it can link your videos together and see if it can get people watching.

You know five six videos in a row and you just never know what video is gonna be the one to blow up. So in this case I I looked at Bitcoin and I said okay, what else can I make, and I could see that there were hopes, so I did a how to make money with bitcoin video okay.

So this isn’t like how Bitcoin works. How to buy Bitcoin? This is how to make money with bitcoin how to get a Bitcoin wallet. Okay, there’s like an issue, one that most people you wouldn’t. Think most people are searching for.

Crypto trading tutorial won’t Forex their how to keep your bitcoins safe. Okay. This is me how to buy aetherium. How do i riffle kitties or variations of bitcoin, so you’re gonna go and you’re gonna. Do a bunch of research? Okay and the research is not that hard.

You type in things like Bitcoin and you’re gonna see all these options here. How Bitcoin isn’t that way I’ll. Do it okay and look I get how to buy Bitcoin. How does Bitcoin work, how to earn Bitcoin how to invest Bitcoin, how to use Bitcoin? How did it how to buy Bitcoin on the cash? Yet I hate the cash app someone hacked my cash app ones: side-story, okay, how to create Bitcoin account how to use Bitcoin ATM anyway.

You get the point there’s, a lot of videos. You could start pumping out doing about 10 seconds of keyword. Research on YouTube – you’ve. Now got the you know the next week or two planned out for you making videos.

So you can do a little bit of research like this and the next step. Is it’s, time to start filming videos? Okay? Now it’s, really really important in these videos that you don’t have fluff it’s, important that you get straight to the point you’ll notice in this video that I was talking 30 seconds In about it exactly what my thumbnail promised, I would talk about if you spend three to five minutes in the beginning, kind of gearing up and and kind of just explaining and then like whittling around people are gonna leave.

Your video and YouTube does not like that, so it’s very important, and especially in these how-to videos right where we’re, making them a promise that we’re gonna show them something that we get them hooked In immediately that that we start showing them on our screen the steps, if we can, of what we’re, going to be teaching them, so we’re gonna get them going with.

With that, we’re gonna keep them watching and then, as soon as we get to the point where they know they’ve been delivered. What we’ve promised them it’s. Time to pull out. Give instant they get to that point.

Pull out end the video you know the twenty second clip of moving onto a next video or times subscribe, whatever you want, but you need to end the video, because once again, if you’ve got five more minutes of fluff and people recognize, like.

Oh, I know how to do this down, and now he’s. Just talking I don’t need to watch it. They’re gonna lead and once again, YouTube doesn’t like that, for example. Right now, I’m begging, you not to leave so we’ve got our video and then we ‘

Ve got to build a thumbnail and you this is really important to understand. With these type of videos, we’re, not going for the recommended algorithm. Okay, we’re not going to to like blow up someone when they when they go to youtube.

com. You know, and you see those videos are like. I have to watch that I have to watch this funny face song. I don’t know why this is being recommended, but you can see here. These are like trying to hook you in right.

Instead, what we want is we want it to be. Very clear because we’re going for search what our video is about. For example, if I typed in how to buy Bitcoin right here, okay, we get how to buy bitcoins step-by-step, guided by Bitcoin how to buy Bitcoin.

So your thumbnail needs to say pretty much exactly what they’re searching for you’re, saying: hey! You’re! Looking for this, my videos about this and I’m, boldly, declaring it to you that I’m gonna give it to you, okay, and that doesn’t work as well with the with the other part of YouTube’s, you know algorithm where we’re, trying to show up on home pages and things like that, but it works really well when we’re just trying to own a search for for this hot thing that people are Looking for right then – and finally, you’re like well.

How did you make your money at this point that’s, where the description comes in okay? So if you go into the description of any my videos, I will always tell them where to go, and this is the coin based affiliate program.

So I say: hey I’m gonna show you on screen how to do this. The easiest way to do what I’m doing is just to use the program coin base because that’s. What I’m, showing you on screen – and you can see right here – I’ve – got an affiliate link in my description.

We’ll zoom in there. Well, fax kostas recommends less coinbase. They click that, and now I’m, getting that I’m, getting that ten dollar Commission once they go and make any kind of purchase on this particular coin Basecamp and it’s, pretty easy to give it to make A purchase because this person is looking for that they’re.

Looking for how to buy aetherium, they’re. Not you know it’s not like. I’m like passively trying to convince someone to buy aetherium. They’re wanting to buy a theory I’m. I just need to show them how to do it and then get an affiliate link for them to click, to make it even easier for them to get to the page that I’m talking about and there you have it.

You’re gonna make as many videos as you can on that trending topic. You’re gonna. Add your three link in the description as often as you can and you’re gonna wait and watch and wait for one video to blow up.

In my case, I got lucky and almost every single video blew up because there wasn’t a ton out there. Yet on this stuff, and I was making pretty decent. You know videos showing you all the tips that I talked about.

What I kept him watching and all that stuff so go go, go, make a bunch of videos. You’re gonna. Do it around a trending topic and you’re gonna watch. Your YouTube channel explode. You’re gonna watch. Your affiliate commissions explode.

You’re gonna watch. Good things happen next up, you’re gonna wan na watch. This video

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