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So the test results are in and unfortunately, you’ve been diagnosed with live sales. Now this is not incurable, and today I’m, going to prescribe you ten remedies to help alleviate the symptoms of low sales side effects include insecurity, a feeling of sadness and overall, a lack of money in your pocket.

So without further ado, let’s, get to the prescriptions and turn this all around. You know. The first thing that we need to tackle is traffic, so the first three things I’m going to prescribe to you – are all about getting traffic because, like a young man who wants to build muscle in the gym without protein and a good diet, You can do all the weight lifting in the world.

It’s not going to mount to any building of muscle. So traffic is like the building block of getting sales, because without it you simply can’t make any sales. If you don’t, have any people walking to the door of your store, so the first prescription is SEO, and you hear me talk about this in the law of videos, so search engine optimization is simply showing up on Google’s.

Search engine now, why is this important, and why do I focus so much on this? When I’m talking about the business model of affiliate marketing, so the people who say you should only do paid traffic or paid ads and forget about SEO it’s too slow takes too much time or effort this or that they Truly don’t know how to create an actual viable passive income business, what they’re doing when you’re, just running paid traffic campaigns and then getting sales.

The second that your campaign stops running and the second that somebody starts to out video on your paid traffic campaigns or catches on to what you’re doing, and there’s. Plenty of tools out there to see exactly what the ads that your competitors are running then, once they copy you, they can simply bankroll you out of existence, because you haven’t built any real actual assets that are gaining organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the warmest traffic. Go ever find when you do a paid ad. You show yourself to people who may or may not be interested in you and most people hate ads. So organic is the other way around it’s.

Having people search you up or your and coming to you, this is absolutely the best case scenario. So SEO is something that you need to invest in just time, energy and maybe even financially – to get into it, but SEO is actually completely free to optimize your content.

For it, you just need to learn to have the skills to do this now. The next source of some good quality traffic is Google ads. So Google ads is pretty much one of the largest ad the platforms out there, and I mean it’s.

How Google makes a majority of their money so obviously they’re, going to reinvest into that platform to ensure that things keep running smoothly and they keep and retain their customers and clients. So Google ads it’s, a way to leapfrog and basically just jump up to the top.

If you don’t want to waste your time with SEO, let’s say you’re impatient. Then you’re gonna have to pay to play now be warned. Some of these keywords are gonna cost a lot of money to be competitive, so you may want to go after long tail keywords, which means going after a string of words.

Rather than just let’s, say bodybuilding or nutrition, because those really be extreme and competitive, then you can go deeper, such as ketogenic diet for bodybuilders, something like that, so that you can actually stand out from people and differentiate your offer a lot more Now the third source of quality traffic is Facebook and Instagram ads.

Now, when you run an ad on Facebook, you can instantly run the exact same ad to Instagram, because it is the same ad platform. Facebook owns Instagram, so they make it seamless and easy to basically copy and paste your ad that you’re running on Facebook on instagrams platform, as well now with Facebook and Instagram ads.

This is a different social media platform than Google and then YouTube right, and so if people are searching up this kind of content, basically with Facebook and Instagram, you know you’re, targeting more so based on either retargeting or based on interests, or maybe People who are following or interacting with your competitor, it pays to play, and you know you want to research, the market and the industry that you’re going in.

You want to look at your competitors and see if there’s a way that you can kind of leapfrog your way into the consumers minds all right. So those three things are the main sources of traffic now focus on.

I know a lot of people ask me about buying traffic on fiber don’t ever do something like that, because that is lazy and it’s like I get your results. We’re after quality traffic here, because at the end of the day, quality traffic is traffic that actually buys products if people are not buying products, but you’re, getting thousands of visitors a day.

It’s, worthless. It doesn’t mean anything unless you get money in your pocket. That’s. Why I like to focus on pure quality sources of traffic? Right now that we have traffic, we have people in the door.

Now we have to do something with that traffic, so it’s. Either you get more traffic if you want to get more sales or you convert more of those people who are already in the store. This is called conversion rate optimization and the next three things are gonna focus around this topic.

For most people, conversion rate is probably gonna be around one percent. So four hundred people visit your website, you’ll, probably get one sale. This is generally the average and if you get one sale for every 100 people, I’d, say you’re doing alright, you’re, not doing exceptionally well, but you’re, not doing poorly or terrible.

There’s, people who will get a thousand visitors and only get one sale. So this is why I focus first and foremost on that quality traffic, so that when we work on conversion rate optimisation, then we can convert more of those people who are already qualified.

So the fourth remedy is conversion rate optimization. Now this just means raising up your conversion rate. Now, how do we do this? Honestly? At the end of the day, there are literally a million different things to do, and unless I can see your website, then I can’t, give you valuable advice or actual advice on how to improve this.

Now the only people who I actually do this for are my students that’s, the only people I have time for, but you can look this up: conversion rate, optimization or CRO. You can look this up and figure out the techniques that are going to apply to your specific business, your industry and your website.

Everyone’s website and market and niche is different, so it’s hard to give any sort of general advice. That’s, going to help everyone just remember that the end of the day people who are landing on your website are gonna need to be convinced that they should buy from you.

So you’re gonna have to exchange value, which brings me to my next remedy, which is simply reciprocation. Reciprocation is simply one of those powerful psychological tactics for influence. If you want to get people to like you, then one way to do that is to simply compliment them, compliment them on their dress on their outfit compliment them on their taste of music.

If you make people feel good, then chances are they’re gonna return, the favor right, they feel almost obliged to return the compliment back so with that said, focus on reciprocation, but first you have to give you can’t.

Take first, this is not how it works. Most people just want to take. They want to take sales, they want to make money without giving anything in return, or they want to take first and get the Commission without giving the value or they want to give the value afterwards and it just doesn’t work like that, especially On the Internet, so what you need to do is be generous enough with your time and energy and be willing to give to the world your knowledge and your gifts.

Now the six remedy ties in with reciprocation and that’s, simply learning sales. Psychology at the of the day, marketing advertising sales and affiliate marketing, which is basically just marketing but marketing for specific products.

It’s, just sales psychology, so the more you learn how to sell the better. You’re gonna do in this game. Most people flat-out don’t know how to sell they don’t focus on the benefits for the end customer.

They don’t, make their product seem a lot more valuable than it’s actually worth. Instead, they just throw it up there and they just hope and pray that somebody bites. This is how most people tackle online business.

Now, on the flip side, there’s, people who do know how to sell really well, they have skills such as copywriting, and they also read books and study. The art of selling and sales is something that just doesn’t come overnight.

It comes with something called experience, so experience is the best teacher when it comes to something like this. You’re, going to need to get your reps in and get in front of real people. Alright. Now, the next four remedies are going to be focusing on the next stage after get traffic and after getting our sales, an easy way to up your sales is focusing on repeat customers.

So the first thing I want to share about getting repeat: customers is simply selling complementary products to what your main offer is. Now we’re all selling, something right and you probably have a main product that we’re, focusing on at least for the piece of content or for the time being, maybe there’s a limited time promotion.

Maybe there’s, a special contest or whatever to sell a certain product, and that is currently the flavor of the month. So when you have this focus, there are probably two or three other products that can view use in conjunction with that main product.

Now sometimes, if you have all these products together, you can bundle them up, and then you can present them in one package, maybe something like a starter pack. If someone were to get into photography, you would sell more than just the camera body.

You would also need a lens, perhaps an external mic, maybe a tripod so on and so forth. So when it comes to bundling, you can sell complimentary products to instantly maximize your profit margin now. The next thing I would focus on is email marketing, so email marketing is extremely important for the affiliate marketers specifically, and the reason being is because, as in the film marketer, you’re selling other companies, products and services.

Now what’s? The downside to this, the downside is that you do not own the products or services, so you don’t actually own the brand that you are spending your time and energy to promote, but you still get to benefit off a big brand.

Now, when we’re doing this, we want to capture as much of that audience and that customer information as possible. How can we do this? We do it through something called email marketing when you collect someone’s, email.

That is a way to actually get a direct line of contact with those customers. Without this, you basically have done sales and you’re getting money, but you don’t, have any repeatability and you don’t, have any loyalty from your customers or from your viewers.

So it’s. Really important that you focus on two things: branding and then also focusing on that email marketing to ensure that we are building up our own platform, that’s. Why? I’m, a big proponent of creating your own website and integrating your own email marketing software.

When you’re building followers on let’s, say Facebook and Instagram and on YouTube you don’t own. Those followers you don’t have access to their emails and basically you don ‘ T really have a direct line of contact unless it is through the social media platform itself.

So all in all email marketing is extremely essential to any affiliate. Marketer – and I suggest that you sign up for email marketing and integrate that into your website as soon as possible. There are ton of tutorials on this.

I ‘ Ll, probably make a video on this coming up soon, because it’s been highly requested, but make sure that you get email marketing from day one. So you don’t miss out on the single visitor becoming a subscriber of your business.

Now the ninth remedy is building up your followers and subscribers now I just said when you build up your platform and you build up the social media following it. Doesn’t, give you a direct line of contact that doesn ‘

T mean that we should ignore this. Okay. Now most people are asking. How do I become successful without having a huge following here’s? The thing everyone with a huge following started from zero at one point, so you might as well start today so starting from zero and then collecting followers, and subscribers should not be something that you should shy away from.

In fact, if you can build this up over time, it’s going to serve you, because every piece of content that you release now you actually have an audience who’s, waiting on that next piece of content, and you can instantly Get engagement or maybe even sales, so don’t shy away from building followers and subscribers.

Yes, it’s. Gon na be slow. It’s gonna take time, and you’re gonna start from zero, but hey everyone else had to at some point. So why not now alright. So that brings me to my tenth recommendation and remedy to alleviate low sales and that’s, simply creating more content at the end of the day, if you are not creating more content than you can’t expect to be getting a Spike in traffic and sales and visitors right, creating more content, allows you to expand your reach and expand the web of basically your online presence, and if you’re, creating more content, then, basically, it creates a chain effect where all of your content can Help the other content to get more views, more traffic, more recommendations, but you need to have that web of content for this to take effect.

Most people, if you only have one or two videos, then you can’t rely on those because it’s, not enough to really get someone to buy into your brand. If you see a YouTube channel, it only has one video.

Why should you subscribe to that channel? Whereas if you see a YouTube channel – and they say that they’re uploading once a week – and you see that they actually have 12 videos and they’ve been uploading consistently every single week, then that consistency is another one of those Psychological tactics of influence that can really help you, people like seeing things that are very consistent if they see someone or interact with someone who is very inconsistent, it also gives the opposite effect, because it makes people scared to invest their time, energy or money.

With someone who’s inconsistent alright, so that wraps up my 10 remedies for low sales. Again, you have to do this in order. First, you have to get traffic to have any hope of getting a sale and then from that traffic we need to raise that conversion rate up from 1 % to 2 %, 3 % or more.

If you want to multiply our sales from the traffic, that’s already coming in, why not maximize what’s already coming in through the door rather than trying to get more people and then having that low efficiency of having a low Conversion rate and then last but not least, return and repeat, customers are going to be the easiest customers that you’ll ever get because they ‘

Ve already spent money with you and they already trust you and don’t. Be afraid of building up a following and starting from zero, because again everybody had to do at some point.

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