7 VPN Affiliate Programs Paying YOU “Secure” Recurring Commissions

VPN Affiliates Profit Secrets

Do you want to get paid to surf the web privately? Yes, all the time right! Well, in this exciting episode, today, we’re, going to talk about seven vp and affiliate programs that pay up to 100, instant and recurring commissions.

If the thought of being watched online by prying eyes, like creepers, who are collecting your personal information and embedding your privacy on every website, you visit creeps you out, or maybe it just annoys you, then you will want to watch this entire video, okay, because imagine being Invisible online, so you can surf the internet and go where you want and protect your loved ones online too, while making huge cash profits on the side, helping others do the same and living the life of freedom and adventure.

You want, with these seven vp and affiliate programs that, by the way, are free to get started easy to sign up and available worldwide. In fact, you won’t want to watch this video all the way to the end, because in this video you will discover why vpn affiliate programs are a hot trend right now that even beginners can exploit the super affiliate secret to recurring vpn affiliate Program commissions, they will never tell you, but guess what i’m spilling the beans.

Seven vpn affiliate programs that offer large secure commissions to surf the web anonymously step by step, how to get started in each program for free, a top affiliate method. To earning 100 commissions don’t worry.

I will show you how and how to easily convince some of these programs to pay. You double the commissions, even if you have no following yet and if you watch till the end of this video, i’ll, even share with you secrets to marketing as a vp and affiliate that get high conversions that you can do in under an Hour per day, but before that, if you like videos about making money online, getting results and living the choice, lifestyle you deserve subscribe to the channel and tick the notification bell to join us: the choice, crusaders crew.

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Now let’s. Get into today’s, video, hey friend, all right! Let’s, get started with it all right now i’m going to share with you seven vpn affiliate programs, some of the best ones that you can earn up to 100 commissions per sign up on and a ton of recurring commissions.

Okay, so let’s just get started with this. With this thing, all right now, first of all, you might be wondering what the heck is a vpn right, and why do i care right? Well, number one vp of affiliate programs are actually a huge thing right now it’s, a huge trend that like, if you get into it now, you’re gonna be making tons of money.

Why? Because think about it? Some of the major concerns right now – and these are concerns that i have is number one internet service providers – are monitoring. You may not know this. Privacy may not be a big thing to you, but it’s kind of a thing right.

They’re monitoring, you they monitor where you go, and that website you visit. So if, like governments ever wanted to know more about you or investigate you, they would just be like here, you go, this is what he or she sue has been doing for many years kind of crazy right.

Hackers can obviously get at you more easily without a vpn, especially if you’re using a public wi-fi, please for the level guy don’t visit, your personal bank accounts using a public wi-fi, big tech is collecting your data.

Yes, google and facebook is collecting data. They have publicly admitted that they’re collecting information about you. Every time you serve the internet to like create a picture of who you are so that they can like influence.

You in the future content is being blocked from you, so there’s like certain websites. You can’t get to and like if you stream, movies online. Like me, my wife like to do on date nights. Then it’s. A big deal because i didn’t know this personally, but you kind of don’t want to do that without a vpn, because you’re basically exposed basically a vpn clouds and makes you anonymous on internet land.

Okay, so you don’t know where, who you are people don’t know where your address is and where you’re coming from that’s, your ip address and they don’t know Where you’re going or who you are and where you’ve been so it basically anonymizes.

You keeps you secure, protects your ip address and protects your browsing and nobody can track you and spy on. You pardon the interruption, my friend, but hey. Are you enjoying this video so far getting value? Then hey go ahead and like this video and subscribe to the channel all right and go ahead and tell me where you’re coming from all right, where you, where in the world are you from where you’re, trying to learn? How to make this money all right! So if you’re enjoying this video go ahead and give it a like and subscribe all right now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Okay, so let’s, get started right, top seven best, vpn affiliate programs. Right now let’s, get going first. One is expressvpn. Okay, so expressvpn is actually a well-known vpn um network that they do their number one trusted vpn all right.

So they got, they do a lot of things. Some of the basic things that you’re. Looking for right, helping you restrict access from people that’s, trying to spy on you make you anonymous right. It gets you you can put, you can put it on all your devices too um.

You know they have a ton of servers all over the world. So there’s a lot and they’re highly trusted by trust pilot new york times wall street journal forbes all writing about them, guess what they got affiliate program too.

So if you hit affiliates down here, they’ll. Take you to their program here where you can get paid to promote the world’s, leading vpn provider all right and you get ton commissions. Now you can see how you get earn high commissions, with their best offer, promote the world’s best provider.

But then you’re like where is the stuff that you wouldn’t want to know. So if you hit their faq, it’ll, come to you, you can come here where you can learn um it’s, free to sign up now the commission rates, literally you get paid like 13 right for one month, person signing up Six months, if they sign up for the uh 22, if they sign up for the six month, thing 36 dollars, if they sign up for the 12 month thing that’s based on their pricing, all right, so it’s cool.

I, like it all right, but this is like one time: payments not a whole lot of commissions, but they do have a lot of stuff here to help you track, and you know a lot of a lot of affiliate marketing dashboards and things like that.

That help you track your stuff and all that so it’s cool all right. So what’s? Number six on the list: the best vpn affiliate programs right now: uh tour guard; okay, so you’ve, probably heard about torguard, well-known um, uh vpn in the in the industry.

In the space they uh encrypt your internet access and provide an anonymous ip for you, so you can browse securely. Okay, all right! That’s. The big thing life hacker knows about them: wired, forbes, cnet.

They know about them. These are some of the pricings right here that you can get with it all right and then, like you say, you can browse anonymously. You got the stealth vpn. This is you know that guy over you know, they got stealth.

Vpn protocols, blah blah blah blah. Okay, of course, they have an affiliate program right, so that’s. What you really want to know and step one is easy to do step one legally, you sign up you promote, and then you get paid.

Okay, it’s like that. Simple, you can, you know they got easy, affiliate, promotions and stuff that they can give. You sees their referrals on their cookies and then they have a 50 payout and the way they work is they have 30 commissions so like based on like let’s, see you know if this person, someone bought the 10 one here, if the anonymous Vpn you get 30, you’d, be making three dollars right and so that’s, cool management.

They got banners to help you. You got payouts that are automated and secure and so yeah, so that’s. This recurring commissions. It’s, three dollars per thing, so it’s, not too bad. I like it. Okay, so that’s, one that you can consider now what’s number five for the best vpn affiliate programs on the list: ovpn, okay, so ovpn is a well-known vpn service provider in the in this in the industry.

Right they help you prevent hackers and governments from monitoring your online activities. Okay, they ensure that you can browse anonymously safely and quickly and they have a physical security together with their solid software security that allows you to get into a totally log free, vpn service.

Okay, so they ‘ Ve, been doing this for a long time for a lot of people, a lot of uh tools that help you a lot of software security. These are the prices five dollars per month for their 12th month, one right.

They’re in a bunch of countries, as you can see, not as vpn good bandwidth, uh, monthly transparency reports, lots of stuff blah blah blah lots of people talking about them. Here and things like that, so of course they have a affiliate program now.

The interesting thing is not you: it’s actually being hosted by cj affiliate. So you have to come to this website. Cj philly, which is a well-known affiliate marketing network log. In get started with them, if you come here and search for them, you will find them here, so you can see them ovpn that’s there.

They’re based out of sweden, so that’s good and you can see they’re one of the most securely focused vpn services in the world. Okay, what we want is the commissions, as you can see, you get 50 commissions on first time, sales and 20 commissions on all recurring sales whoo.

I like that right so 50 off the jump and then 20 recurring over and over and over and over again. That’s, my kind of affiliate program right there, okay, that’s. Why i, like ovpn great service with a great affiliate program that’s? Why it’s number five on the list, all right.

So what’s number four on the best vpn affiliate programs right now. That would be none other than hide me. Okay, i me is a world’s fastest vpn service; okay, they do allow you to take back your freedom with hide me.

Vpn, okay, they’ve, been well known in top 10 vpns forbes tech radar and it’s. All about security, digital privacy right, you know giving you back your freedom right. They don’t want you, you got lots of privacy features, they have servers around the world.

These are their prices, pretty reasonable prices 12 per month and things, and i like the fact that they have a free version, man that’s. What i really like about it, that’s, one of the reasons why it’s number four on my list, all right and then you can come down here.

They got a lot of testimonials and then you can see affiliates. So you take out their affiliate program and it’s. Really simple right. You can start making money. Now you can get started for free to sign up um.

They have high commissions, dedicated affiliate manager, pre-designed solutions, a dashboard things like that. Regular notifications via emails – and i love the fact that they have a freebie vpn right because, like that’ll allow people to get started for free, and then they have emails and stuff to like help them convert into a paid plan, which means money.

In your pocket, you know what i’m, saying: okay, and so they look 25 commissions for the month for one month, 25 for the one year 25 for the two years, so you’ll, be making about three dollars for one month Per month 27 and 32 dollars per person, so it’s, not bad.

It’s, pretty good program. I like that. I love the free free part of it that’s. What puts you the number four on the list for me all right? So what’s number three for best vpn affiliate programs to get paid right now: secure commissions, nordvpn, okay, so nordvpn is a well-known vpn service in the industry.

They’re all about online security. That starts with a click: okay, advanced security, internet freedom, complete privacy, okay, and so they have the um. They’ve, been known on wired, huffington, post buzzfeed forbes, the guardian, all of this right, and so you can see they’re well known, and i like the fact that you can put them on a ton of devices right.

So this is not just for your computer, but for your cell phone for your laptops and things like that, so you and your in your ipads and things like that got a lot of reviews well talked about in so many different areas: tedx forbes guardian great plans Here, decent prices and guess what they have an affiliate plan as well, so you can check that out.

You can see that their affiliate program is pretty nice because they have high conversion rates. They pay you pretty generously, they have a dedicated account manager and things like that check out these commissions.

I, like these commissions, yo, look at this new sign up 100 commissions baby. I told you i was going to share with you some 100 commission programs that’s. Why it’s number three on the list, 100 commissions and every month that they’re with you 30 renewal.

Now i didn’t. Tell you this! I hadn’t mentioned it. I just occurred to me. I’m, going to tell you right what is what is the secret that, like super affiliates, know about these vpn affiliate programs that you don’t know that they’re, not going to tell you.

Is that think about it? The person who signs up for vpn service has a very specific idea. They know that security is a big thing for them right. Do you think that they’re gonna stick with it? Do you think that they’re gonna just cut it off next month or two months? Three months? Probably not they’re, probably gonna hold on to it like forever, as long as they use the internet, which means that the the um long-term retention on these type of programs is so huge, which means long-term payouts 30 over and over and over Again in your bank account, are you following me? This is what super affiliates know.

They focus after after these type of things that have long retention rate. You should too okay. So, as you can see, it’s different for the six month. One year two year offer but either way it’s. A great program get sign up, get your links, get paid.

It’s, just that with just that: good, well, high quality, vpn service and north vpn all right. What’s number two on the list we’re. Counting them down is hide my ass okay, other than the fact that i really like the name.

They are known as their worldwide access with hma vpn service. It’s. Awesome all right: it’s. A this. I guess international day of awesomeness is march 10th or whatever right, but they’re well known for their um, huge, really fast, server speeds.

They’re all over the world in 190 plus countries and they never log anything. You’re, doing never ever ever, which is awesome, because if the government ever wanted to like hey what was uh so-and-so doing, we went through all the log reports.

They’re gonna be like yo. We don’t log them. We don’t, know right, which is what a vpn is supposed to do. They’re, not supposed to know anything all right. So i love it. They keep. You stay private um.

You know they’re well, well-known computer, the guardian cnet vpn mentor. So, as you can see, i’m, giving you programs that vpn services that are high quality and they have high quality programs, affiliate programs all right so check out these uh the pricing plans here and of course they do have a uh affiliate program Which is one of the best? Okay, it’s number two on the list.

For a reason, let me tell you why: okay 100 commissions, yes, 100 commissions, baby, let’s, go right: oh baby, 100, commissions, okay and then on the first month’s plan. So if someone buys a one-month plan, you get 100 commissions on top of that, every month, after that 30 commissions every month over and over and over again dude, i love it right and then you can see that they got various commission’s rates For, depending on what people sign up for these year plans – and but you still get paid like up to 40 recurring too, so it’s, awesome sign up, promote weight and get paid it’s, pretty simple, all right and stick around Cause i’m gonna share with you some really great ways to promote that’s.

Gon na give you automated, really high quality traffic and clicks to put money in your pocket all right. So, stick with that, we’re about to get into it all right. You can read some of this uh. Some of the facts.

I got here for hide my ass, but i really like the program because of the great quality service. Then people tend to stick around and the fact that hey, you’re, getting a really really high, very, very generous commissions and getting paid okay.

So now we’re down to the number one best vpn affiliate program right now that you can get paid with secure commissions, 100 commissions pure vpn, okay, so purevpn is the world’s fastest vpn service ever right and they are huge Savings right now they’re, trying to get at you, but, as you can see right now, look at this like there’s, so many people that are talking about them.

Huffington, post, live hacker, yahoo, tech, wired. All right you get security and an anonymity and not in a minute. However, you say that all right, but you know what i’m, trying to say, blazing fast speed.

Okay, internet kill, switch tunnels, split tunneling, secure, wi-fi ultra speed, all kinds of stuff that you need. Look at these customer reviews from trustpilot 4.8 to 5 stars dude, you can’t go wrong with that.

You can pretty much put it on any device. Ever all right and they got all kinds of other services and features that you don’t even know what they do. But you know they’re awesome, all right hundred plus 80 locations and servers, guess what they also have an affiliate program too join the best vpn affiliate program.

There is start earning literally someone is making 57 000 per month doing this, which is kind of crazy, but anyway you get dedicated affiliate managers, real-time tracking industry, best payouts, okay, which is interesting.

Look at this. I like this because they can pay you on cpa as well, along with revenue that’s crazy, so cpa is like cost per acquisition. In other words, if you just generate a lead, but they don’t buy, they ‘

Ll still pay you, oh my god, that’s. Awesome dude! Okay, so you get paid even if they don’t buy. This is why it’s number one on the program, but i haven’t even told you. The best part yeah check this out check this out.

They’ll. Show you the yearly plan, how much you can get paid right. So if someone gets a yearly pay plan, that’s 40 commissions, if they get a seasonal deal, that’s 40 commissions, they get a one-month deal that’s.

100 commissions baby. Let’s go 100, but that’s, not even the best part. Yet i’m, not even done yet hold on hold on hold on. I tell you, i’ll. Tell you okay, okay! So then you get like they ‘ Ll.

Give you uh this. You know they got this little free account that allow you to share with your family. Okay. Why promote it two-tier program? Look at this dude two-tier! That means that if you, if you promote and someone buys from you and then you get paid a commission and that person promotes to someone else and they buy from that person, you get a percentage of that person’s.

Commission too, oh my god! That’s awesome. This is the only one that’s, doing it so purevpn kind of stands out to me as number one because of that and the cpa marketing has avoided as a a company with it too.

I mean this is awesome, so you can check out some of this other stuff here and they got, but you get reliable payouts secure payouts on two-tier commissions. I mean great product and service, it’s been around for a while man.

You got ta love it all right. So let’s, get into some of the ways that you can market some of the marketing strategies. Okay, i got ta tell you the three best strategies that i know of that will give you high quality conversions.

Every single time is: either you have a blog site, you have a podcast or you have youtube and, in my opinion, youtube is my favorite, because it’s, the easiest to do okay. Now. Why is that? Why is that? Because, literally, you can just put pop up a video and you’re good to go.

As a matter of fact, let me show you. I was going to share with you two people, two two ways that you can actually get paid and easily convince these pro some of these affiliate programs to pay you double the commissions without even having any influence.

How can you do that check out nordvpn because they have what’s called a youtube creators program? Basically, they’re like yo. If you’re a youtuber and you create videos, we want to work with you and we’ll pay you more.

We’ll, give you a dedicated manager, will help you monetize your content even more. This is crazy right and they want to work with you. They want you to become an ambassador. This is how you double up on your energy nordvpn, who else pure vpn.

My number one recommendation right at least number one on this particular video. Are you an influencer? Live streamer youtuber. Then it’s time for you to get paid all right. They’re gonna help you get more returns top rated service.

You’re, not gonna have a shortage of audience. You’re gonna be endorsed by major tech publishers, dedicated account managers and they’re gonna pay. You even more like you, can check this out too. I think it’s somewhere here, but they’re, basically saying they’re gonna pay, you even more just for being an ambassador, so that’s.

Another reason to be a youtube creator and just knock out videos. I mean it’s, so simple, so easy to get started with you. Don’t have to have experience. You just need to provide value quality content to an audience.

That is a niche audience that’s, looking for it and you’ll, be good to go all right, so man. I hope this was helpful. Hope it was valuable. Hopefully, this is exciting for you, as it was for me to share okay and if you got value, and if you did then hey, definitely give the video like alright, consider subscribing to the channel hey check out some of these other videos on here on how you Can make money online as well all right, and so, if you got value and enjoy this man, all i ask is you is share this video okay share this video with people who are looking to make money online, all right so until the next exciting episode, my Friend you be blessed stay hungry.

I’ll, see you on the next one: peace out,

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