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So let’s, dive right in and we’ll. Take a look at how this all works and the best practices when using it. So this is the main ad place the overview, and what we can see here is our native adverts that add Plex T is spied and we ‘

Ve got some powerful filters on the left hand, side and above let’s. Take a look at how to set the filters up so that we get the right results here. The first thing that I do is I select newest appear.

We’ve got a choice of newest running longest and receive most traffic newest is going to show the freshest creatives that ad placed his as found. So I start with that and in the filter here, on the left hand, side, we can select this and I think, by default.

This is set at 30 days, but just to make sure we’ll click here and one last thing to do is set the amount of days running, which is how long the ads been running concurrently. So if you set this at 10 days, for instance, it’s, going to pick up any advert that’s been running in the last 30 days for a minimum of 10 days sorted by newest first.

So this is a really good way to set this up and what you’re. Looking for here, as you can see, you’ve got this hit section. So 376 hits that’s. How many times I’ve played Steve spied this running on on domains.

Now I had placed E foot for each traffic source. If I just scroll down down here, you can see that it spies on Rev content mg, ID tabula, Outbrain content, ad yahoo, Gemini and ad blade. So I’m gonna select Rev content.

First now add Plex T hasn’t got the entire inventory of Rev content. There’s, thousands and thousands of domains, but it will spy on a good selection of the top domains. So it’s. Quite a good indication of how popular this creative is, what we’re looking for is, is high hits.

So we can see this this one here, 274 hits now 100 freaky spots around the world. That’s, unlikely to be an affiliate, offer a lot of people use native advertising for native arbitrage, which is where they buy traffic in cheap, and they’ll place a gallery on on the particular landing page.

Let’s. Have a look at this, I can show you exactly what I mean. So, if I just click through to the landing page here so this is it’s, a viral type site, so we ‘ Ve got 100 scariest places on earth and, as it loads up, it uses a gallery.

So there’ll, be well there’ll, be a hundred 100 images on this particular gallery and every time that we click next, a new set of adverse are served up now. Every time an advert served up to someone, this particular publisher is gonna get paid a few cents or depending on what it is they’re doing the could they could get paid more depends how they want to monetize it.

So as an affiliate. These sort of sites, aren’t really of much interest to us. So if we head back to our Plex T, what we can do is in the device it sorry in the filter. On the left hand, side we can scroll down and within tracking tool, we can click, choose more select all and we can deselect none, and this will force our place T to show his results that have got some tracking information within the redirects of between the creative.

The landing page and the offer – and these redirects will have some information, such as volume, tracking link or thrive or in MOBA tracks. These are all different tracking solutions that affiliates use.

So if we look at the results again now we’ll, see that these these are more likely to be affiliate offers. So if we have a look at hits again have a quick scroll through these, we can see there’s. One here 560 hits: this is a French advert, not exactly sure it looks like okay, so you know offer so let ‘

S. Have a look at some more got quite a few different languages here and what we can do is if we set this as English in the language side, we can probably spot something here that we can take a look at okay, so this one here this is Up 389 hits it’s been running in 3 Geo’s, Australia, Canada and the Czech Republic.

So we ‘ Ll have a look at this, so this is a weight loss offer and if we click on the expand button there, we can save that creative to use in our own campaigns. If we wish, and what we want to look at is where it’s been running the most so Czech Republic is, is been seen the highest the device types.

So we ‘ Ve got a real mixture here, so he’s targeting all devices and how long it ‘ S been running. You ‘ Ve also got the ad trend, so you can see how long it ‘ S been running on here as well.

Now, sometimes you look into an advert and you’ll, see that it ‘ S been really really really well previously, but in the last few days it’s, dropped off and that’s, a good indicator that the that the campaigns died out.

So this one looks pretty strong. So how do we find out what this is and what the landing pages? If we click on show more here, we can have a look at the redirect train and in the bottom. This is the this.

Is the final oil so flat belly overnight, calm? Now this is an offer that’s available with software projects, and software projects is an affiliate network that just specializes in ebooks, which is similar to Clickbank, that’s, probably their their biggest competitor, and it’s.

A great place to to send traffic to because a lot of their offers are video sales Landers which convert really really well. So let’s have a look how he set this up. If we click on this plus icon here, we can see that this is the landing page that is using now.

This is a teaser landing page, so the traffic networks, such as Rev content and content ad don’t, allow you to direct link to the offer unless the offers got advertisement at the top. Now, not many, not many affiliate offers have got that.

So the way around it is to is to send traffic to a pre lander, which is what this is and make sure that you’ve got advertorial in in big letters, so this land is not not a great one, but if the affiliate offers Got a real, strong, landing page such as a video sales letter.

You only really need to get visitors to to land on there too, to get a good chance and converting them there’s, no point having a real long landing page. If you’ve got a video sales lander on the offer you best, just just send them your directly to that.

So, as I said, this is a teaser Lander. If you wanted this lander for yourself, you can just click download this landing page. You’ll need to edit it in a HTML editor or you could use notepad, and you need to be stripping out the campaign you know within the HTML and put your own own link in there.

I mean I use a volume personally, so I’ll, be putting a volume clicker in there and one thing to bear in mind why we talk about this subject is some affiliate? Landing pages have got backdoors in there that will steal traffic.

So if anybody cop, is it the anybody that clicks through a percentage of those will be going through to that particular affiliate offer rather than yours, so it’s. You really need to check the JavaScript in there.

If you’re, not a developer or you’ve, not got much HTML experience. You really need to be careful, replace any JavaScript libraries with official ones from Google, and I’ll. Probably do a video on this at some stage, which I’ll, explain exactly what to look for so yeah.

All we do is click on download the landing page and we’ve got more ads by this advertiser. So if we click that, so these are all the creatives that this this advertisers used same thing applies. We can use the filters – and if I set 10 days running here, it’ll repopulate this part, and we can see that he’s run weightloss.

Mainly here this one’s. 193 hits that’s. The creative that we saw just just a minute ago, so you could, you could use a few of these creatives yourself and start a campaign with those to see if this has actually got any promise.

So you could use the same landing page on the same creatives and just to test the water. If it’s any good, then you could improve on the craters improve on a landing page. You could split test different offers in there.

Other things that we can look at is the filters up. Here. We’ve, got by keyword, you can search. Add Plex, tease inventory I’ll just set the filters back up here still disappeared. We can search for certain niches, so we could put casino – and we could select in add in add info, which I’ll, just search within the headline of the creatives.

So we’re, getting tons of casino ones here and for weight loss. I suppose we could. We could type fat in there and we’re, given plenty of inspiration here for weight, loss, adverts and one other filter.

That’s worth checking out is the advertiser filter. Now we can actually search for parts of a domain. If you know, if there’s, some someone that you want to keep an eye on a competitor and you they always use the same domain for all their landing pages.

You could enter their domain in here or, if you know their affiliate code, if they use in volume part of their affiliate code. You could put that in here and then you just use the drop-down, on the left hand, side to search in the redirect chain or the go inhale if it’s an offer or just all of the above, that’s.

Definitely worth checking out by publisher doesn’t work for me today. I’ve just tried this earlier on and having no joy with it. So, but that would allow you to enter the name of the of the domain where the ad units are served.

So you could see any of the advertisers just running on that. That particular that particular domain one other thing – that’s worth checking out. Is this safe search section? So if there’s, a particular search that you that you perform every day, let’s, say you look at desktop in the United States that’s been running for 10 days.

You could save that and then every time you come in to add blackstein just simply load it up. That’s, a really really big time-saver. So that pretty much concludes this tutorial for ad Pike’s, T it’s, a really good tool.

I’d, be lost without it. In fairness, it’s a little bit expensive. It’s. Two hundred and forty nine dollars per month, but again, if you’re running native, it’s, it’s. Well worth the money. It’s not going to take long to get that back.

So really really recommend it. The only other tools that are worth looking at would be ad beat, which i think is a lot more expensive than adderplex t. So if you’re, just looking for a native spite or this one definitely gets my top recommendation.

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