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Hi everyone: how are y & # 39? All doing, I hope you’re living great. This is Provenza right from the ice. You know, city and in today’s. Video. We are going to talk about Alfie 8 marketing for beginners, especially we are talking about brain already.

It’s, a very, very well known ad, but some guys might be gonna talk about all that in today’s video, but before that, please we support this channel by hitting the rich big subscribe button just below this video as Well, as about notification, so that you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos and so that we can keep creating good content for you all the time.

So I already for this video. Let’s! Go! This video is brought to you by lander is calm, create highly optimized landing pages in minutes, get your 14 day free trial. In the description below this video welcome everybody.

In today’s, video. We are going to talk about athlete’s. Marketing for beginners, especially focusing on our brain, so our brain is a native advertising platform. You can see in their homepage itself.

They are very specific on native ads, so they have like a big brands like CNN the Guardians who they actually, who are clients and all this kind of stuff. So a lot of stuffs are going with our brain, so we are going to do a campaign with outfit.

But how do you actually do an athlean marketing campaign without brain? First, you need to have an athlete network and one of the best and most friendliest affiliate networks for beginners is clickbank.

What their main reason is that during the signup process, right like, for example, if you hit sign up right here, these are the only information that you have to feel. There will not be any screening process or anything, and then you can once once you have actually done.

Then it’s free to make over here and sign in to Clickbank. So it’s very simple, and that’s. One of the major reason why it’s very suitable for beginner free markets, and then I’ve. Seen this very simple is like not not.

I’m, not saying that the offers day is not good and all those stuff the offers there are very good and still running very well. So once you have logged in into Kligman, you have to go to the marketplace section and once you are in the these sections, there won’t, be like various nature’s that you can actually choose from and then within this niche There’s like a sub niche that you can actually choose from, or you can find all the products.

Every single products of Clickbank, like 300 2685 offers. Here you can find all these products and you can start choosing a product there. So usually, what we will do is we will sort it by gravity and then we will, we will choose offers that has gravity more than three hundred thirty.

Thirteen sorry gravity simply means that how many people have actually purchased this item in the last 30 days get for example, this one has a gravity of 812 that means to learn. 800 people have actually purchased this product in the last 30 day.

That’s like crazy as crazy, real crazy, so so another way on how to find these offers is by using a spy too, and we recommend you to use contracts as a spy tool. You might have different spy tool in your mind like, for example, edit, like city and all these kind of stuff, but you can actually see this comparison of the biggest spiders anthrax pad and both and edit Lake City, how different they are, and mostly they are there.

They we need everything, especially the monthly friends, which is much more cheaper, compared to a dip like City and add more so once you are inside the the on track. So let me just cancel all this. First, I’ll.

Tell you how to do it, one by one guy step by step, don’t worry. We have time to do everything step by step, because we want things to be really really neat. So there’s, two ways that you can either do the first thing that makes sure that once you are in contracts, you choose the native Native section over here.

So once you have actually choose the Navy section. The next thing that you need to choose is language. Usually I’m. Sorry bike English, but you can actually, I’ll leave it like sway. You know whatsoever if you understand, but if you just leave it like a random language, every single thing would be that and then you can actually choose an ad network, so you can actually go to ad network.

You can choose outbid me thing out. Brain brain always very famous there, so don’t worry about getting an offer in our way. There will be a lot of offers which is running in outbreak there. So once you go to our brain break, you can actually sort it by gravity or at gravity descending or extra descending.

So you so depending on you. So what do you, like? Click, sending wrong? Add gravity descending, so that’s. That’s, a crank work so, okay, so once we have found that we can actually see it this one over here, we can see that it’s running for seven days and we can see these offers.

These are the killing offers which is running within our brain, so you can actually choose this kind of offers that you want to run. For example, this offer is, like does not have a landing page. Surely they do have many ways, so it’s.

For renovation, home renovation, let me just check where the Internacional for not okay, it’s, not an athlean offer. So so you can actually see that most people actually do this case. I don ‘ T worry about this.

Most people actually use native ads to drive traffic to their platform. That’s. What a lot of people actually does, so you can actually see all these are actually a blocks and all these are actually websites.

So what do you can actually do? A little bit different is right. Now is you can actually go to athlean network and then you can choose click bank here, so you can actually just click bank. If you can actually see what offers is running in clickbank as well as running in our brain, which is really really performing well – or you can even cancel out brain here, and you can see what offer is actually running in clickbank, which is doing really well because Keep in mind that if this offer is running very ball in mg ID, for example, I engage yeah.

For example, there’s high possibility that it’s. Gon na run very well in out freedom swap so that’s. That’s, that’s. That’s. The reason why we use fight okay, so next let’s, choose an offer. So let’s, choose this one getting ignored.

So this offer is running in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA getting ignored sending these stacks. So this is the landing page, Wow Tech’s, chemistry. This is something really. I never seen this offer before him click back that’s really surprising.

So let’s. Let’s check out. What is this offer actually mmm-hmm? Let’s check out this offer so ex chemistry. So this is actually Clickbank. Definitely so let’s, see text chemistry, let’s, see chemistry Thanks chemistry.

Well literally, I’ve not seen this offer before, but this is actually a good offer. You can actually see over here Tech’s. Chemistry. Make man love you, so this is the offer page. So this is good. This is a good thing, so you can read more, which is really nice.

Okay, so you can actually see this is text chemistry, and this is the offers they have a gravity more than eighty to eighty two point: five: six, which means that they have a quite a high number of gravity.

It’s above thirty, and then you can actually see over here that this offer has like seventy eight conversion in the last one day. It was just running for one day and it has like seventy eight conversion that’s like crazy guys.

So this is a good ad, so we’re gonna we gonna use this okay. So this is, we’re, really gonna choose this offer. So what you gonna do is you’re gonna hit promote and there will be a pop-up coming up. All you got, ta do is hit generate halflings and you have to get link will come out there, so that’s that you have to get language.

We’re gonna use and pasting up in your landing page. So this is how you go ahead and choose an offer with Clickbank guys or if you want to change the ad network. For example, you go on tracks, then you only got to do is just go ahead here, go ahead here and just change any other networks that you want and you could find and good offer already.

So that’s, step one that’s, that one done so step two would be creating a landing page. So there’s, a lot of landing page builder to create a landing page. Like click funnels, lead, page instapage and all those, but we are doing land rest because lander eyes is a landing page builder catered specifically for affiliate marketers for athlean pages, and also they actually solve a huge problem.

A lot of a flea market is actually phase in case. So, if you’re using like a wordpress element or click, one of the node is kind of stuff. You might experience this issue with your landing page. Is loading pretty slow? You might have experienced this and if you experienced that don’t be angry because you’re, not the only one who experience i’ve been experiencing that for like four years and look there’s.

A lot of african pocket is been experiencing that way before me there. So there wasn’t a solution for this until coding dies, our very own dies himself actually came up with a solution called land rise where you can actually build your campaign.

A build your landing page, sorry and upload it straight away into Amazon s3, which will make your landing page to load really really fast. There increasing your click-through rate and definitely increasing your conversion rate as well.

So there’s. Actually, a free 14-day trial available for language right now. The link is in the description below so just go to the link and click before in Israel and claim your free 14-day trial today.

So once you have done that, you can actually go ahead and enter the land right, so this is how Landreth will look like once you actually enter lamb rice. What i would highly suggest you to do is first thing: first, go to the getting started section, so there will be like five tutorial videos for you to actually take a look at if you don’t.

Look at this one, this one and this one I totally understand. Maybe you don’t like to do your video, but step two and step. Three is really really important: how to set up an Amazon s3 and how to actually connect your Amazon need up to land all right.

This is very important because without this guide it’s. Almost it’s really really hard to actually do it. Cuz I’ve, actually personally setup this myself and I know it. How hard is it? I actually need to contact you, Amazon, s3 AWS tech, customer services and there’s.

The process to somewhere run through five days cast, but if you actually followed this particular instruction video, you can actually finish this process in 30 minutes. It might be a little bit hassle, but keep in mind that this is only one time you only set up your domain one time.

Take 30 beats. Do this and then go ahead. It’s, really very visible. It definitely increase your click-through rate and all that really really good. So let’s say that you want to do this, but still you hate instruction videos.

It’s, just don’t like people talking and you don’t like to watch my videos, because I’m talking too much. So how do you can actually do? Is you can actually go to the support section over here and everything which is in the instruction videos are here as well, and they are in text formatted, for example, how to create a landing page from template, blah blah blah and then how to actually connect your Aws here blah blah blah how to generate a free SSL certificate and okay, how to actually connect you AWS to an rise.

Everything is here so once you have, you can actually take a look at this as well. So once you have done all that, yes, that moldy domain now you can actually go ahead and start reading or any picture.

So you can actually press my landing page and you’re gonna hit to create new landing page. So they will ask you to choose a template. Currently, there’s like 37 templates available, and all these different templates are for different purposes as guest.

So and all these templates have been tested by calling dice and his team themselves and if they feel like this simply is not optimized it’s, not working. Probably they will be move with automatically.

This and Landorus is adding at least four brand new high converting doubles every week, so don’t worry about that, and all these particular templates are catered for. A different reason. For example, these four sweepstakes this for nutri.

This is for insurance is for the 18. This is for casino. This is for sweepstakes and all these kind of stuff, so you can actually see so so let’s choose an offer which is related to US tax chemistry. It’s.

Going to be something related to dating right, so this is actually. This is the landing page, this crazy, crazy, simple and straightforward landing page case, but it looks pretty deep. I, like the landing page.

A lot we can’t see the landing bays right. You can it’s really nice, so we got to do something like that. So sorry, we do this one or we did this one. So let’s. Let’s check out. I never test out this before.

So let’s. Just do this tricks, let’s. Take check out these guys. Let’s. Do this and I’m, not a fan of adult offers. So I not I didn’t. Do an adult offer before a lot. Okay, they have three question s here, and this is like more like a not like a dating offer.

This, like you, know, find a puma and stuff like that. Don’t want this one until late this first, let me just delete this and I go back to landing page. Let’s, see let’s, see which one we did with. What am i dating quiz? Oh, you can even have a very much more simple one like this like this, for example adult dating quiz, the big energy Tex chemistry.

We are safe. Okay, this is actually very pretty straightforward. There’s. Only one question: are you older than 18 years old, that’s? It and then blahblah finish story. So let’s. Let’s. Do this guy! So let’s change this image here, the background image.

So we want to use the same image that this guy’s, use, which is this one. So I’m gonna save this. So let’s, see whether it fits really nice or not. So it’s for images and upload this image yep. It actually fits really.

Nice eventually switch realize because I it is freising to this one you can. Can we change the color with this one, if sometimes it doesn’t change. Just keep trying yep, sometimes it’s like that. So if you need to keep trying yep, you changed, so you can change the color.

So I don’t think this local is there with me this logo, so you can actually delete this one so age verification. Maybe we want to change the tone a bit, so you want to make it back. Oh, do you wan na put a red background, each verification or the naturally put different color on to that’s, ugly, [, Music ].

So let’s, the thriller Glee. So I think this is good enough. Eh verification, but you can even remove this. I don’t think even this is necessary. It’s. Really big ask: are you? Are you older than 18 years old you can’t, really ask them taking the bowl, you can do rate.

You can do a black background here. So are you older than 18 years old, yes or no simple? As that you can make this? Sorry. Sorry guys so you can see this is very straightforward. It’s, pretty simple right, so you can actually do almost poops.

Oh, my god, I’ve just cancelled my template. I hope I don’t. That is that, oh, my god, sorry guys, this is really bad. Oh, my god! I have to do it back again, so let me just do it back very fast guys.

This is my fault here, but I know what to do no worries for that. So we’re gonna delete these United eight days, and then you’re gonna pull this gonna make this rate they’re gonna make background black.

It’s gonna take some time to do this. I’m gonna make the background black. I’m gonna pull this. That’s. It are you older than 18 years old. Yes, oh no! Simple, as that answer the question, because this is actually a very straightforward one right, so you can actually do this or if you think this is not good enough for you, you can even use other templates so totally it depends on you.

I think this is straightforward. Pretty straightforward: this is a pretty straightforward image and pretty straightforward writing, so you can. Actually. I think we have something like this inspector yep.

This is good. Are you older than 18 years old? So you can hit safe good. So once you have done that you can actually go to this icon here, the gear icon here now you can actually take your athlete link.

Remember if you’re, the one that they actually copied from Clickbank, so you can actually take it after your link and paste it here. You have simply paste it here and keep change all links between all the links within this website will be leading oops.

Make sure you pay very caution here guys, so all your links will be leading to this particular link. So once you have done that name, your page properly and hit publish once you hit publish, they will ask you to choose your domain.

This is why I told you this now itself set up the domain, because if you don’t set up a domain, it’s, not going to be there. So if you you, if you never set up your domain, okay, is how you’re, going to get stuck.

You’re, not gon. Na move forward from here, so make sure you set up your domain and choose your domain. Usually they won’t if you want domain for you. So if you’ve set, if you set up few domains and there will be few domains and hit publish and then it will be published here so once it’s published right again, actually go to your bucket in Amazon s3 and You can actually check it out yourself, so you can actually copy this.

If you want to, you can actually copy this. If you want to and keep it somewhere your later on, you can actually use it body. So the next step is that we are going to create our word tracker, so that will be step three, but before we go to step three, let me just remind you that, as you see how easy it was to build a running right with land right, so If you want to build a little bit elaborate, there’s actually a 14 days free trial available in the description below so click on that particular 14 days free trial and get your particular landing page for free in this 14 days.

I don’t know why I’m talking like that for in this one. It is time for you, guys so yeah and then go to volume right now, right so in volume right, you can actually why we need an external tracking software.

It’s. The main reason why we need an external trade me survey is that we want to collect as much as possible data so that we can actually optimize and scale our winning campaign, and we can’t do that with the informations.

That only Outbrain provides, for example, so we need an external tracker, so we are using volumes. So once you are in worry of the first thing that you need to do is you need to set up the FDA Network and the traffic source so for this particular purposes? This can this need to only be done once and I’ve already set up click back and traffic source.

I’ve, already set up various compound brain as well, so we’re, not going to do anything so the next step is you’re, going to set up an offer, lander and KP just follow the flow against me. Select an offer we didn’t lander, and then we are doing a campaign.

Finally right, so we are going to follow the flow so go to offer, create new offer, choose a workspace. Bubbly choose after it network’s. Gon na be cool, lead, bang and choose the country. If you don’t know where to find the country in Amtrak.

They will actually tell you which country is working very well. Let’s say you only want to target one country. Go to the Jew section here and then you can find which country has the best graphics. Australia has the best traffic city and actually go news.

Australia, for example. So shady it’s, going to be tax, chemistry ha ha ha. So here is why you’re gonna piss, your offer URL from Clickbank, so you got ta pay stick here and then we’re gonna put an symbol.

Don’t, forget that and make sure to page. Oh, my god, I don’t know why today I’m freaking, so much so you can actually copy this make sure you do copy this and paste it, because, even if you never paste this, you can see.

None of these are active, but if you base this, this is active. That means everything which is happening here would be recorded. So once you have done that, go to lenders do the same thing, but just you need to put your landing page URL for now.

So you wan na change country into a failure training. So I gonna do tax chemistry and then here I you can actually copy paste this URL here this URL here you can actually straightaway copy paste it into here or you can do.

You can only use the domain, you can remove this one. You know be as Amazon s3 over here right. You can actually do remove this. You can even do like this, so totally depend on that. It’s, so easy to actually do right.

So once you have done that heat safe and you’re done with your lander, so the final stuff is go to campaign and start building your campaign. So we’re gonna go new campaign because I press advance. You’re gonna sound, like a workspace.

You gonna sell like a traffic source which is going to be out brain, so it’s, going to be Australia, and then it’s, going to be text chemistry. So keep in mind here on guys a lot of people actually ask regarding the cost model.

So usually I will not meddle with the cost model. I would like to put it if it’s, not right. I’ll leave in not track some. Some some traffic sources have these auto kind of thing. So I leave it Oh too, but if you want to play manual, even get actually set up the CPC, the CPA manual it ‘

S totally depend on you. Everything in volume is customizable, so once you’ve got done that then you go to default, redirect or indirect mode. All you got to do is change both of them into double major refresh.

You’re, going to change the path name into this. You’re gonna select your offer a landing page, Tex chemistry, text, chemistry, gonna, do Tex chemistry here as well, so you gonna hit, save and tada. You have successfully created a campaign, so this is what you’re gonna copy, and you’re gonna paste it when you are doing a campaign.

So this is the third step, and now let’s get to the final server before that. Let me remind you that whatever I’m doing right now, right it’s like a very, very basic kind of stuff. There’s, a much more deeper way on analyzing.

They said some people, they need deeper coaching there. So there’s, actually a free 45 days. Data fast course available in dice University forum right now guys, but it’s exclusively for Dyson is two different members alone.

For them it’s free. So if you want to actually grab this free native axe cause, all you got ta do is just go ahead and join the I solicit differently. The link is in the description below, join them today and grab these three forty five days native.

That’s cause and do not forget about land rise 14 days. Trial also is in the description below grab that as well. This rep as not just thing as possible. So let’s, go to the final topic and the topic of the day, which is the outbreak.

So we’re gonna talk about out brain right. It just not talked roughly about our brain, so we are an advisor in outbreak case. So the main reason what you want to do is we want you. We want to create ads and we want to make money.

So these are the big companies which actually choose our brains technology. So companies like msn, CNN, Washington, Guardian BBC. Well it’s, great, that’s. Why? I’m. Pretty it’s like crazy, so they actually tell you la blah, blah and everything.

So just so, what’s, the solution and okay, so that’s, it that’s about it. So there’s, nothing much! You can actually go and login into our brain. So once you login into our way, we can start creating how ad so you can actually see here.

Our brain has its own internal tracking system, almost ad networks. They do have an own internal tracking system. We don’t want to use all of them right. We don’t want them. We want a much more cleaner and cleaner data which we can actually find in body.

So let’s. Do this? Let’s. Do this! So let’s, go ahead and add campaign. So let’s start over. So let’s do one by one. So the first thing that you wan na name the campaign, so it’s, going to be Tex chemistry, just offer name campaign objectives who always be traffic because we actually driving traffic to our landing page.

Even though we want conversion, but they are driving traffic to a landing page and the creative formats always will be single because carousel is usually for e-commerce products and all these, if you use carousel, but normally it will be single, and this is the budget section.

So if you click on this box, you can actually see the suggested CPC range. So this is the recommended CPC. Usually what I will do is, I will always try to do a little bit higher than the recommended budget, because I want to collect more data during my testing phase so that I can optimize and scale better and then over.

Here is the budget type. So you can actually set a daily budget hundred dollars. For example, you can set a full campaign budget. For example, you can do 600 with the minimum kept bid budget, so you can actually do daily budget.

So you do a lot of stuff here and then over here you can actually share you. You campaign instead of particular day, and he wanted to start anyone in stock or you can just run it continuously. You can actually schedule a starting time.

What time you want. It to start, and all this, what day you wanted to run and all this kind of stuff nothing. So you get the next one is target, and this is one of the best options that all great has they have interest targeting like Facebook.

Not a lot of that would ask these guys so out really special in this syndicated location, hiding phrase. It would be Australia and then audience is what we going to do in a search for interests of people, so it’s going to be the 18.

So it’s, going to be lifestyle. It’s, going to be relationship that so the only thing that we’re gonna concentrate on relationship so for the placement be going to place on smartphones only operating system, iOS Android only browser nothing.

I’m gonna change, so this one make sure you click it. Even though, if you try to unclick it will give you a pop-up case, because this is actually out rates extended network, which means you’re, bringing in traffic from all over outbreaks connection.

If you can’t click, this already only bring traffic from our pin and it’s. Not highly recommended to do so, and this is a big feature that our brain has, which is to exclude adblock users. You see when you send an eighty fact: some people actually have adblock.

So, even if they like your ad, they can click on your ad click. There will be pop up Celine. This is where sign and you can go there and all these kind of stuff. So when you go ahead, you’re, actually wasting your time with them, so you can actually wait out when you can actually exclude this kind of adblock users and then here’s, a tracking system.

You’re, not going to use any tracking system here because they already have an external tracker, and the next step is for us to go ahead and create a contact. So how do we create our content? Pretty simple this first, you need to enter your site name, so a site name is going to be text, so it’s, going to be very easy to create your ad case.

Mostly it’s, it should come from your tail. You should let your creativity flow, you should think of something nice and just put it. I’m just lying. Yes, we have anthrax right. Why do you want to do all that? You can actually go to this particular offer.

This is the offer that we won right, so you can actually go to this particular offer. You can literally copy this. You can see they. They also have extra text chemistry there. So you literally copy this and literally paste.

It looks exactly the same, and then you can actually take this image. It might not be sufficient. Just see this image. Let me just remind you that it might not be sufficient enough, but let’s just fry mostly with a bit out brain.

You need to resize it back. I think it’s, good, it’s, not good. It’s. Good! Look at that! Getting you not setting these things before it’s too late. Exactly the same with this conference right that’s, what we want is we want our campaign to look exactly the same, like the campaign which is already running, because this campaign is converting like crazy.

In one day, that means there’s. A high possibility that our campaign will convert as well, so that’s, the main idea. So if you want to tinker round you want to edit a little bit, you can do that as well, but it’s not recommended just do this guess and final step is for you to actually take this click URL from here copy here and Paste it here that’s, it and if you are done, but whatever before you launch a campaign, I will always recommend you to add more creative.

So you can actually copy this creatives like this right. So you can. You can change their creative. So if you don’t know how to do different creatives, you can go anthrax again. You can go to that particular ad.

We can go to the creative section. You can see how this guy is actually doing very similar traits like this one. This one is working pretty pretty great right, so you can actually take this image. Sorry, you can go.

Google, I’m, just showing you guys how simple it is to actually do this. Yet we want this image. We want this image and then go back to antrax copy. This same thing like what we did just now copy this, and so this is mage what this image.

If it does not come, then just resize it. If it comes, then it’s. Okay, it’s there that’s. It so make sure you do at least like 10×10 ads. You can find the creative in our trades. You see all the creatives are there so make sure you do at least 10 ads 5 to 10 ads guys that well, that’s.

What I would highly recommend you so that you can actually test different angles from different aspects on how to do a campaign? Yes, and you will know which image is optimizing more don’t worry about the budget.

Don ‘ T think that I’ve a test this I’m spending. More don’t worry about all that these people they are actually working behind, hey guys. So this AI is a place where they know exactly, which particular campaign to actually put you and to make you, for example, it’s.

A these two are battling right, so this campaign is getting more traffic right. So definitely already will automatically spend more for this campaign. Rather than spending move this campaign, something like facebook, they have this kind of features guys.

So so, basically, that’s, it guys that’s, how you go ahead and make an out brain campaign if you are a complete beginner after you’d market again. So I really hope that this video was helpful for you.

So if you wanted to use any tools like anthrax, volume or land rise, you can actually go ahead and check out it’s, a big disc, the link in the description and also there’s, also, the 14 days free trial for Land rights that’s, also in the description below and don &, # 39 t, forget about the free 45 days native ads course exclusively for die soon, as any foreign members don’t waste, this opportunity guys this course usually will cost Somewhere on, like $ 500 $ 600, maybe even thousands of dollars guys my Colleen is giving this for free, so make sure you grab your chance today and join the diversity forum.

All you got ta do is just go ahead to the link below diversity forum. Click on that particularly and get your free, 45 mins native hats cost today and finally, before I go, please please support this channel by hitting the big rate subscribe button the like button for this video.

Only if you like this video, as well as the bowel notification, so that you don’t miss any of our videos and so that we can keep creating good content. You all the time Sophie seeing you in the next one till then tada, bye-bye

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