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It is not a secret that Amazon is one of the most significant e-commerce platforms all over the globe. In the USA alone, it is responsible for more than 40% of online sales. With the Amazon Affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, anyone can earn money and enjoy a share of the retail giant’s profit.

The affiliate marketing program allows users to monetize websites, digital marketing, social media, and blogs. How? The Amazon affiliate users place links to the products of Amazon on their site. If a customer makes a purchase through one of their links, the user will receive a commission.

What is affiliate marketing?

Simply put, Affiliate marketing is an arrangement. Here an online merchant (like Amazon) pays a commission to the affiliate websites for sending traffic or sales. Affiliate sites link the merchant site and they get paid according to the terms and conditions.

There are three types of affiliate marketing.

The first one is Pay-Per-Sale. Here the merchants will pay the affiliate websites only when the affiliates will send customers who purchase. There are some merchants like Amazon, who pay a fixed rate of commission for every sale.

The next one is called Pay-Per-Click (PPC). In PPC, the affiliate website will be paid on the number of visitors on a merchant’s website through the affiliate link. The affiliates get paid on the number of traffic, regardless of the purchase.

The third one is called Pay-Per-Lead. In this program, the affiliates get paid according to the number of visitors who sign up as leads. Also, if the visitors fill out the requested information on the website, then too, the affiliates get paid.

How does Amazon Affiliate program work?

Amazon Associates get paid according to the number of users visiting Amazon from the affiliate website. Also, the affiliates get a percentage of commission if the visitors from that affiliate website make a purchase from Amazon.

Your commission will vary according to the type of product a visitor purchases. Also, it will be based on the conversion rate. The conversion rate is the percentage of the total number of visitors purchasing through your website among the total number of visitors to your website.

For instance, if you get 5000 visitors in a month and 10 among them make a purchase, then the conversion rate is 0.2%. The average conversion rate is 0.5% to 1%. To earn from this affiliate program, a customer needs to purchase something within 24 hours of visiting Amazon from your site.

Once the 24-hour window is closed, you will not get any commission from the purchase. If the customer visits Amazon through your affiliate link and then adds a product in their shopping cart. Then too you can earn a commission even if they don’t complete their order.

As long as the product was added to the cart in the 24-hour window, you shall get a referral fee. This is only applicable if the visitor buys it before the shopping cart expires (which is 90 days).

How do you get into the Amazon Affiliate program?

To become an Amazon Associate, you have to visit and click on “Join Now for Free”. Then you have to enter the account information (name, address, and registered mobile number). The next step is to enter the website URLs and mobile app URLs to display banners, ads, and affiliate links.

You can add 50 websites and mobile applications combined. Create a store ID and then offer information about your websites or mobile apps. Also mention what kind of products you want to promote and more.

You choose any topic from a drop-down menu like apparel, games, books, or movies that match your website niche. Then you will choose how you drive traffic to your website, how you generate your earnings from your apps and website. Also, mention how you build links and how many unique visitors you get every month.

When this section is done, enter your phone number and click on “call me now”. Answer the call. You shall be provided with a 4-digit pin and then your account will be set. Here you can choose whether you want to enter the payment and tax details.

You can choose to do it later and proceed to create affiliate links.

How to create Amazon affiliate links?

Once the account is created you shall be redirected to the Amazon Associate dashboard. Here you can check the analytics and create affiliate links. Use Amazon’s product link tool for creating affiliate links. For accessing it, just click on “product linking” at the top of the dashboard and then choose “product links”.

When you click on that, you will see a screen where you can search for a product. Either you can search for something generic (for instance, yoga mat) or you can search with the name of a brand. Let us say you are creating an affiliate link for a review of tennis shoes.

Then you can search for “tennis shoes” or search more specifically for a particular product with a brand. When you have entered the query, the search results will appear. Choose the product that you want to create a link. To get the link, click on “get link”.

A pop-up box comes up with the affiliate link. Copy the HTML code for the site or you can customize it. Your ad can be an image, a text, or a combination of an image and text. You can also customize the look of the ad like changing the title or price color to match your website design.

How to get paid from the Amazon Affiliate program?

The earnings from the affiliate program will be paid approximately 60 days after every month. You can opt for a direct deposit, by check or through Amazon gift card. The payment option plays an important role because Amazon limits a minimum payment amount for every option.

For a direct deposit to your bank account, you need to provide the banking details once you reach the minimum amount of $10.

For payment through check, you have to supply Amazon with the mailing address only.

For gift cards, Amazon will send gift cards to the email address on your account for the amount you earned.

If you already own a website with suitable content to add affiliate links, you can start earning now.

Whether you are looking for optimal benefits from Amazon Affiliate program from your existing website or want to develop a niche site for the affiliate programs, the professionals at Skyram technologies are here to help.


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