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So before we get into this challenge, let me just explain some of the tabs. I actually have open. So this is the brand new shopify store. We just created there’s a 14 day trial. We just started on it and, as you see there’s, like literally nothing on this store, yet it’s, an absolute clean slate.

The only thing that we have done to this store is we downloaded oberlo? If you don’t know what oberlo is. Basically it’s, this app that we can connect directly to our shopify store and when we do sell a product it will fulfill it almost automatically for us and it’s.

Also going to import all the product photos and description over so it’s, going to make our life a lot easier and it’s going to make this store creation process a lot faster. Now i did already choose the product out.

This is these anti-cellulite shorts and basically they like raise your butt up, so it makes your butt look really good, and i just think this is a really cool product that’s, definitely going to sell well, and they also have like tons of good Graphics and images here so that’s.

Why i chose this product and then the last tab i have opened over here is going to be canva. What we’re, going to be using canva for is like the logo creation and all that good stuff. So now that i showed you guys this tab, i’m, going to hit the timer and we’re, going to start right now, okay, guys, so the first thing i’m going to want to do right now is I’m actually going to want to import this product to oberlo, so i downloaded the oberlo app over here.

So all we need to do is click this button and click add to import list and it’s, going to bring it directly over to all of our oberlo products. So if i come over here and click the import list, we can see that this product actually showed up so now what we need to do is we need to edit these products up a little bit.

So i’m, going to be naming our store, the peach lift and i’m, going to call these the peach lift, lift up shorts. So now that we have that done, we can just click the collection we want to add it to, and then we want to come over the description i’m actually going to write this inside shopify.

So i’m, probably just going to delete this right here and then over on the variant section. So there’s a lot of variants over here. So what i’m going to want to do – is i’m going to want to change all prices.

What we’re going to want to sell these at is like 39.99, because that gives us like a 25 profit margin here, and we can just click, apply to all and it’s, going to change literally all the pricing and then The compare at over here, what i’m going to do – is i’m going to change this to 59.

99. So that makes it so they’re, getting like a 30 discount and we can also let them know on our store. So this boosts our conversion rate up and now all we need to do is come over and see what images we want to.

Actually, import and one of the cool things about this product is they have a ton of really good images over here. So i’m, probably going to take more of these images in the aftermath, but i don’t want all of these images right on the product listing.

So now what i’m going to do is i’m just going to click import to store and it’s going to take like 30 seconds or so so, while that’s happening what i’m going to do. Is i’m going to download a different theme.

This debut theme is obviously pretty decent, but i want to use a different theme, especially since this is a fashion brand. So i’m, going to look through some of the different themes we can use. I like boundless a lot.

Boundless has always been a pretty good theme for me. Narrative’s, a cool theme, but i think i’m. Just going to go with boundless today, so i’m, going to add this to my theme, library and it’s, going to load up it’s, probably going to take a second.

So what i’m, going to do right now, is i’m, going to create a logo for the peach, lift that we’re, going to be doing so? What we can do is we can come over here and see these like fashion logo templates inside of camvo, which is really helpful for us.

It’s, going to make our life a lot easier. So let’s, see if we can find something that really catches our eye um. None of these look that awesome to be honest, but i really don’t want to waste too much time here, but what i could do over here is i could take this template and i don’t really like this box over Here so i’m just going to take this text.

I think this text looks pretty nice and i’m going to call this. The peach lift and all we need to do is change the text color over here we’re, going to make this a little bit bigger. I’m, going to bring it to the center and i’m going to change one of these to like a peach color.

Maybe that looks good and then what i’m going to do. Is i’m just going to bring this text together a little bit more. So we can just come over the spacing section right here and we can do something like that and now i’m just going to make sure i save this as a transparent background.

So i’m going to download this, and we should be all ready to go. What we need to do is we need to actually crop out the rest of the image over here. Otherwise, the proportion won’t, be right. So after we crop this out, our theme should be all ready to go and yeah perfect timing.

So we can just come in here and click customize, and this is where we’re, actually going to be designing our store. So what i’m, going to do right off the bat, is i’m going to want to add the logo in? So i’m, going to select image and i can just upload the logo we made and let’s, see how it looks.

Obviously i haven’t put anything in here. Yet so let’s, just let it load up for a second, i’m, going to put the home page logo in and you can see it actually looks pretty clean um. It’s a little bit small, but that’s.

Okay, now what we’re going to want to do is we’re going to come over here and we’re going to put like the slideshow image. So we can come back over that aliexpress listing and i want to find like a lifestyle photo that would look really clean on the home page um.

These are good, but the quality doesn’t seem that good, but this one seems good, maybe showing the peach that’s, what we’re selling at the end of the day. So now that we have this image here, i’m going to come over and i’m just going to drag this over here and i’m going to upload the image and we’re, going to See how this logo looks on the home page, so actually that looks really nice.

So i’m going to change some text around over here and what i’m going to do. Is i’m going to call this? The best shorts for the peach, and now we can just put a button label and we’re, going to call it shop now and i do have the product page already.

So let me just click here through products and i ‘ Ll connect it directly through there. So now we’re, probably going to want to change some buttons up and everything. Since we’re going for this, like orange color scheme, i’m going to come back over to canva and i want to figure out what color we actually used over here.

So we can just come into the color code and i’m going to copy this, and then we’re just going to change all the color around on the store. So when we do finish the design up, everything should come together.

Really clean, so i’m gonna change these out so yeah. You can see that already looks quite a bit better. I’m gonna change the links and accents out um. Let’s, see what else. The second dairy bar and yeah that looks pretty good.

Now i’m, going to change these sales tags around and it looks like i got pretty much everything that i want so far besides the heading over here. So i’m, going to come back to the announcement bar and i’m, going to use the same color and i’m, going to put 30 off site wide plus free shipping.

So obviously i showed you guys in the beginning that we’re, going to be running like a 30 off here, so this makes it so when they come on the website, they do see that everything really is 30 off. As you can see, it’s like 59.

99, and now it’s 39.99, so that will definitely attract customers. And if we come over this product page over here, you can see that we need a lot of work done to it. Right now we need to like change up some of the description and we probably want to add a size guide here, but i really like the images honestly.

It makes this store, look really clean and then we’re, definitely going to want to add some reviews over here and if you see i actually didn’t add a dark logo. So i’m going to want to save this logo again with a black text.

So let me just download this real quickly and i’m, going to add it into the store. The same way that i did the thing about this theme is: it has two different logo entry points and when you’re actually going to be browsing not on the home page, then you want one with the black text, so i can just come Back over the header – and i can just change that out really quickly, so it’s, not a big deal at all.

Now it should be looking good, so yeah there we go there’s. The peach lift so now that we have this ready to go. The one thing that i’m going to want to do. Is i’m going to want to change some of the sizing over here, because they have a few different things that we can choose under this product settings? And i, like choosing the large width on this theme and actually a lot of people overlook.

This theme, but this one of my favorite themes, the reason why some people overlook it is because it doesn’t have like an image gallery like it. Standardly does. It shows the photos under, but i think that’s, really cool for like fashion brands, because it gives it this long form feeling.

So now that we have that ready to go. I’m. Just gonna save this and i’m gonna come and i’m gonna start, creating the description now so over here. What we can do is we can come over the product section and we’re, going to go to our product and let’s just make sure all the sizing and everything looks good here.

Um yeah. It has small to extra large that’s, really good. It will give a lot of people different options when they’re buying, so that all looks really good. Now. What we’re going to want to do over here is write our description, so i’m going to say the peach.

Lift short will make your booty look amazing, and i’m, going to say: choose between our seven vibrant colors and instantly be the star of your gym. You’re gonna love. The way your booty looks when you wear these comfortable and stretchy shorts and let’s.

Just change that out and i’m, probably going to want to change some images and put some images in the description. But what i want to do right now is: i want to come to, and what we can do here is we can find like different emojis.

We can put in our product description, so i can come and i can go back to this listing – and i can put one check mark over here and i’m gonna see some of the different features that this listing is actually saying this Product has so, let me see if i can go to specifications um it’s, not much here how about the overview, so they actually didn’t list too much.

What i can do is just write some things that will be relevant. Like breathable fabric – and i can just copy this over here – and i can put 100 percent squat proof – and then i’m just gonna. Do that one more time and we’re, going to have one more listing over here.

So breathable fabric 100, squat proof and um lifts your lifts, your booty immediately and there we go and i’m, actually probably going to do one more um. I’ll, say high-waisted design, because that’s.

Definitely a big selling point of this product so now that we have these, i’m, probably just going to highlight a couple words over here, so the peach lift shorts and then i’m, going to definitely want to add some of Those images that we didn’t include so, for example, let me find like some really cool images that are showing over here that sell this product a little bit more.

So i definitely like this image. I think this gives it a high branding potential. It’s, a really high quality image. So what we can come do is we can come back over here and we can come to the insert image section and i’m just gonna upload this file, it’s.

Just going to take a second and then we can just place it in the description, so it will make our description look a little bit better. I don’t want it to look too basic over here um. It looks like i uploaded the same image so that definitely ate into our time, but let’s hope this one works here, okay, guys, so there we go.

I’m. Just going to add this in, i’m, going to keep it as a large image, and then i’m going to want to center this up over here. So i can just come over here and align it to the center and then i’m just going to do one more thing and i’m going to put a size guide over here.

So let me make this like a header over here, so i’m, going to make it an h2, and then i’m going to insert the size guy that they left over here. So let me make sure that i can find it okay, so there we go so now.

I’m just going to center this, and i’m, going to add the image and then our product description should be pretty much done over. Here all we need to do is come back to that image section and we’re going to upload this.

Hopefully we don’t fumble on this one, because i don’t have too much time left for this website to be finished, but um all right, but all right it looks good. I’m, adding it up, and now we’re just gonna center, this off and yeah.

Now everything’s, looking pretty good, so i’m gonna save this right now and we’re gonna preview it and see how it looks okay, so it’s showing the debut right now, because We need to actually publish it, i believe so yeah.

I forgot to do that. So let me publish this real quickly and then it should show the real product page that we’re working with, so it should be good. Now let’s, see how it looks. Okay, it’s still showing the other one um.

But let me come back in the customize section, because we haven’t even designed the home page really. Yet. I know i’m like bouncing around a little bit here, but this is usually how i do my store creation.

I do different parts at different times, which probably doesn’t, make too much sense, but yeah. This listing actually looks pretty good. It looks pretty professional honestly. I think we could have done a little bit better of a job, but i definitely think it’s, good enough to get some sales so now what we want to do over here is: we can talk a little bit about the brand, so i’m gonna put the rich text section and i’m gonna say the shorts your booty has been waiting for and then i’m.

Just gonna put some text over here, so i can say um. Let me come back to that listing and see what i said. Our peach lift shorts will instantly make your booty look amazing and give you a boost of confidence that you deserve.

Wear these to the gym with our 100 squat proof material and crush your next workout. So i think that definitely sells the product. A little bit tells them about our brand, and i’m. Just gonna put some little bolding over here and yeah.

I think we’re, pretty good, since we don’t have like a bunch of products that we’re gonna be selling. I’m, not gonna have a collection section over here. So i’m, just gonna delete that, and i can put like an image with a text over here.

So i usually design everything in mobile as you see, because usually most of our customers do come over on mobile. But now what we can do is we can just put another image. So i’m going to go back to that listing and i want to find like a lifestyle image.

Maybe them doing something cool yeah this one’s, nice. It like sells the whole lifestyle being at the beach, and i’ll, also download that one and yeah let’s, upload these images and let’s, see how it looks so.

Give me one. Second, i’m going to upload this over here and i like this red image. I think i’m, going to use that one and and now we can put some different selling factors on this, so we can put peach why the peach lift leggings are amazing.

The peach lift fabric allows allows you to breathe during your workouts and fits like a glove around your amazing curve, your gonna love, the way you look and then now that i have this section over here.

All i’m gonna want to do is put a little position to add the product to cart. So all we need to do is click, add section and pick feature product right here and we can just click. Our peach lift leggings and i’m, going to add this under the newsletter and you can see this looks pretty good.

Let’s, see how it looks on desktop um yeah. It looks pretty clean, honestly um. So now what i’m going to want to do is i’m going to want to edit up this newsletter section a little bit so i could put over here subscribe to the peach lift family, and then i’Ll put get be the first to know about our sales and deals, and now what we’re going to want to do.

Is we’re going to want to take this power by shopify off and we’re going to want to add some reviews and we’re going to want to set up the navigation? So the first thing i’m going to do is i’m, probably just going to go, and i’m going to download an app like luke’s to import some reviews over.

So let’s, see if we can get this done so luke’s right here and we’re gonna add this and we’ll, be able to actually import reviews from that exact aliexpress listing. So this has like 25 reviews, so that’s, not amazing, but it should be enough reviews to make the site look a little bit cleaner.

So now that this is added, we can say let’s. Just use luke’s for free over here and let me skip through all this okay. So now we need to actually import some reviews. So let’s come over here and we can put this in our bookmarks bar, but i actually haven’t opened a book smart bar.

So let me try to figure that out show bookmark bar okay. There we go – and i’m – going to add this over here now we can come back to that product and we can just click the import to luke’s and we’re, going to import it to this peach.

Lifting – and we can put over here like how many reviews we want and some of the different ratings, but obviously it only has 25. So i’m just going to import all of them right now. So let’s, see how this works.

So i’m, going to accept all of these and yeah that’s. Nice. There’s, a picture of someone actually wearing it, so that definitely sells the product, especially since this is a fashion product um, so yeah, i’m, pretty happy that there’s, some reviews here.

So we’re gonna actually see how it looks in just a second but uh yeah. Some of these aren’t in english, but i guess it doesn’t really matter that much um as long as we have some real reviews on here. So these ones, don’t have text.

Probably i’m just gonna reject some of these because they kind of detract from the product, but let me actually show you guys how that looks now that we added the reviews, i’m, going to come over back to our Product um right here – and there should be some stars here – maybe i didn’t import them yet, but uh the review should be showing up right here.

Okay, so that looks really good. Actually. So now what i’m going to want to do is i’m, going to want to take the power by shopify off. So what we can do is we can come over the same theme section and what we’re going to need to do.

Is we’re, going to actually need to edit some of the liquid code? So we can come over here and look in footer, so what we need to do is we need to come over the footer and we need to just search in powered and you can see there’s going to be this powered by link over Here so i’m, going to remove that and now the shopify section should be off.

So the last few things i’m going to want to do – is i’m going to want to create some different policies for this page. So it looks a little bit believable. So the first thing that i’m going to want to put over here is i’m, going to want to put like track order, so we can just put um so we can just put over here once your order is shipped.

You’ll receive a sorry. I’m. Doing this fast. You’ll receive a tracking code with a link to give you real-time, updates on where your order is is located. If you have any other questions, send us an email and our support team will get back with you in 24 hours peachlift.

com. So there we go, and now we can just save this – and i’m going to want to create a couple more pages over here. So i’m going to want to put contact us so need help, send an email to, and we appreciate your support.

Okay, so there we go now we have the contact page and i’m gonna put a refund policy because a lot of people like seeing that on the footer. So we can just type this in really quickly. This isn’t going to be like a long refund policy.

I’m, just going to say, have an issue with sizing or don’t love your peach lift leg shorts; no problemo! We ‘ Ve got your back, send us an email within 30 days of ordering your shorts, and we will happily refund your full order.

Thanks for your support, so obviously you don’t have to put a 30-day refund policy, but i usually always do on my website. So we don’t, get any chargebacks. So now what i’m going to do is i’m just going to save this page and we’re going to want to come over this navigation section and we can just change a couple things out.

So i’m, going to leave this home section over here, but then i’m, going to add a menu item. I’m, going to come over to products and we’re going to leave one of them as that, and then we’re, going to add some of those pages we just made.

So i’m, going to add the track order and then i’m, going to add the contact us over here and then the home menu should be all good and the last one that i’m going to want To do over here is i’m, going to want to do the footer menu.

So let me edit this up. We’re, going to want to put the product again over here in case they’re, trying to get there from the footer. And then i’m, going to put the refund policy in the footer, and i’m, also going to put the track order.

And now i’m just going to save this and we’re going to want to do one last thing before the store is actually done. We’re going to want to come and we’re going to want to add this product to cart, because we need to actually change the checkout sign because it doesn’t.

Let you do it unless you actually go to checkout, but we’re going to want to edit the logo up. So it’s showing over here and we’re going to want to change the colors so for the custom image here i’m going to put these guys and then we could probably put a cool background image.

Also, hey guys, so the camera actually died. So you won’t, be able to see this face, but luckily i still got the video recorded. So let’s get back to it. So let’s. Let this upload and then let’s, change it to the color scheme we chose, so that should be pretty much good um.

I think we need the white logo in there. So let’s change this up one more time and let’s, see how this looks. I think we’ll be ready to go. Obviously this has a test shop. The name of our shopify store.

We’re, actually, probably not going to be launching this store right now, so i could change that up in the aftermath, but um yeah. It looks like this is done so now we’re, probably just going to want to preview.

This store over here so let’s, go to theme, actions, preview theme and we can see pretty much the finalized rendition of what we’ve done so now we can preview the store and we can see like the finalized rendition of What we’ve done.

Obviously we were able to create this menu, which made it look a lot cleaner. And then we have this text section over here and then just a couple images and a little bit text talking about it. And then we have the product page over here and if you click full details, then you can see the actual full product listing and the product listing looks pretty clean.

Obviously you don’t want the product descriptions being super crazy. If you’re, doing like a one product gadget store, this is more of like a visual product and that’s. Why? I chose this theme because you’re, able to see the images really well and it’s either.

If you like the product, then you’re gonna buy it. If you’re, not you’re, just gonna move away a bunch of text, isn’t gonna sell them down to the edge, but we also did add our reviews. So that looks really clean and then we can actually see our footer menus ready to go and let’s just make sure one last thing: let’s.

Add it to cart. Oh see our system’s, disabled cause. We’re on a trial, but we already set it up on the theme editor so yeah. This is our store. We built it in 30 minutes. Let me know if you guys want to see me like advertise this product and do some other things with it like create an ad for it.

So if you guys do want to see that make sure to drop in the comments, so i can actually make that video, alright guys. So i really hope you guys enjoyed this video. This is just one of the styles of stores i build.

Obviously, if i’m to build a store around like a one product gadget, it would be completely different than that and if you guys wan na learn how i do that. I’m gonna drop a link right here and if you guys also wan na see how i find products like this one, then i’m.

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