Facebook Ads For Dropshipping In 2020

Ads on Facebook Profit Secrets

This strategy will absolutely blow your mind, because this is something that I personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on to master and to figure out what the best strategy is. There’s, so much information on the internet and even though I know about Amazon FBA, even though I’ve, been selling on e-commerce for years now.

Shopify is something that was new to me at the time, and so that’s. Why I told myself, you know what I’m gonna master. It I mean, and then I’m gonna go ahead and show the strategy to YouTube, because I want to share with you guys, like the absolute best strategy, absolute best value, so you guys can go out there and start a shop.

I stroll with the right information. So let’s, go ahead and get started super pumped for this one make sure you watch till the end, because if you miss one thing one part of the strategy, then you will be completely confused.

You have no idea what’s going on, and Facebook Ads is something that you don’t really want to mess with, and it’s, not something that you want to go in with without any knowledge, because you will Spend a ton of money: it’s very easy to lose a ton of money with Facebook Ads now.

If you do learn this Facebook strategy, you will succeed on Shopify. You will succeed there’s, just no ifs, no buts. As long as you take action, you will get to $ 100 to $ 300 a day within your first month, all right.

It’s, step by step. It’s, a formula and it’s, not something that’s like you, know, super mysterious or something that’s. Super insanely hard. It’s, something that every single one of you can do. So let’s, go ahead and get right into it.

So let’s. Talk about the basics of creating and running insanely, profitable Facebook Ads. You know, think about it right! Imagine right! Now! If you all, you had was a laptop right now, you’re sitting in your room wherever you are right and you have some like a little bit of money to start.

Maybe you have $ 100 so $ 200 right that you want to throw at Facebook ads, and you want to use that to actually get your store up to six figures a year. It’s. Seven figures a year eventually right, obviously not with a hundred dollars right, but when you’re starting out, what you want to be doing is you want to be running $ 5 ads and $ 10 ads and $ 20 ads, and things like that? Just to get the ball rolling just to get some sales right, that’s! All we want.

We want to make sales. We want to make profit that’s. The point of this right, so you know imagine if you can just start with a hundred two hundred dollars and then you can go and you can figure out which ads are the best and you can figure out what guys are not performing the best.

You can turn those off. You can keep the good ones on and then you can scale it and then you can scale those ad sets. So you know from 20 dollars a day. It’s, a $ 50 a day to a hundred dollars a day or even from five dollars a day.

It’s, a 10 to 20 to 50 to 100. Eventually, you’re at $ 1,000, a day on a profitable ad set that’s where you’re. Making real money and doesn’t take a long time to get there as long as you understand how Facebook Ads work in 2019, all right, so the main objective does main objective with running Facebook.

Ads will be to build up your pixel to be able to create amazing look-alike audiences, literally the 80/20, that 80/20 of running Facebook Ads, so the 20 % effort that will get you, 80 % of your results for your Shopify store when you’ll, Be making $ 1000 a day $ 5,000 a day, you know $ 10,000 a day right now on my store.

Actually, this is one of my stores here I’m at about. Let me see here I just refreshed, so if we just refresh, I’m at about 1.4 9 K today and it’s about like afternoon. So you know it’s, not something that like people can’t.

Do it’s, something that anybody can do like. Listen to me. I was $ 40,000 in college that just a few years ago and believe me, I had no idea this wasn’t even possible all right, but because I decided to learn, I committed to learning and I committed to taking action.

I’m telling you no matter who you are no matter. How old you are you’re gonna be able to do this for yourself, you just got ta believe in you’re, just gonna take everything. I say, as truth, all right, so, as I was saying, the main objective is to build up your Facebook pixel to be able to create amazing, look-alike audiences, and your pixel is built up after 50 purchases.

Now, what is a Facebook pixel now? What is a Facebook pixel, a Facebook pixel is something that Facebook uses to what what they do is they create a pixel for your store and what happens is when you are? We have a brand new store.

You’ve, never read any ads. Facebook doesn’t know who to show your ads through the best, so you might be targeting interests like you might be. Targeting let’s say you’re selling, some kind of a cooking product.

You’re. Dropping some kind of cooking product you might be targeting you know cooking shows you might be targeting cooking brands. Things like that barbecue brands. What happens is when you start your Facebook.

Pixel is unpopular there’s, no data, so basically doesn’t know who the best show your your products to right. They don’t. They want, they want you to be profitable. They don’t just want to take your money, because obviously Facebook knows that if your store is properly gonna, keep giving them money for Facebook Ads that’s.

What they want so that’s where the pixel comes in and every single time someone buys from you, someone adds adds to their cart on your website every single time someone initiates checkout on your website or even views.

Your website, the Facebook pixel gets built and a Facebook pixel is considered to be built up after getting purchases or a hundred actions, which means a hundred. You know either purchases at the cards and SJ checkouts and what happens then, is that Facebook? That knows who the best show your ads to right, even if you’re talking to interest things like that, so it’s constantly learning and your ads will get better over time.

So the whole point of running it, like the reason that I got my store it’s at this level. Right now is because I’ve learned I’ve. Actually, you know read ads and then I got enough purchases to be able to create an amazing look-alike audiences and what I look like audience is here: I’ll.

Show you guys that really quick they look like targeting. I look like audience is the holy grail of Shopify Facebook ads because it allows you to create an audience that is similar to people who purchase from you and it’s insanely profitable.

So how we start is with the five to ten dollar interest. Based targeting which allows you to start getting purchases as soon as you start with conversion, targeting that’s. What we’re gonna use, we’re gonna use conversion targeting conversion.

Targeting means that we want conversions, which means purchases and that will build up your pixel over time all right, and then we also have engagement targeting that. Basically, if you target with engagement, that the whole point of a campaign is to get cheap, likes, shares and engagement, to add social proof to your ad social proof, is you know when you see a post yeah, you know instead of a post with one like there’s, a post with a thousand likes right, so we use engagement targeting and we can also get low-cost purchases that way before switching to interest based targeting or look-alike.

Targeting, but remember, the Holy Grail is to build up our pixel enough. So we’re able to go and create insanely, profitable look-alike audiences, so that’s. What I’ve learned that’s literally what I’ve used now.

I mostly only run look-alike audiences. For my shot buy stores – and they do incredibly like you’re, getting like three dollar purchases through dollar purchases, so it’s absolutely insane. So now there’s, a couple of very important things we need to do before.

We start running our ads. First, you need to install your Facebook pixel, and you must do this before you start so now I’m, going to show you how to install your Facebook pixel it’s. Super easy super simple.

So what we need to do is you need to go to your business. Facebook, comm, your business manager for your Facebook Ads account. I already assume that you’ve already. You already have a Facebook Ads account.

So when you’re in there, you’re gonna go here all tools, pixels all right. Well then, once you’re in here, you are going to go and you’re gonna create your pixel, and then you’re gonna get what’s called a pixel ID, which is actually right Here you’re gonna take this pixel ID and you’re gonna go to your Shopify store and on the Left.

It’s, gonna say online store preferences and then there’s. Gon na be section to put your pixel ID in there I got to do is put this code in there then BOOM even saw their Facebook pixel. So now, right here in Shopify, you’re gonna go to online store on the left and then preferences, and then you’re gonna put your Facebook pixel ID in here.

So now I’m gonna show. You how to organize your Facebook out of column so that the most important information is there, so you can see it and then so you can make data-driven decisions right. So we’re gonna organize on Facebook, add columns.

We’re gonna save a preset that you’re gonna use forever right. So you only have to do this once and I’m gonna show you that right now so now I’m in one of my ad accounts and we’re gonna go and start organizing all our facebook Ad columns, so what we want to do is we want to go up here.

Columns, customize columns, alright, and now we’re gonna go and enable row ass, which means return on adspend CDP cost per purchase all right. So let’s, just go ahead and close. All of this we don’t want any of this.

We’re gonna start fresh, alright, so realize, which is this website purchase? They’re gonna put the total, and then we want to put website purchase realize we don’t, have a mobile app right, so we’re, not gonna do that, CVP, which is cost per purchase, cost per Purchase all right, and so we’re gonna – want to go, enable all this right here, no bubble app and then there you go.

We’re, going to turn on cost per link, click cost per link, click alright, and so you’re, going to go and then also turn on CPM, which is cost per mil, which means how much you’re paying For a thousand impressions and oppression is a view, so when someone views your ad, that’s, what that is so CPM boom, and now we’re, also gonna add actions, so conversion actions that’s, a standard advanced.

I’m gonna go to VC, which is view content the content boom, and then we’re gonna go to on Facebook offline. So we’re gonna have website content views and they’re. Gon na add to cart, initiate check out and then purchases as well.

So now, once you have those columns set, make sure you save it as a preset of your Facebook Ads, you can save it and then you can set it as default. Right though there’s, gonna be a drop-down menu, just set it as a default.

Now let’s. Talk about interest for a second! If you’re gonna target irrelevant interests, your cost per action or cost per purchase will be incredibly high. That’s. How much you’re, paying for an action which means a purchase in our case.

So if you’re targeting the wrong interest, though the interest that you know nothing to do with your product, then your cost per acquisition – your cost per action or cost per purchase – will be incredibly high.

And if you target really good interest, which means relevant interest to your product, your cost per purchase, your cost per action will be credibly low. So let me just easily explain interest targeting for you all right, so Facebook allows us to target interests and behaviors.

So let’s. Just say this all right. I love coffee. Therefore, I know bulletproof coffee. Therefore, I know who Dave Asprey is right, but let me just explain this really quick. You might be like. Why are you telling me this right? So let’s say we start with coffee as an interest.

So let’s say that we have a coffee kind of product right and we’re gonna target coffee, so really targeted coffee. So if you look at the picture on the top right here, coffee would be on the outside circle.

On the outside circle lies what everybody knows. Everybody knows what coffee is, but only people who know what coffee is know. What bulletproof is, which is the type of coffee which would lie in the light blue circle on the top right? And then you know, if you are a coffee drinker and you drink, bulletproof coffee, you know, bulletproof is, and you know about the brand, then you will probably know who Dave Asprey is.

Maybe not maybe you do, but then there’s a you know. A very high chance that you do, because that is the founder of bulletproof, so Dave Asprey would be in the middle and only bulletproof enthusiasts.

People that interested in bulletproof, coffee and coffee would know who Dave Asprey is so someone who loves coffee but doesn’t know, but doesn’t know. Bulletproof will not know who Dave Asprey is so this is incredibly important to remember Facebook interest targeting because these are different levels of depth for these interests.

So you must understand how it works right when you’re targeting for your for your ads. For your $ 5 ad says 1000 ad says 2000, our ad sets. You must realize that if you’re gonna target, something that’s, really really vague, something or something that’s really really precise.

You must understand, you must think about okay. Well, someone who you know who is interested, for example, in coffee? Well, will they know who Dave Asprey is well if they don’t know what Bo perv isn’t.

Probably not do you understand what I mean so there’s, different levels of interests right and you must consider them when you are advertising your product when you’re, creating Facebook ads, and so I’m gonna show.

You guys something really really cool. I’m gonna go on WWF, ace book, ads, calm or sorry, facebook.com, slash, ad slash preferences and then that will allow us to see which interests. Facebook things I’m interested in.

So let’s, go and check that out all right guys. So I’m on Facebook Ads preferences, so these are the interests that Facebook thinks I’m interested in. So if we take a look here, it thinks that I’m interested in real estate, investing which, yes, I am a small business.

Yes, self-employment, yes, real estate entrepreneur, yes real estate, yes, lululemon athletica, yes, actually do where the lemon clothes – and I guess I also read the biography of lemon founder Tripp Wilson, which is a really really great book and by the way they make amazing clothes for men.

As well, entrepreneurship, yes, Kickstarter no ketone know so sometimes it’s inaccurate. But these are the interests that Facebook tagged me with. So now let’s. Talk about the perfect low-budget ad strategy, so we’re gonna be testing different budget levels.

You must test the different budget levels and you must test them at the three dollar mark. The five dollar mark, the ten dollar mark and a twenty dollar mark, because ads perform completely differently at each budget, is something that I figured out the hard way, because I would go and assume that’s, something that’s.

Performing about three dollars a day is gonna perform equally about a thousand dollars a day, not true at all. Never assume that your three dollar date ad will perform the same if you scale it to five dollars a day or ten dollars a day or higher.

All right, so I’m gonna go and show you guys right now exactly how I would structure this exactly how it structures some like symmetries, targeting with some $ 3 $ 5 $ 10 ads. We’re gonna go in. We’re gonna check it out and now four campaigns.

This is a general rule but make sure to not have more than ten or twenty ad sets and one campaign as it will ruin your campaign row-wise, which is return on adspend. What return on adspend is very briefly: let’s say that you spend a thousand dollars on facebook ads if you make it back fifteen hundred dollars in revenue.

Well, then, that’s, a 1.5 return on adspend all right, so it’s, just your revenue divided by door. How much we spent on ads all right and the whole point of that is you know you figure out your breakeven realize I’m gonna show you how to do that later on in this video, so make sure you don’T go anywhere if you figure out your breakeven, you can go and take the difference between your breakeven and your profit, and very important is to make sure you’re targeting the right person who will most likely response to Riyadh all right.

If you are advertising a conflict, do not do not target gas station owners. Do not target truck drivers, do not buy a cute truck. Drivers could be good. I guess they drink coffee, but you know do not target someone who is against coffee or someone who has literally doesn’t care about coffee because you’re gonna get terrible, constant purchases cost per acquisition acquisition, and then you know I’m just gonna work out very well for you.

Now let’s. Imagine our ideal customer! You’re gonna. Imagine your ideal customer, the golden rule of profitable Facebook Ads is the closer you can get to your ideal customer, the more profitable you’ll, be in the more money you will make and that’s.

What, in marketing terms, I guess is called a client avatar we don’t have to call it that fancy-schmancy name it doesn’t, make a difference right, but the closer you can get to your ideal customer, the more profitable you’ll be and the more money you will make alright, so how we go and create that client, avatar or our ideal customers.

We need to imagine the types of people that would be interested in our products. Then we can go and target them. We can figure out our the relevant interests and there’s. An amazing tool on Facebook called Facebook audience insights, which literally tells us all of the all of the best interests right or most of them, and it gives us a lot of ideas that we wouldn ‘

T have even thought of. How do we not use the tools, so it allows us to see exactly which interests which Facebook pages and which countries to target for your $ 3 $ 5 $ 10 and $ 20 Facebook Ads the low budget Facebook guys were just talked about and, like I Said if you target irrelevant interests, your CPA will be incredibly high, which is bad, and if you target good interests relevant interests, then your CPA will be really low, which means more profit for us, alright guys.

So now we’re in our Facebook audience insights and super simple to get here. Just go on your Facebook Ads account go up here and then all tools, audience insights, and so here you’re gonna be checking out what pages you’re gonna go and target for your interests and your also gonna.

Basically see like this was going to show you all the people that are most likely to response your ad most looking to purchase from your store. So obviously it’s incredibly powerful. So right here we’re gonna choose the country.

All United States you can go and put in the country they’re, going to target theoretically for Shopify. We can target many countries, any countries that actually have a package shipping, and so you can go and find a list of that online.

Super simple! But for the case for the purpose of this video, we’re gonna go and choose the United States. So let’s, go ahead and say that we’re advertising for a coffee type product, because I love coffee, coffee’s, amazing, so just go ahead and coffee.

So right here, Facebook shows us that 68 % women actually very interesting, are interested in coffee, so more women than men are interested in coffee. So now we know that women are our primary target market to target and then also this will give you all the pages that are the most liked by people that interested in coffee still IKEA.

Obviously, uLTA Beauty, Groupon, baskin-robbins, Dunkin Donuts. Obviously that’s. A big coffee train here in the US location, all right, and then we got all of these right here. So this will even tell us.

You know like right here, point eight percent of our selected audience, which is 20 percent of people, that of all coffee drinkers. Actually are interested are actually living in San Antonio Texas, and here we’ll, show you how likely how much more likely they are to be than regular Facebook users to be interested in coffee.

So you know this. This will show you all like everything’s target is, will show you their job title so just go, and then you know type in a few in here make a list of interests. They’re gonna target for your $ 3 $ 5 $ 10 Facebook ads.

Then that will give you an awesome place to start so now we’re gonna go and create some Facebook Ads. So this is just one of my ad accounts here. Actually this is the one for my youtube channel. We’re gonna go create and we’re gonna go and create a complete campaign.

We want to click on guided creation, and so now, as you can see, these are our objectives, so you can either do engagement or conversions. What I recommend is starting with conversions and then, if you want, you can add engagement to your post, so you know likes and shares, and things like that.

You just run an engagement campaign, but that will come later. We want to get purchases right away. That’s. The point of this video so conversions and make sure that your titling these campaigns properly alright.

So we’re gonna go and type in, for example, let’s say we’re running like a Facebook feed feed ad. So we’re gonna go and then put in low-budget interests, interest targeting click on continue, alright and then here for the ad set name.

We’re gonna go out. We’re gonna create multiple new ad sets. Alright, so conversion event is there’s gonna be. This is different, because this is for my dad bass account but click on purchase and then go down here and then right here.

We’re gonna want to go and click on people who live in this location as opposed to people who just are in that location. Cuz you don’t want to target people that are traveling, because, obviously you know you can’t ship to them.

If they live in, like Zimbabwe or Somalia, you know not any package country, no offense. If you, if you’re from there at all, I’m sure those countries are amazing. I’d love to visit one day. So now we’re gonna go and put in United States.

Let’s, just say right and then Canada, okay, so the big four you can start with Australia and then United Kingdom. That’s. What’s called a big four, so most of your drop shipping will come from these, but also like Germany, you, you know any of those other countries that have a package.

Shipping are also great, so you can go make sure to test that’s. The whole point is to test and then here for your detailed targeting, because we’re gonna put your interests, so we’re gonna type in coffee, alright, so there you go coffee, so we could that’s.

A huge interest, but you know we can go in just check it out. Maybe our ad is that good that it’s. Gon na convert alright, so we’re gonna go and then also click on detailed targeted variations. So this is gonna go and create multiple ad sets.

One ad set for each interest. You don’t want to go and put in like five and one at set, because then you don’t know you know which, which interest is the best? So coffee, let’s, see what else we got here.

You know coffee bean, we can go and even narrow it, for example. So my coffee and engage shoppers. This is this is insanely powerful. By the way, this is targeting coffee and also people who are engaged shoppers on Facebook, people who are who Facebook knows spend a lot of money on products using their credit cards on Facebook.

So you know that’s, also an amazing way. This means that person has to be interested in coffee and is an engaged shopper on Facebook. Alright. But for this we’re, not gonna put that coffee, coffee bean also, we can go ahead and click on suggestions.

Alright, so not for this. That’s, not gonna be relevant here, but you know we can go ahead and target coffee, latte, Starbucks, right, coffee chains like Dunkin Donuts, all right. There you go boom and then edit placements very important and down here.

If you’re running a Facebook feed at it, you’re gonna want to unselect all of these other things here and obviously on select Instagram feed. I can actually work so just on select stories and then audience Network is not good because it’s.

Just gonna get you a bunch of bot clicks, you know like robots and stuff and they’re very cheap, but it’s. Just not gonna get you conversions. This is actually very good for retargeting campaigns I found, but we’re, not talking about retargeting here that’s, another whole other superpower of Facebook ads.

I’m gonna make a video on that later, but that’s. How you do it and then for the budget up here? Where is the budget kind of lost it? Where is the budget? Oh and then for the budget down here you want to make sure you put conversions and then seven-day click or one day view for the attribution window and then down here for total budget.

You’re gonna go and put in right. So we have three ad sets, so this is Miss means twenty dollars per ad set. We can also do ten, so thirty right, I would recommend doing either you through fives or threes right II can even do three times 3, so nine, but the thing is: if you’re spending less money, it’s, just gonna.

Take you a lot longer to get that data. The whole point of spending this money on interest is to get data, so your Facebook pixel gets populated, so you’re able to go and generate look-alike audiences and then also retargeting right.

So there you go and then we’re set this to 30. All right continue and then there you go that’s. All it is you’re gonna go create that campaign. Let it run for a couple days. It’s, gonna go and spend that money, and then you can go and basically check again and then see which ones are doing well and which ones are not doing well turn off the ones that aren’t doing well, and I leave the leave on the ones that are doing well and I highly recommend you sort this.

Let’s say if you want to test out the same interest at you know three dollars: five dollars in the end at the ten dollar level, because something can be profitable at three, but not at five but can be profitable.

Ten, you see. So you can go and create. I would recommend creating a separate campaign, so one campaign at $ 3 interests one campaign at $ 5 interest. One campaign in ten all interests you don’t have to do that.

If you don’t have a big startup budget to start at. You know the six to ten interests at three dollars a day. You’ll, be able to get two purchases and see which ones are good, which ones or not.

So I hope you guys are still with me. As you can see, this is an insane video, because Facebook ads are not easy, but this is literally like Facebook. Ads are the best skill you can learn in the 21st century.

You know you’re, literally learning how to print money, how to put in $ 1.00 into a money machine and how to take out 3 or 4 dollars out. So we want to do. Is you want to take inspiration, emulate but never copy right, and that’s when you’re, creating the perfect ad creative, which is the Facebook ad right? So we didn’t talk about the Facebook ad yet, but the action plan has to be really good.

Not many people talk about how to create amazing ass. I’m, really good at creating awesome Facebook ads. I wish I could show you the Facebook ads for my shop. I store their mind-blowing like the marketing side of things as in crap.

Also, the product is really good as well, but what you want to do is you want to take inspiration and emulate, but never copy, because that’s just you know it’s, not real entrepreneurship, and you know you’Re not really doing anything special, so there are ads out there on Facebook and Instagram that are making a ton of money.

All I have to do is find them emulate them. Take ideas, inspiration from them and then create ones that are better yourself and the best tool that I found to find ads – and this is completely free, of course, is turbo ad finder all right, so you can just go and get that on the chrome store.

So if you just go and type it on Google right here, turbo ahead, finder you’ll, be able to see it and it’s completely free, as you can see, it’s already installed, and what this does is This will allow you to find ads on Facebook and it will like literally delete everything else.

Someone’s posting in the Shopify freedom group, amazing. So what we do is we turn on our turbo ad finder. I love with the name turbo ad finder. Okay and as you can see, this will completely erase everything except ads on your Facebook feeds.

This is amazing, as you can see, I’m. Getting like you know, fast, charging, dock and lamp. These are all drop shipping ads. This is an amazing drop shipping at actually, as you can see, if we go find it here for sure this is a drop shipping store all right very in my face, so not the best design wall of text that would not okay and then BOOM.

So you know, but there you go. I’m sure these. These these people are making a lot of money, so turbo finder is the best tool that I found. This will show you. This would give you so many ideas for products it’s mind-blowing.

These are all products you can find on all expressed, calm alibaba.com, so there you go and something else you can do is you can actually go and just search 50 % off or 60 % and the Facebook search bar.

I found ideas for products that are absolutely amazing just doing this, because, obviously, if a store shelf I store on their Facebook page or ads posting 50 % over 60 % off well, then you know, if you just search them on Facebook, you’ll, Find those products – and you can just go – see all their ads and you know it’s insane and another amazing trick right here is: if we go on carbon cocoa, for example, it’s, just some random product that I found.

We can go and literally see all of the ads that they’re already running, so you know we can just go and take their creative make our own improve on it, and you know there you go like that’s. All you have to do so as long as you can go, compare yourself to the main competitors right as you can see United States.

You know you can even see the exact text already. You can see everything it’s. It’s. Insane like this is something that like Shopify, has has become. If you know what you’re doing like anybody, can make a million dollars with a shelf, buy store.

So, as you can see, they’re targeting USA. You know all of these countries. They’re talking the whole world, Afghanistan, Albania right, so they’re, just doing all the more targeting. But there we go in phone ads, something that not a lot of people know on Facebook, and I don’t think has ever been talked about on YouTube, yeah and something very important is to get attention.

You have less than a second to get your potential customers attention so make sure that your ad is captivating and has a great hook so something that hooks the customer in not just look at this product.

It’s, so good! No, but like boom. You know look at it boom and right away. It gets their attention in this world. You know attention is today’s, currencies so that’s, why you want to make sure that you’re, getting attention right away? So let’s.

Talk about the whole step by step, process of profitable Facebook, Ads progression. So, first to research, our ideal customer read a list of all the interest. We’re gonna target that we found in Facebook, audience insights and the ones that you came up was just thinking about.

You know what your audience your ideal customer is probably interested in then we’re gonna go, create our campaigns. Each campaign is a maximum of I bro three to five here, but I honestly wouldn’t go over six to ten.

You can do over a little bit over three to five, that’s; okay at a five dollar day budget each interest; and then we’re gonna do five campaigns times three interests at five dollars a day or three dollars a Day or ten dollars a day, which means seventy-five dollars a day at the five dollar day level for three days, so there you go, and that gives you you know: fifteen interests through five different campaigns and you can go sort them by return on adspend.

That gives you enough data where you can go turn off the unprofitable interests that are lower than your breakeven realized, and then you’re gonna go and keep the ones that are good, and then we’re gonna do what’s called infinite scaling, which I’ll talk about here.

I hope you guys are excited for that. It’s, absolutely insane, something that I’ve personally learned something that I’m using for my shop, buy stores which are making insane amount of money right now.

So how to calculate breakeven realized very, very important. What you do is you go and take a thousand dollars right, so we’re gonna go and calculate on a thousand dollars of that space, so a thousand dollars divided by your profit per one unit right, so that’s.

After your cost that you pay your supplier in China and then your shipping costs all right, so your profit per unit, let’s, say, takes fifteen dollars to pay our supplier in China on a fifty dollar product.

Well, then, 35 dollars is our profit per unit times the product price. So as an example, a thousand divided by 36 times 49. That means 1388, which means a one point, four realized, so anything that’s under one point.

Four rose on your Facebook Ads turn those interests off and anything over. We’re gonna want to infinitely scale them so that’s. Something absolutely said: I’m gonna talk about here as well, so infinite scaling.

This is the strategy that were gonna, be using to scale to the moon, so not only go. I want to show you guys how, to you know, start making money with only 100 bucks 200 bucks to spend on Facebook at startup shop buy store, but now we want to scale to the moon.

When you’ve got profitable interests and look likes. You must now scale, or else you’re. Just you know you’re gonna stay. Making. I don’t, know 100 dollars a day in profit. We’re just still like three thousand a month.

You know in profit, which is like the average salary more than the average dollar in the u.s., so it’s insane that’s, a passive income, but the best strategy that I found is the duplication tragedy, which is to duplicate your Winning ad set increased by 20 %, so let’s say we’re spending $ 10 a day on that ad set duplicated in a new campaign, increase that ad set by 20 %.

So now it’s $ 12. A day let it run for 72 hours and do not touch all right if you touch just gonna screw everything up, and so that way you know if the $ 12 one is profitable. You’re gonna leave that now you have one at ten one at twelve, you’re gonna go duplicate to twelve and then increase the game I 20 %.

So now it’s like sixteen or something I don’t know the math there, but and then eventually, you’re gonna have like a lot of these duplicate ad sets. They’re all making you a ton of money above your breakeven realize, and you know you’re gonna making a ton of money that’s, how you infinitely scale to the moon and then the other strategy for Scaling, I recommend the duplication strategy, but you can also try to increase your budget on your original ad ad set.

Let’s just say ad set slowly all right, so you can go and just try to slowly increase your ad set budget. Make sure you do it at midnight local time every night, don’t. Do it any other time of day and for some reason I found that that’s like incredibly important, because that way you’re resetting the algorithm.

So so increase your budget slowly, but I found more luck using the duplication strategies. So if you guys want to learn the complete infinite scaling strategy and if you guys want to learn more about Facebook, guys go ahead and leave a comment down below saying: Shopify Facebook Ads right that and if I can get the video to a hundred comments.

I’m gonna go ahead and release that video for you guys so super pumped about that. So I know this was a long one, but there you go the absolute best, Shopify $ 5 or low-budget Facebook Ads, not even low-budget.

I taught you guys how to infinitely scale your ads as well the best Shopify Facebook ad video on the Internet, and if you guys want to join the best and most motivate yourself a Facebook group on the internet, then I invite you guys to join the Shopify Freedom, a Facebook group, it’s completely free and I’m in there and I try my best to answer.

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