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We’re, going to spy on our competitors to find the best selling print on demand and potentially drop shipping products in this video as well. So, just before we get into this video guys, i did want to let you guys know that i had a different video plan for today where i broke down my complete stock market portfolio, but obviously that’s, something a little bit different.

It’s, not e-commerce related, and i wanted to make sure that you guys wanted to see it. So let me know in the comments if you’d, be interested in seeing my stock market portfolio. I know that’s, something a little bit different and also we do have a 30 discount black friday seal on my print.

Profits live course right now, so check out them links down below in the description. All you have to do is use code bf30 to get your 30 off and jump into print. Profits live and start your print-on-demand business, but let’s, go ahead and take a look at this little facebook ad spy tool that’s been spamming.

My comments, okay guys. So this is the app right here. It’s called droppy spy, and we can see here that we’re in the free plan and what you get with the free plan. Is you’re, still able to see all of the ads that they’ve collected or bar the ones from the last two months? So you can see here.

It says you’re in the free plan. The ads of the last two months are not displayed and you can upgrade their premium account these guys. We’re gonna go through and see if they’re any good, but they’re a lot cheaper than some of the other platforms that i love.

I absolutely love ad spy and i love ad speeds check them out down below, but this one is a little bit cheaper than them. I think it’s 14.90 per month. I’m, not sure for what plan we can check out in a second but a little bit cheaper than most of these.

So this right here is the dashboard. It looks fairly familiar, but it doesn’t kind of lay the ads out just as nice, as maybe some of the other platforms do. One of the things i’m noticing right away, is we’re, not actually seeing like the facebook page names it doesn’t look like we can also see like the ad copy in the ads right now.

So i’m, not so happy about that. First thing we want to do is set up our filters. We always want to set up filters when we’re searching for you know different types of products. It’s, going to make it so much easier and we’ll not get ads like this, which are just not related to e-commerce.

So what i want to do is first filter by likes, so we want to see the top performing posts in the time period that we’re. Looking for next thing, i’m. Going to select is filters up here and it looks like we can actually get.

Quite a bit of you know different data points here that we can select. So i’m, going to go for first same date or maybe post creation did uh, and can we select two dates? Okay, cool, so we can select two dates.

What i normally like to do is look at ads from kind of the past kind of month, maybe the last two months. Obviously, on this platform we can only write on the free plan. We can’t look at the last two months, so we’re gonna have to go back to like september.

So i’m gonna go september. 30Th uh we’ll, do three months, so we’ll go july to september 30th and we’re, going to try and find the best performing print on demand or custom personalized products in that time period.

So in the text search, i’m, going to assume that the text search is for the ad copy. So, as you guys know, i always like to put personalized in there and then the media type, this doesn’t really matter.

It’s generally going to be an image for print on demand, but it looks like we’re getting some stuff. I can see here uh and then econ platform. So obviously we like shopify, we like woodcommerce uh and they’re.

Probably they’re, the two big daddies off of e-commerce right, so let’s, go with them and then we can leave these reactions. But it looks like you can kind of select how many you want. So we can filter out stuff that don’t have maybe at least a thousand likes on it, and that’s filtering out stuff.

So that’s, kind of cool that’s, a feature that other platforms, don’t actually have target audience. Let’s. Do united states of america so that we can see united states ads, are gonna, be the best ones that we can find, and then we’ll click search here and see what we find.

And hopefully we can find some different things that we’ve, maybe never seen on the other platforms, because again guys these platforms right here, these spy tools they’re just going and scraping data off facebook and putting them into their own.

Like database that we can filter through so obviously not every ad spy tool is going to pick up every ad out there, but we can actually see some stuff that we’ve. Seen in the past, i think we did a lot of uh.

Actually, we actually did a video on this with nana’s, little pumpkins we’ve. Seen this there’s going to be a lot of you know, halloween stuff in here, because we’re in that period of search. Obviously, this canvas right here is probably one of the hottest selling canvases out there this year.

I think this is probably one of the biggest hitting print on demand products that i have seen and it’s, a pretty cool product but fairly simple, and you can see that a lot of people have actually scaled this out by just changing the Background right, there’s, a lot of different backgrounds, but this post always stays the same just with like family names on it.

So what i want to do to kind of review and evaluate droppy spy is click into this. Can we actually click into this and look at any more information uh it doesn’t, look like so on ad space and ad spy. We can actually click the advert and get like you know its growth over time and stuff.

Like that, i don’t think we can do that here. We can add it to my favorites uh, so that’s. Obviously, nice to see it in our favorite. If we click details here, actually, oh we can so we can see some more information in here.

We can see all of the likes over time. This is actually pretty good. We’ve got loves, haha, angers and woes, but the likes and shares are the main ones. So we can see that this got a lot of shares over two thousand about ten percent of the likes which isn’t too bad and then down here we can see our urls our family gifts code, so we can click in.

We can check out their website their landing pages. Uh, let’s actually see what this is bringing us to. I think, on this website there’s, actually more information. You can get about the shop. So this is quite interesting here that other platforms, don’t give us.

We ‘ Ve got right here and we can see. There are alexa rank history, so we can see that it’s kind of growing over time. Uh down here we can see their top visitors. We can see their top web pages right here so that’s, actually pretty cool.

This is a feature that we we have not got on other platforms, so these guys actually link the adverts to the store, which is really interesting. So you could come in here and i think you need the premium plan to do this with shops like if we open up this, we need the premium plan, so we maybe do that.

If you want me to do that in another video like this one and let me know down below, but it looks like we need to upgrade our account to do that. So maybe in the next video we’ll check that one out, but right here i like this – that you ‘

Ve got all of this information about the store in one place. This is actually like a really cool tool that we could definitely use for our store reviews as well, so they’ve got custom print canvases. I don’t.

Think we’ve. Actually i did. I think we did the review on that store and then you can see all of their ads in one place, so we can see their products, so they ‘ Ve only got nine products, which is very interesting if we click on their store.

Is that really true? I doubt that’s. True it’s, probably nine products that they’ve picked up yeah, we’ve got all of the mugs and stuff. Here they’ve, got way more than nine products, so it’s, not 100 accurate uh looking at this, but i thought that was really cool.

You can click into their store. So let’s head on down and see what else we can find in here all right. What is this one? So i’ve, never seen this. I’ve, seen like so many products. Now that i i’ve, seen most of them so side by side are miles apart.

Sisters will always be connected by the heart and then customized right. So let’s scroll down here and see if we can actually take a look at the shop uh, so facebook ads facebook ads, they ‘

Ve, actually got some cool things right here. So these are the facebook ads they’re currently running there’s, 32 pages of them. I actually really love these, and this is interesting because i love the kind of research path that we’re going down here.

It’s, not just like looking at the best performing ads. We’ve kind of come down a little rabbit hole right here and now we’re looking at new products that they’re uploading right now, or these aren’t right now.

It looks like these were actually earlier in the year, but we’re, finding different ideas, and i think these look really really cool. You’re, putting like custom dog prints in a little bath. That’s funny this guy right here.

He’s, sucking on a coffee. He looks like he’s in in the military and he’s a he’s, a pretty sick, looking dog, but i like this t-shirt, i like the kind of um i like this t-shirt. I, like the quote on it, and we could definitely do something similar on that.

You never want to just blatantly copy it, but you can take. You know the quote and put your own creative around it, your own design around it, and we know that the quote works because it’s sold well for these guys right here, you can see it grown pretty significantly over time up to about 12 000 likes, which is really really interesting.

So let’s head back and see what else we can find out here. We’ve got one thing that’s. Kind of annoying on this is, i can’t, see the store names on here. I have to go into details to see the store name.

So if i was like telling these guys how they could improve their app, i would definitely have the facebook page name and like show me the full ad and also the the store url, because i’m, not sure like which stores these are.

Whereas on the other platforms like ad spy or ad space, we could actually go ahead and see you know which store we’re, getting these from uh. So let’s. Take a scroll down. I do like these because i love shine on jewelry.

I think it’s, a it’s, a really good way to do print on demand. So let’s. Take a look at this, and this is obviously like a little friends, themed, uh item, a friend’s, themed background, and it looks here like this is actually directly to shine on.

So this looks like the guys at shine on, are actually running this. So if we click this link, i think it’s going to ask us: let’s, follow this link uh and see what we’re, actually going to find here at the other side.

Where is it going to take us? Yes, this is actually shine on or selling this themselves. So this is not like shine on one of their customers. China, don’t actually have their own store that they’re running right here and they’re selling.

This necklace right here, which i think you can get on shine on for under 10, don’t quote me on that, but it’s in around that and they’re selling. This for 39.94, you put your little engraving on it. It looks like it’s, doing really really well for them, which is awesome to see, and you just select your little birthstone here, which is really cool as well, and so that’s.

How you can kind of go out there, and you know, utilize friends, which the program friends and all they’ve really done here, is used like a similar font and similar colors in between the letters and then they put a nice little quote on It so you know, love mom.

This is obviously a daughter to mother or a mother to daughter necklace relationships, absolutely kill it. So we find that really cool necklace right there and it had what 4 000 likes it was released back then it looks like it’s kind of faded off a little bit, but i’d, say coming into q4 christmas time.

This is going to bang as well, so let’s head back. What else can we find right here? This right here is a super easy t-shirt design to do future, mrs johnson, so personalized last name or boyfriend’s.

Obviously you can personalize that and obviously super easy to target that you just go to engagement over on facebook, like that. Is the interest run it to people who just got engaged. You can literally go into facebook and go into.

I think you can do it like engaged in the last three months engaged in the last six months or engaged in the past week, because obviously people update their status on facebook. You can use that data to target people with stuff like this, and this is one of those things that i think does so well that, even though t-shirts they’re, not the greatest, they’re, not the highest margin product.

I think you can still get away with it, because the engagement is really good on it. If we look here it’s got one cash shares on it. So this you can see that literally every one in three people who, like this share it as well, so that’s, probably like boyfriend, sharing that with their partner or girlfriend sharing that with their partner and that ‘

Ll. Do really really well, which is cool to see let’s actually take a look at this store right here, interest pod, so it looks like it’s not actually on the store anymore, but i’ve. Never seen this store before – and this is the cool thing about using different ads by tools – is you find different stores? So these guys they’re, not massive.

We can’t get any similar web data on them. But if we look in the reviews right here, it looks like they ‘ Ve got a decent amount of 1300 reviews again can’t really. It says they’re verified here, but you can never really verify that the reviews are real, but if they are real, that’s, quite a few customers.

You know these people have probably done 10 000 plus orders on this little store. Right here, which is pretty cool uh, it’s, a fairly simple store. It seems to really just sell t-shirts as their main product uh.

We’ve, got doormats and stuff here as well, but really really cool store right there that i’ve, never seen, and we find that using this app. So i’m kind of wishing. I was kind of expecting to use droppy spy and be disappointed by it.

Just simply because i was getting spammed in my comments, but obviously that’s, maybe not them doing it. Maybe that’s, someone else spamming their affiliate link um. Unfortunately, i don’t have an affiliate link.

I’d, actually like to have one right now, because i do kind of like this product. So if i can maybe get my hands on one before i upload this uh, you might see that down below in the description. The only thing i’m, seeing here is there’s, not that many ads right there’s, not a crazy amount of ads.

Here it’s, stopping here saying no more data and that’s in a three months time frame. So it does bring up some good stuff. If you’re on a budget and you can’t afford uh any of the more expensive apps it’s, a great starting place anyway.

So let’s. Take a look now. If we remove our text search of personalization, let’s, just take a look and see if we can find like drop shipping products or just normal print on demand products as well. It looks like we’re, getting a lot more ads here, so it is.

Definitely you know there’s, a lot of trump stuff, obviously coming up the election. This would have been um got some masks here. Only wearing this. I don’t, get fined. I smell hippies, terrible, terrible masks, right jobs, not mobs so yeah in terms of like the amount of data there’s, maybe not the most, but there’s still some stuff here that you could get ideas from find cool stores like We did let’s.

Take a look at what else we’ve got here, so we ‘ Ve got my folders up here and it looks. I think this is a handy feature for sure where you can save your favorites. Save your favorite ads and then come in here and have like a little swipe file so like in terms of breaking down this website on pros and cons.

I like this feature where we can save it. My biggest kind of gripe with it is it’s, not showing me urls or facebook pages or even ad text. At this level, all i’m. Seeing is an image uh and a headline which is not the greatest.

That’s, not the most information, so i’m kind of like yeah. I’m, not too sure um, but for a free tool. I don’t. Think it’s that bad, let’s check out how much it is. If we click on this little banner up here, uh nothing actually happened.

So i wonder how we uh upgrade our account, so it looks like we can actually upgrade their premium account right here in our account and it’s 14.90 per month and that’s. All you need for a premium account, so that’s, actually pretty good uh and not too bad at all, interesting, interesting stuff.

Um again i don’t, think they ‘ Ve got the most theater, but i’d, be interested to see what sort of ads are appearing in the last two months, but i think it’s, a pretty cool tool that you guys can can check out.

If i did manage to get an affiliate link, it will be down below, because i think it’s, reasonably priced uh, app that you can actually use, and if you guys do want me to go through this again once we upgrade to a pet Account and take a look at the shops feature and what data we can get in.

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