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Very briefly, I wanted to make some points here that I’ve got and there will be slides with this down below providing some outline. So a full disclaimer. I found this via a free Facebook group. I am always looking to educate myself and always look at some new tools and new methods to find, and when I found this, I thought this was a fantastic tool.

It is a very new tool and it is 100 % free. I do know the business owner and he’s, a fantastic person. I am NOT an affiliate for this. As I said, this tool is completely free, so I get nothing out of this.

I want to make that very clear. Okay, what this talking allow you to do is you can see things like daily views. It’s adspend, and it gives you some of the best ads you’ll, see on you should, like literally all of them.

You know annuals, you’ll, know a number of them, of course, as well from very popular ads, for instance like grammarly as an example. Okay, and it’s, important that I want to make it clear to people there with this tool.

It is not perfect, it has only been around for about two or three months and I believe for full transparency that these people that have created it plan to monetize it, which is completely fair and reasonable.

Okay. So for anyone who is watching this now, of course it is free, but I don’t know when in the future it may not be for a full disclosure for those who are watching this. I just want to be completely transparent because I’ve had other people say that to me in the past, where tools that I have shown to people have then become popular and then they become paid tools or their free version becomes limited, and then People have gotten shitty at me and I’m sorry to say, but I cannot control that.

That is the way this works. Hence why I try and find these new tools that you can utilize with very little experience or no cost upfront, and I feel that’s very, very important. So I appreciate everyone’s.

Understanding in that upfront, I want to be completely honest with that. I have no affiliation to this now. I in the slide you’ll, see then point number seven is the one I take from our six and seven is large advertisers market on this.

Ok, so there’s, a lot of large advertisers, of course on Facebook, but the really large advise Verte eyes is mainly market their video products on YouTube and believe me, YouTube, absolutely crushes it and you ‘

Ll see some of the best high production videos you’ll ever see, and I really want everyone to take this home as an opportunity to swipe these videos because it’s called swiping the videos really it’s.

An ad spy tool that take home a higher level of education on how to really make ads tick. Ok, I know that my channel is around dropshipping Shopify entrepreneurial and many of you are on small budgets and I completely get that.

But that should not stop you from watching these videos and educating yourself. I have watched a number of these and continue to watch a number of these, and I have been blown away by the way that they do their marketing and it has just in recent times just allowed me to market even better by just doing this research, because I’m sure many of you seen some of the best YouTube ads.

You may have seen really come from on YouTube rather than Facebook. Okay, they’re, not that gimmicky they’re. They’re, really well-thought-out videos, and I really want you to take that home about the importance of that okay.

So without all the boring stuff I’m sure many of you already bought. Let’s. Go into what this actual tool is, how you can use it and why you should use it all right cool. So this is the tool here. It’s called vid and you can just go to vid town calm and, as I said, it is free.

It’s, got a little tutorial on the homepage, just from the co-founder it’s, a good, a good video to watch, and so it’s, a pretty basic tool. Okay, at this stage, it’s, pretty basic tool. It’s a great stuff.

Now, as you can see here, you ‘ Ve, got straighten out the bat some of the top performers and top advertisers. As I said, you’re gonna see masterclass bramley Disney + Go Daddy. Of course. We all know these brands, okay, and they have done huge.

Huge numbers. Look at grammarly 2.3 billion that’s billion, not million 2.3 billion of views on this ad, and if we click it right, what you can see is some really interesting stuff. Let’s! Click it okay, so you can swipe it.

So, for starters, we can go swipe in this family, probably wrong. Well, no, we’re gonna right anyway. Was that like look at this, you know the views are just going through the roof. You know consistently now.

You know have a look here. 250, so on so forth, look at the ad spin that’s, how much money they are making for. Just this, this YouTube ad. Okay, they asked scaling this absolutely tournament. You can click the youtube link.

Okay, so you can actually go to the actual. Sorry, sorry, I do apologize. I didn’t know my volume muted there. So I do apologize, you know, but you can see that they don’t, have a huge amount of views.

Okay, don’t have a huge amount of you now. What’s funny? Is it says, like see? This is overall it collects the data from all their videos and they’re doing different split tests. Okay, so if that’s, what you’re wondering about there can be some inconsistencies, but overall, that is an absolute insane amount of views.

Okay, you know, and you can, that they ‘ Ve turned the comments off okay, so that’s, just to sort of give you an example me how now, obviously this is way out of everyone’s league here so, but it’s important to understand.

You know how compelling is your writing? You can see the channel, so let’s, go into how we can use this in the dropshipping space. So now one thing I’ve sort of found. I don’t know why. I come up with begging, ok, that’s, just the autocomplete anyway.

One thing I found is that you have to be particular with your searches. Ok, because it can be pretty broad, not all the searches. So let me just show an example kitchen. You & # 39; ll, definitely find videos, but it can be a little bit difficult.

Okay, so I found this one and I’m. Just gonna mute the volume to make sure that I don’t. I don’t do anything silly, but if we have a look here, you know we can see that this is a great product web. It basically you know as an example.

This is the proper, properly made ad branded product, but I’m sure you can find this type of product, as you can see it’s, going through the motions, etc, etc of this type of product, the benefits of it using it.

In the kitchen, so it’s, a kitchen related item. Ok, now you could definitely. I’m sure, find this on Aliexpress or through a private supply. Ok, you know there’s. There’s, no limitation to finding this out of it, and you could make a similar one yourself, but you can sort of see here again.

You know they’re, not getting a huge amount of views, but they’re. Spinning they’re, starting to spend more and more and more okay, and that’s, just an example right there and I could just go straight to their channel.

I don’t know why that doesn’t work. If I’m honest at times it’s a bit buggy and that’s. Why? I said like it’s a bit of a new tool, but you know you can go to their channel and find out about these. So this is the hard thing when it comes to the drop shipping space.

The products we used to the the research is a little bit different as opposed to Facebook. So you can’t, put like get yours here, 50 % off today, so on and so forth. Ok, so just really important that you be mindful of that.

So, like 5, putting 50 % off okay, you know you’re gonna find one thing all right, so magnetic posture, corrector, okay back brace, so you can see that someone has. Obviously I’m sure. Nearly everyone here knows of this product.

By now you know we ‘ Ve got someone that has been trying to sell this product and add person the time I haven’t seen obviously we know the product I have and you can see that they’ve, gotten flatlined at about 8,000 views.

What that says to me is is that they ‘ Ve spent a bit of money and they’ve stopped okay spending 400 bucks on YouTube is pretty easy and especially in the beginning, can be quite hard. So I’d like to be very transparent about there.

You know, but you know add: spin value is an estimate based on an assumed 0.05 cost per view. Right now, I’m, not going to get too much into that, but that’s, a part of a bidding strategy with YouTube ads.

So, anyway, you can see that that’s, the video there and you can see that that’s, a drop shipping video all right. So you can definitely use this autocomplete as well, but one one that I found worked quite well was Beauty now you know because it’s pretty specific and as we can see, we can see a number of beauty items here and I’m sure, when I had a did a bit of research earlier that I saw a good product there.

I’m sure we’ve sort of a number of us have seen a number of smelling, not of I can’t seem to find it now. It was like I’m for your skin, like a rock on a little stick thing I can’t know what it ‘

S called, but I’ve, seen it anyway, so you can find a ton of these types of products I mean like here. We go magnetic eyeliner and Meganium eyelashes. That’s, a very popular item that I’ve. Seen many people dropship as well and number of people have branded it.

I heard you see, I think this is it no sorry so glow and go here. We go so another skin item. You know number of these okay, so there we go there’s, an untapped item that that allows people to do that.

We can see. I personally have not seen this okay, I’m. Being completely honest, cool item can say very short, video. Okay, again, we don’t know the success of it, but we can use as a definition of success based on I mean unless these people just have a lot of money to spare.

Of course they’ve spent $ 8,000 and it’s increasing in UK. You can see the dates down here so and again. This is an estimate. Okay, don’t. Take that as the the full thing, but it’s, just purely an estimate.

So if we try and not click that maybe go to the video, it seems to work. Okay again, I just want to remind you that if you are doing YouTube, you should go to the channel, you can even see their link directly to their product there, and you can you know at times you can go straight to their website, because some quiet in Their videos and stuff, so you can see that you know this is a business that doesn’t have many would have a bit.

Actually I tell why and then you can do research this way as well like this is clearly I don’t know how popular, but you can see 30k views that would at least have 5 10 20 K subs as an example. Okay and then you can go to their website and just the same, you know you can go and have a look at what they have to offer.

You know for whatever they’re offering so that’s, just sort of an example. Okay – and this allows you to really find like businesses that you normally would have not seen okay and a layout, and it’s. Okay, that’s cool.

I’ve, never seen that one so, and this is where, like you know, you’re gonna see a lot of ones. You haven’t seen before so I’m sure. If you went to try and find this on Aliexpress, in fact, actually I’m gonna go see if I can find this on Aliexpress okay.

So I’m sure you’re. All sort of wanting to know, but yeah I haven’t been how to actually find that exact one. I found similar ones. You can sort of see here, but this one looks like it’s, a custom made clearly with their brand and stuff and that on it for that product and looks ridiculous opening it there here you can see, like that, looks pretty cool, pretty close To some extent slightly different as well, but you can see all I did was type in anti-aging device.

Okay, that’s. All I did there and to try and find that honor. But you can see here we’ve got you know other items and that as well, so you just have to be a little bit creative with how you do your marketing okay, so it’s, the same business.

You know just using an influencer, and you know this is just one example. So I understood broad words personally is what I use Beauty kitchen dog didn’t seem to work very well. If I’m honest because it come up with more dog training and fitness is a bit of a broad one, so you have to be a little bit crafty.

So if I put in gym equipment equipment for home, ok, let ‘ S! See ok, so this looks like yeah, so it’s a workout. So this is where they’re the extent of this tool, but you can try and use a bit of this to see if you can find gym bag.

Here we go so pneumatic messenger bag as an example. Okay. Now I think that this is a was it GoFundMe start or something like that, whatever it was, and so you can see that they’re doing some great great marketing there.

With this. With this product and that’s, you know just an example of that as well and you can go to their channel and so on and so forth. So you get the idea, like the tool. Isn’t perfect for a free tool that’s, definitely getting improved over time.

I don’t, think it’s, a bad thing and make sure you swipe them. I can see you know like I swipe this air fryer. One has an example. I was just curious about it and that’s, just sort of what I did anyway, but you can go again top advertisers and you can do searches okay.

So if you want to just find an advertiser – and you put it in kitchen – you know it can be a little bit difficult. I don’t know why the bugging out right now, but you sort of get the point here. Okay, so it requires a little bit of research, but allows you to find videos on YouTube have very very easily.

In fact, and as far as I’m aware, there’s, no other tool that really allows you to do this, especially for free. So I would definitely use this in your arsenal. Here we go so a little style shop. If we have a look here so this one is definitely like this is a neck brace, I think a back brace okay.

So here we go. You’ve, seen a million times over okay, so you can see that they ‘ Ve spent a lot of money on this okay and if they’re, looking at a a to rry, let’s say then you know they’ve easily made two million dollars in sales from it.

Okay and if we go to their video close em of these, you know we can see the actual, and this was only on the third of January 20 million views. Okay, so you can see that you know there’s no way they’ve spent that much money and not gotten some firm success using their marketing campaigns.

Okay – and you can actually see a lot of this – is actually from other videos that they’ve put together and they’ve just put in wow that’s. Some terrible typing um put it together and you know they’ve branded it themselves.

So you can see that this is actually done more than what most Facebook videos will have done and you can see that they’re, doing it under the blue bear channel. Now, if we have a look here, we go learn more okay, so they’re, trying to hide the little style shop much.

They must have changed in that here we go, and so we can see that you know we ‘ Ve got a product that we know. People have sold a million times over with a custom-built landing page by the looks of it to really try and get people through the door.

You know they’re silent for forty four bucks. I think that’s in Australian. Maybe so you can see that these people are definitely making money from this. That is for sure, and it’s, just a Shopify store.

You can tell because it’s. Sticky. Add two carts and stuff – and this is just a custom landing page – that they’ve sort of done in this instance. Okay, so you can see that like some of the best ads and stuff and can do much better on YouTube and I haven’t.

Hadn’t personally seen that one, and that was a from a top advertiser. Was it top advertisement? Yeah, it was, and so you could just even scroll and you’ll, see some products along here as well. They might really catch your attention.

I’m sure you’re, going to see a lot of irrelevant stuff, but you’re, going to see some really untapped potential products as well just having a look here and getting ideas from this as well. Okay, so that’s, pretty much the tool there, isn’t really isn’t much more to it.

As I said, you can swipe these files and save them for yourself as well. Okay, so I hope that has been helpful to some extent for you anyway, and that concludes today’s, video guys on the new product research tool to find untapped winning products and creatives that you can market using.

Google ads YouTube ads, Facebook ads or whatever is completely free again, the slides and in the description below where I outline that the links and stuff as well, including, obviously just a direct link to their actual our website, be sure to support the actual creator as well.

They’ve gone to obviously a lot of an extent to make this product decay. It takes time, effort and energy, and they put that together for us in a free tool. So we should be all very thankful for this.

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