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I’m, going to show it to you again. It’s a very interactive and amazing squeeze page. So when I scroll down, there will be another animation, something like this with the delay animations and very convincing content with all these copywriting techniques on how to persuade visitors to become subscribers, and this is how you get your leads or email early.

So right now I’m, going to show you how it looks like on the Elementor plug-in interface. Click on edit with Elementor click it so once you enter, you can see all this animation, the hover animation as well.

So basically, this section has three columns. You have one two three just where you can adjust the size of your column and add it to your satisfaction. One feature which is pretty cool about this plugin is that I can share this template with you, so you can download it and have a look with your plug-in and you can edit from there.

So if I go here and go to temples library and go to my templates, which is the one I have done so this is the home page, which I’ve just shown you perfectly, and this is the squeeze page. So basically, I have exported out these two templates and you can download them and preview them or you can even use them to publish them.

So you, don’t have to start from scratch and you can add a squeeze page from there. So whatever you saw from here, you can have it only if you have downloaded the plug-in Elementor in your WordPress dashboard alright.

So this is not a sponsored video. I’m just trying to help people who are trying so hard to be amazing. Squeeze page seems page or whatever of that page so right now, I’m, going to show you how to download the templates, which is done by me, and you can have a look for yourself.

You can even edit them and publish them. These are for you guys, alright. So if you have downloaded your elemental plug-in this scroll down, just look up for your plugin elemental, go to my library. So if you haven’t done anything so this will be empty.

So what you need to do is go here. This is where you can import my templates, so go to choose the file, so I’m, going to provide a link for you guys to download my squeeze page templates and the home page templates.

You’ll be something like this, so these are the two templates that you can see. The type file is the JSON file is a type of JavaScript file, so you just click on it and click open and click import. Now so once you have imported my templates, you will see the title of the pamphlets page, so you will see the J BJT solo ad squeeze page.

So there you go. You have downloaded and imported my templates so from there you can view them or you can edit them with your element tour. So right now let’s, import another tempest which is the home page or the About Us page templates.

Let’s. Go to Tampa so here choose far less select another JavaScript file, which is my template. That’s, click import! Now! So once you have imported the templates, you will see JJ t about Us page, so you can view it.

So there you go, you have imported the templates, you are having it online onto your web press. I basically have done all the animations for you, you just have to edit the content or you can even improvise the animations yourself.

However, you might not able to see the images over here, because all these images are from my media library, but you can download other images and put them in the image section with yourself. It’s, pretty easy to do it.

It’s. Basically, what you have is all the amazing animation since you have my templates, it would be easier for you to edit and publish your web page or squeeze page. So if you have any specific problem with this plug-in, you can give me a comment in the section below in the future.

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