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A Quick Beginner’s Guide

Aweber has a range of tools to help grow your business by staying in touch with customers and prospects through email. One of the biggest features of Aweber is that you can create an automated email sequence and tailor it to your target audience.

This type of email. Automation is often used in email marketing campaigns and has proven to be quite effective for all types of businesses. On the home page, you can view the main, a weber statistics to get a quick impression of the subscribers stats.

It tells you how many people have joined today and yesterday what the total amount of subscribers are and if any of them have unsubscribed within the current day, then you have the broadcast overview.

A broadcast is a one-time email created by you to send to your subscribers. Think of a weekly newsletter event, announcements or updates about new promotions. When you make a broadcast, you can schedule it to be sent on a certain date and time.

In this example, we have no scheduled broadcast. You can also view the most recently sent broadcast with their current statistics report. The last overview tab is the list stats. A list can also be perceived as a group, and when people subscribe for your emails, you can place them in a certain group.

In this case, we call that a list. For example, you might have a website page that informs the visitor about your upcoming event. These visitors can subscribe to your email service to get updated with additional information about this event.

You can create a list and link it with that particular website page and any visitor that subscribed to you via that website page will automatically be assigned to that list. By doing this, you can make a structural overview of the interests of your subscribers whenever you send out a new email that is only attractive for certain types of subscribers.

You can make use of the list system and only send that email to a particular list of people. You can create a new email by clicking on the green button. That states create a message. You are given a few options before entering the email editor and we always recommend to use the drag-and-drop email builder.

This will bring you to the Aweber email editor, where you can create a custom email for your subscribers. The email editor lets you play around with a lot of elements which gives you a lot of room to be creative.

You can drag and drop in a headline and a paragraph or add an image, video or button. You can drag in any element with ease and also delete any element with one click within each element. You can make more adjustments in the settings menu on the right side of the screen.

You can use the general toolbar to change anything in your text, such as the font type text, color alignment, font, size, hyper, linking and much more. If you like to know how your email looks like you can click on the preview and test button, this will give you a clean preview at how your email looks like so far, and you can also preview it from mobile devices by clicking on mobile device preview.

You can exit the preview mode and go back to the email editor by clicking on back to editor, when you are finished with your email creation, you can just click on the green, save and exit button. Now you can press unsend options and click on schedule.

A broadcast here you can adjust a few more options and it’s, important to know that your emails will always be sent to the current primary list displayed in the top bar of a weber. You can also schedule a date and time if you want to automatically send it on a later date.

If you want to send your email immediately, you can just simply click on send message now. Aweber has a large list of integrations and you can view this list by clicking on the integrations tab in the top right corner.

As of now, a weber has nine hundred and ninety integrations with other platforms, plugins and software tools. Setting up a connection with any of these integrations only takes a short amount of time, and if you get a bit confused, you can always use their step to step.

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