Grow Your Email List with Website Pop-ups

Email List with Pop Ups


I absolutely hate email marketing. I cannot stand getting emails in my inbox. Okay, I hear this all the time and I’m going to tell you these are the types of things that you need to do as a small business in order to get in front of your prospects and convert them into customers.

Well, you know what? You’re a small business owner. You get a lot of emails in your inbox once you actually put it out there that you own a small business, which means you have some money to spend.

Oh, you’re going to be pet that. You’re going to just be picked up by the vultures all over the place because everyone wants to take a little bit of your money and give you nothing. For it, so put your personal feelings aside, even if you don’t like email, even if you don’t like social, even if you don’t have the time to watch videos on youtube or read blog posts, guess what? All of these things come together and create an integrated marketing strategy that helps you get your business out there and grow a bigger, better small business.

Here’s an example. Have you ever gone onto a website and seen a pop up and you, Ugh, Ugh, ugh. The big thing here is there are different types of popups. At a pop up obviously is something that shows up on your screen.

All of a sudden it’s meant to catch your attention. It’s actually working towards our reptilian brain, right? So think of an alligator. Alligator sits there and waits until something moves and then it looks or moves really quick.

After our reptilian brain can go on a website, everything stationary, all of a sudden there’s a pop up on the screen and if you see that pop up on the screen, guess what’s happening? You’re going to look at it and then you’re going to engage with it and then potentially you’re going to fill in your email address or your name or your personal information to get something of value from that website.

There are different types of pop ups, so there might be a really small pop up where you see the x right over it. That’s a good pop up. If it takes up one third of the screen or less than according to Google and basically their algorithm for search, that’s okay.

It’s not necessarily something that is distracting or taking away from your experience. Now, if it’s a doormat, which basically takes up the entire screen and you can’t find the x, it’s like you have to wish your way out of it.

That my friends is definitely going to be a problem. You want to stay away from those types of popups with your, but if we’re looking at growing your email list, I’m going to tell you that using a pop up or some sort of animated banner or animated a bar is going to actually help you to grow your email list and I’ve got examples for you.

We actually worked with a paintball company so they create paintball experiences for their customers and their whole business model is renting the gun and really renting the paint balls because they’re high margin paintballs.

They created a pop up that went on their website and it offered a certain amount off or it offered a certain free upgrade or a certain number of paintballs for free. If you join the mailing list, will all of a sudden they saw thousands and I mean thousands of people subscribe to their mailing list because it was such a good offer.

If you’re going to go do paintball, you know that you have to have the gear. You’re going to. You’re going to basically be in several layers of clothing because you don’t want the welts, but then you’re going to need a good gun and then you’re going to need obviously the paint balls because if you don’t have the paint balls, he can’t play, so getting free paint balls.

I’m going to give you my email, no problem. And then if I’m on your email list, guess what? You sent me another promotion. You send me a special deal, you talk to me about group events or birthday parties or whatever else.

Now you’ve got me engage. You’ve got me basically in your grips and now you can keep selling to me because I signed up for your emails. So that’s number one. They saw thousands of new email contacts.

Number two, we actually had a retailer that’s one of the oldest had shops in the country. They’re located down to New Orleans from New Orleans, Louisiana. They have done very, very well with growing their list.

In fact, they’ve done so well by creating a pop up that offered 10 percent off their hats, that sometimes they need to put a pause. They need to pump the brakes a little bit because they’re finding that too many people are taking advantage of it and so they actually have to look at, hey, should we scale it back down to eight percent or five percent off, but then it doesn’t seem like such a compelling offer.

Right, so instead what they do is they just put a. They put a pause on the campaign and that’s fine. Sometimes you’re going to pause it, but really what I would say as someone that has done email marketing that knows email marketing that eats, sleeps, breathes and lives email marketing.

You don’t want to stop growing your list. Your list is something like, if you think back to the late nineties, it’s like that Gig, a pay or that Tamagotchi. It’s got to be taken care of. You’ve got to wash it, you’ve got a massage it.

You’ve got to feed it by getting new email addresses. You’re continually feeding that gigabit. You continually feeding your email list your database because sometimes people are going to drop off.

They might get a new email address. They don’t tell you. Maybe they switched companies and you keep getting that autoresponder. I no longer work here. Please send your emails to blah, blah, blah.

Maybe they’re on a really long vacation. Whatever the case is, your list is always changing. It’s a dynamic beast, so we have to play to that by adding new email addresses to fight that attrition.

So pop ups are huge. Now, I’ll give you a third example. We worked with a company that provides fencing, that provides pergolas, provides gazebos, and all of these wonderful outdoor structures for your backyard.

Now these structures are are quite costly, but they’re beautiful addition to the yard and so getting an email address is very important to this company because that email address could lead to a huge sale.

I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars, so by implementing a new pop up on their site and inviting people to become an insider to come into the fold, to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

They’ve grown in just four months by 1800 emails. So you can see popups actually work really well. They’ve been in our experience, they’ve been very, very effective in growing list by the thousands and despite personal preferences to despite the fact that you may not like popups, you want to consider using one for your own site, especially if you’re getting into email marketing because email marketing, you’ll hear me say it again and again as one of the highest rois or returns on investment of any marketing channel.

According to the direct marketing association, you’re going to see a return on average of $38 for every $1 you put into email marketing, despite the fact you may not like something despite the fact that maybe it bugs you, it annoys you.

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