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So I just want to concentrate on the High Commission once today. Gaming is a great niche to promote it.’s been a great niche very popular niche for years, and I predict it will be very popular for many years to come and all these products that I will be talking about today are on Clickbank.

So if you decide that you want to promote these products, you will have to create a Clickbank account before you can get started. I will be leaving the link to this post below the video. So once you finish what we’re finished watching this video click on the link, and you will be taken to this page, so you will have access to all the URL you need to get started.

First of all, though, I would like to ask you a question, a very important question: do you actually know how to drive traffic to your website, because driving traffic is very important? You can go out there and find as many affiliate programs as you like, but if you don’t get.

If you don’t know how to get people to read your posts or watch your videos. You will never be able to make Commission, so if your answer to my question is no, I would invite you to you scroll to scroll from my posts, go to this section here and click on these, but so learn how to drive traffic and make money as An affiliate so that you can get access to this course with ten free lessons where you will be able to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

So let’s quickly. Go through these programs that I found we ‘ Ve got the first one called dynasty’s add-ons it guides, their Commission is 50 % for monthly subscription or 75 % for one-time payment subscription.

Their cookies is lifetime. This is a company that specializes in gaming add-ons and guides so yeah. They’ve got various guides and various add-ons. You can go through them once you click on their link, yeah and, as I said, you will have to have a Clickbank account in order for you to promote these guys, as well as all the other programs on this page.

Next one is digi. Were the Warcraft guides Commission 50 % cookies 60 days, where the Warcraft is a very popular game? This program it’s, a in-game guide they claimed. Basically, with this guide players will be able to get to the next level very easily.

They also claim I’ve, read on their website that they have 12 million subscribers. I believe so it’s. It’s quite worth promoting this product. Next one is FIFA. 19 foot millionaire training center. This one is a bit different commission, 75 % cookies 60 days.

This is a program that allows FIFA fanatics to trade and bid on players, the program scans, the entire market for players and the prices looking for profitable trades. It then buys the best players and released them as a higher price.

So what happens? Then? User gets paid with coins, which are the same coins that you can find on a FIFA game and then via FIFA. You can trade these coins for real money. Next one is Aiden’s, world of warcraft c4 gold guide.

This is another world of warcraft guide. Again, 60 percent Commission’s 60 days. Compare cookies. Next one is the cyrus method, ultimate Starcraft 2 strategy guide. I must admit I did not know what Starcraft 2 was.

I had to google it. I went onto Google Trends to see how popular this product this game is at the moment, and it has got quite a few hits. So perhaps another one worth promoting their Commission is 75 % and cookies 60 days and again.

This is another guide this time for the Starcraft 2 game, and this is it. These are all the programs with high commission in the gaming niche or to be found in Clickbank, but anyway, before before I leave.

I just want to say one thing: I thought I’ve write this post by high commission gaming programs, because this is something that people always go. Look for high commission, high commission, high commission, but just don’t forget that, just because a product is a high commission, one, it doesn’t mean that you will get rich quicker, sometimes going for low Commission product.

There is more popular or low Commission product that is sold in a on a platform by a platformer that people know very well, such as Amazon. You might be more likely to sell those products sell thumbs of those products and, at the end of they make more Commission for that, for example, you know we’ve got.

We can have a couple of scenarios here with Amazon. You might do a review of a PlayStation 4 game, which is 8 pounds on Amazon. Now Amazon pay 3 % Commission for video games. So that means sorry guys.

I’m back. My phone rang and I should’ve, put the silent on my phone anyway. So if you were to promote a PlayStation 4 game, that is 8 pounds, that’s, 3 % Commission for video games, and so you will end up earning 24 pennies.

That is not a lot, and even if you were to sell you know 100 of those 100 of those games a month. You know you would still end up with not a lot of profit, but then let’s say you sell a gaming that yourself, I mean you promote a gaming laptop, the cost 999 pounds, 3 % Commission.

You will take home 2997. Now. Obviously it will be, it will be more likely for you to be able to let’s say, sell loads of these because they are cheaper, then finding loads of people who are willing to spend this much money straight away.

However, just remember one thing: Amazon has got a third 30 days cookie, which means, if someone clicks on your link, they might decide not to purchase that product today, but they might do it in two weeks time and you will still get Commission and one more thing.

Even more exciting, in my opinion, people constantly buy from Amazon, and what does that mean for you there? If you get someone to click on your Amazon affiliate link, what will happen is say those people, so you say that person decides to buy 10 items from Amazon that month, you will get commissioned for all of those items, even though they’re, not Items you recommend it to that person.

They’re, not items that you promote with your within your niche website, so see. Affiliate marketing is full of opportunities and options you just have to you. Just have to open your mind. Do your research and just to see what works for you is all, is all about about trial and error, and I’m sure that anybody can find the perfect niche and the perfect products to promote.

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