How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog in 2021?

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In this ultimate guide I’m gon na teach you just how much does it set you back to begin a blog? So, comply with along as well as we’re going to break down the cost to run a blog site in 2021.

Just how much does it cost to begin a blog site?

Depending upon your goals and also the type of blog you want to start, your blog site expenses will certainly be around $34.50 to $65.40 to begin a blog in 2021 and also cover your first year of expenditures.


If you require to consider getting a computer system, phone or various other hardware right into your formula for how much it’ll set you back to begin a blog site– then that can add anywhere from $200 to $2,600 in single acquisitions relying on the brand of computer (Windows vs Apple) and attributes (MacBook vs MacBook Pro) you pick. And also, there are a lot even more variables to consider when computing all of your blog prices.

Just how much Does it Expense to Start a Blog in 2020? (Blog Costs Guide)

  1. Minimum Cost to Begin a Leisure Activity Blog in 2020: $34.50
  2. Minimum Expense to Beginning a Side Hustle Blog in 2020: $65.40
  3. Minimum Expense to Beginning a Full-Time Blog in 2020: $941.40
  4. Equipment Expenses: $0– $2,640
  5. Organizing Expenses: $2.95/ mo
  6. Domain Name Price: $0
  7. WordPress Theme Expenses: $0– $49
  8. WordPress Plugin Expenses: $0– $217
  9. Email Marketing Tool Costs: $0– $41/mo and up


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Primarily, it’s important to keep in mind that the price of beginning (as well as running) a blog can really vary widely relying on the decisions you make on a broad series of start-up prices and also ongoing acquisitions. We’ll be focusing only on making clever monetary choices in this blogging costs guide.

This year, there are an approximated 31.7 million blog owners in the UNITED STATE alone– and also if you’re below, you’re possibly asking yourself if now is the correct time for you to learn just how to begin a blog and delve into the market yourself.


After 6+ years of expanding this blog site to greater than 500,000 regular monthly visitors as well as turning it into a full-time business for myself, below’s my straightforward take: Starting a blog site can be extremely fun, financially rewarding and tremendously satisfying, however it’s also vital to first recognize how much does it cost to blog?

Is the in advance financial investment of beginning a blog site in fact worth it ultimately? Yes, as well as in this overview to recognizing blogging costs for your very own special objectives & & demands, we’re mosting likely to break down (item-by-item) the specific blog prices you can expect to incur in 2020. Most importantly, I’m mosting likely to show you the very minimal expense to begin a blog in the leanest method feasible– as well as the expenses you can expect to sustain as soon as your blog is growing and you prepare to seriously buy transforming it into a lucrative blog business.


Right here, we’re breaking down the benchmark prices to begin a blog site for 3 different groups:.

  • Pastime Bloggers (blogging only for enjoyable or as an imaginative electrical outlet)
  • Side Hustle Bloggers (blogging on the side of your day job to gradually develop a company)
  • Full time Bloggers (blogging as a full time service)

Right here’s why– if you’re just starting as well as intend to maintain your brand-new blog on a limited spending plan, you’ll have a different limit for prices compared to someone that’s running a blog that already generates a little earnings when it makes good sense for them to update into more costs expenditures like faster web hosting, far better plugins or styles as well as even more durable email advertising tools.

To get straight to the point though …

Below’s exactly how much it’ll set you back to start a blog (and also run it) this year– depending upon the sort of blog writer you want to be.


How Much it Prices to Begin a Blog in 2020 (Blog Costs Summary):

  • How Much it Prices to Begin a Hobby Blog: $34.50
  • How Much it Prices to Beginning a Side Hustle Blog Site: $65.40
  • Just How Much it Costs to Begin a Full-Time Blog: $941.40

To be totally clear, I’ll be the initial to inform you that these summary numbers are an over-simplification as well as not always what every person who starts a blog this year must anticipate to spend. To truly get a sense of just how much it sets you back to begin a blog, you’ll require to dive deeper into this blog budget layout and overview to managing your prepared for prices.


Because the reality is that your best solution to the question … “just how much does it cost to start a blog site?” might be a little different than someone else’s.

There are plenty of areas where you can considerably cut prices in your blog site budget (relying on your objectives and if you’re willing to make some sacrifices), while there are various other locations that you may wish to spend a little bit extra.

So, we’re mosting likely to start by thinking about what type of blogger you wish to be– and the most sensible starting point you’ll be at for a blog site spending plan now.

Intend to Begin Your Blog (properly)?

Take a look at my utmost overview How to Beginning a Blog (on the Side).

Currently without more hold-up, let’s dive in!

Determine Your Blog Writing Objective First (3 Types of Bloggers)

The price to run a (fun-only) personal blog will certainly be very different than the price to run a blog you want to earn money from and become a complete on business.


A personal blog site that you established either on WordPress or among the top complimentary blogging websites will be structured totally in a different way (and have a different set of goals, tools, architectural decisions) than a blog that’s set up to at some point produce earnings and be a genuine company.

In this guide, we’re mosting likely to go through how much it sets you back to blog in the leanest way possible– and all the method as much as what a major business blog expenses to run when it’s grown a little bit.

Are You a Pastime Blog writer?

The initial group is the personal or pastime blog site. This is the type of blog owner that has little to no rate of interest in ever before monetizing their blog site– they just want an imaginative outlet to share regarding their life, practice their craft or maintain family members up-to-date on regional happenings.


Hobby bloggers are typically on a tight budget, desire reduced ahead of time costs and also skip on any type of paid blogging tools that can speed up development. We’re calling this team the pastime blog owner.

Are You a Side Hustle Blogger?

The next classification of blog writer, the side rush blogger, most definitely has the objective of developing a profitable blog site within their niche, however they’ve obtained other dedications in their lives (like a full time work, household or otherwise) that don’t yet permit them to function full time on growing their blog today.

They’re able to publish web content with some regularity, as well as they do plan to generate income from their blog site at some point, yet they recognize it’ll take a while to get there while they preserve other key obligations.


This classification of blogger is willing to invest a little more money in advance to obtain the best blog site arrangement that’ll ensure long-lasting development & & success, but do not want to make a big financial investment as soon as possible. We’re calling this group the side hustle blog writer.

Are You a Permanent Blog owner?

The last classification is the blogger that’s all-in right now– ready and willing to invest a meaningful amount of funding upfront in order to grow as promptly as possible. They have a clear idea of what they intend to make with their blog site as well as they fit with higher expenses since they understand exactly how they’ll equate right into blog revenue. This category of blogger sees their blog largely as a business. We’re calling this team the permanent blog owner.


So, just how much does it cost to start a blog site?

Allow’s consider the real expenses to begin a blog site– for each type of blogger.

The Hardware Costs of Blogging: $0– $2,640

Generally, when you take into consideration the concern, just how much does it cost to begin a blog site? you’re possibly believing first about the software program side of things. The blog writing platform you choose, organizing plan, style and such. Yet firstly, the equipment (computer) you choose to utilize for blogging is also a crucial facet– specifically if you do not already have one that you can make use of for your blogging endeavors.


If you currently have a computer and mobile phone, you can skip the equipment expenses of blogging

While numerous hopeful blog owners most likely already have a computer system, it’s still something to factor into the expense of beginning a blog site for some. Not only that, however take into consideration that you may require to update from your current computer system if you’re serious about blogging.

Below’s a listing of a few of the fundamental (hardware) things you’ll need if you’re beginning a blog site.

Pastime Blog Owner Equipment Costs: $200

  • Laptop (or desktop computer): $200

To be a hobby blogger, you actually don’t require a great deal of equipment. A decent laptop and a smart device will do it. As a matter of fact, you might not even require anything beyond a computer system as far as equipment costs are concerned.


If you do not currently have a laptop, you can get one on for less than $200. You’re most likely going to use the laptop for more than simply blogging, so it’s a worthy investment to make.

If you don’t currently have a smart device for your normal life, it isn’t a necessity for blog writing. It’s convenient to inspect things out or upload material when you get on the go– yet you don’t definitely require to have it.

Instead, you may want an affordable electronic camera so you can fill images to your blog. If you’re not curious about offering your own pictures you can additionally utilize cost-free photos from picture websites like as well as

Minimum Hardware Prices for a Pastime Blog owner: $0– $200

Side Hustle Blog Writer Equipment Costs: $1,400

  • Upgraded computer system (effective laptop): $600– $2,000
  • Smartphone with a great cam (for image and video): $40/mo
  • Headphones: $60

Updated Notebook Computer: $600– $2,000

At the side hustle blogging degree, you require a laptop computer that’ll give you much more capability, stability and also processing power. I ‘d extremely suggest a laptop computer over a desktop because you can take it anywhere. If you’re taking a trip or wish to work at a coffee shop prior to heading into your day job– you can take your blog with you. It’s a much smarter prepare for a blogger that’s taking their blog site development seriously.


The sort of laptop computer you choose depends on you, yet you desire it to have excellent processing speed as well as a lot of storage space. A reward would be something that features video and photo editing and enhancing software application.

The largest inquiry is whether you intend to obtain a Windows laptop or spring for an extra exceptional MacBook.

MacBooks are the most popular option for blog owners (including me), yet Windows-based laptop computers are getting better as well as can be a practical choice today. Most of the time, this decision boils down to choice. Those that are utilized to one or the other normally intend to stick to what they’ve been utilizing. A MacBook will cost more cash, however often tends to be far more effective as well as will certainly last right part of a decade– making it an overall much better laptop.


Depending upon the make as well as version of the laptop computer you select, you can anticipate to pay anywhere from $600 to $2,000 bucks for a quick computer that’ll in 2015.

Mobile phone with a great cam: $40/mo

A smart device is extremely beneficial for blog writers today, making it an essential factor in your how much does it set you back to start a blog equation. It keeps you linked to the electronic world also when you’re away from home. You can obtain e-mails on the go and rapidly share appropriate material to your blog’s social accounts when you’re out.


Accumulating pictures or video clip product for your blog site is easy with a mobile phone. You may not constantly have a camera with you, but you possibly take your cellular phone wherever you go. Get a smartphone that takes exceptional photos and also videos for web content functions.

An additional factor to have a smart device, is that you can utilize it to see exactly how mobile-friendly your blog site is. This works since it’s anticipated that by 2025 over 72% of Web users will just make use of smartphones to link to the internet.

For a non-prepaid mobile phone plan you must expect to pay around $40 a month.

Earphones: $60

A great pair of earphones is crucial for those early mornings or late-night coffee bar work sessions. They’re also handy if you cope with other people and need to focus while working on your blog around others often.

You can obtain a decent set of headphones for around $60 or spend as much as $400 for the best quality Bose ones.


Minimum Hardware Prices for Side Hustle Blogger: $0– $1,400

Permanent Blog Owner Hardware Prices: $2,640

  • Quick, dependable and also first-rate laptop (MacBook Pro): $1,300 to $2,600
  • Smartphone with high information strategy: $90/mo
  • Bose noise-canceling earphones: $300
  • Top quality microphone: $150

MacBook Pro Laptop: $2,100

For a permanent blog writer, your equipment expenses will certainly be rather similar to that of a side hustle blogger, but with one big exemption– you’re mosting likely to be using your computer A GREAT DEAL.

So, it’s worth investing a little bit more up front today into the most effective possible laptop you can get your hands on: a MacBook Pro. This computer system is built to last you the better part of a years.

My recommendation is to obtain your hands on the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the maximum handling speeds and also memory– maxing out these 2 features will ensure you’re getting the fastest feasible laptop computer that can take care of multi-tasking various applications at the same time, lots of web browser tabs being open at once and that every little thing happens at lightning speed.


Smart device: $90/mo

A full time blogger can additionally anticipate a higher-tier phone strategy to unlock even more data as well as a newer phone. You can expect to pay around $80 to $100 for that mix. It always aids to look around, because there might be a various plan that offers you what you desire at a much better rate– with a new apple iphone, obviously.

Headphones: $300

Your headphones do not always need to be much more pricey as a full-time blog owner, but you might want sound termination earphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth if you plan on working out of coffeehouse, at a loud co-working space or from a home office where family pets and also kids are running around. These earphones normally cost around $250 to $350 relying on where you find the very best discounts online.


Microphone: $150

For full time bloggers, generating your own podcast (or at least taping some limited videos for a YouTube channel) should be on your radar for soon accompanying your created blog site web content. A good microphone is a wise enhancement together with dependable podcast holding, as well as a lot of them will certainly run you in between $100 as well as $200 on, though there are plenty of cheaper choices too.

Minimum Equipment Prices for a Permanent Blog writer: $0– $2,640

Holding Expenses (WordPress with Bluehost): $2.95/ mo

The next thing to think about when it comes to how much it costs to begin a blog– is your blogging platform and host strategy you get on.

While there are totally free (no hosting called for) blogging sites that you can utilize to evaluate the waters into creating as a pastime blogger, I can’t advise enough that brand-new blog owners use the mix of WordPress with a Bluehost hosting plan.

Wix and also Weebly are preferred options absolutely free blogging platforms, yet they’re quite limited and also you do not in fact have the civil liberties to your blog site. Even if you’re selecting a pastime blog, I still recommend paying the low cost of hosting to have total freedom with your content. And also, if you ever want to obtain even more significant about blogging and also growing your website, you will not need to go with the hassle of moving your site later.


Moving forward, we’ll be breaking down the expenses of blogging using the mix of WordPress (as your material management system) and also a Bluehost holding strategy.

Hobby Blog Owner Hosting Prices: $2.95/ mo

WordPress is 100% free material management system (CMS) to use for managing the content on your blog, so the only thing you’ll need to spend for is hosting. This overview likewise covers some of the fundamentals in more deepness: how much does host price?

When it concerns obtaining your blog site organized on a budget plan, Bluehost is what I recommend. They additionally come extremely suggested by the manufacturers of WordPress themselves, as well as they’ve built their service around using trustworthy, economical holding strategies to brand-new blog owners.


For a pastime blog writer, you actually only require to buy their Basic strategy, which gets you every little thing you need for $2.95/ mo

. It is necessary to keep in mind however, that Bluehost holding is compensated front in a single repayment (that secures your holding cost and also a corresponding domain name for a minimum of your first year).

If you desire the flexibility of true month-to-month payments, but don’t mind paying a little a lot more each month to maintain your blog online, check out my choices for the best regular monthly paid prepare for blog writers that require to keep their regular monthly spending plan really low.

Minimum Hosting Costs for Pastime Bloggers: $2.95/ mo

Side Hustle Blog Owner Hosting Prices: $5.45/ mo

For a side hustle blog site that you’re taking seriously as well as wanting to turn into a resource of income for this side organization– I advise springing for Bluehost’s faster organizing strategy that features a couple of more features– called the Choice Plus Plan.


Their Selection And also Strategy features a lot of functions past what you’ll get in their lowest-cost plan, consisting of complimentary domain personal privacy, automated backups as well as more disk space (to obtain your website running much faster). This plan will cost you $5.45/ mo, and similar to all Bluehost hosting strategies, requires at least a 1 year commitment in advance. That being said, the full year payment does lock you in at one of the lowest-cost hosting prepare for the amount of attributes, value and also dependability– particularly due to the fact that you’ll be blogging for the long run.

If you want to search a bit extra though, look into the various other options for top quality hosting plans that use a real month-to-month settlement alternative.

Minimum Hosting Prices for Side Hustle Bloggers: $5.45/ mo

Full-Time Blogger Hosting Expenses: $5.45/ mo

In my viewpoint, even if you’re diving right into blogging as a full-time endeavor, you don’t require an organizing strategy extra robust (or expensive) than Bluehost’s Option Plus Strategy until you’re bring in countless monthly readers to your blog site.

It’s just at that level of readership that it makes economic feeling to upgrade to a more robust holding strategy, either with Bluehost or from one of the other best host service providers.


So for now … adhere to the Option And Also Strategy from Bluehost that’ll cost you just $5.45/ mo and you’ll be great to opt for a while as you concentrate on more important issues (like getting visitors).

Bluehost does provide what’s called took care of WordPress holding, for when you are ready to update (read these Bluehost reviews about it when you prepare). These plans are generally on sale for existing customers as well as variety in cost from $19.95/ mo to $49.95/ mo which opens more wonderful attributes for energetic blogs– like unlimited web storage, unlimited domains as well as a lot greater levels of hands on technical assistance.

Minimum Hosting Expenses for Full-Time Blog Owners: $5.45/ mo

Domain Name Cost: $0

A domain name, your blog site’s address on the web, is another relatively little expenditure that blog writers need to pay.

Thankfully, if you choose Bluehost for your holding strategy, you’ll get your domain included cost-free for the initial year– and it’s around $10/year to restore it after that. So for obtaining your blog began, your domain price will certainly be $0 if you select Bluehost. You can search for (and protected) a domain name with Bluehost right here:.


Examine if your domain name is offered:

If you don’t intend to make use of Bluehost for your holding as well as domain name– or if you want to switch later on– here are a few other alternatives:.

GoDaddy’s rates varies a little bit based on the domain name you’re considering acquiring (preferred names often tend to go for more), so it’s hard to approximate specifically what it will certainly set you back to obtain a domain name on GoDaddy. For a lot of . com extensions, you can usually anticipate to pay between $10.00 as well as $20.00 annually. Again though, these might just be initial rates and they differ substantially relying on a number of aspects.

NameCheap is another strong choice to assess for grabbing a low-cost domain name, but like with GoDaddy, their pricing differs quite a bit based on a number of variables. You can expect to pay around $9 for a lot of . com domain names for your very first year of enrollment.

Google Domains bills a regular $12.00 registration cost for . com domain names. Certainly, some names are regarded costs and also do set you back more from any domain name registrar.

Minimum Domain Name Cost for All Blog owners: $0

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