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Just gonna go over steps a-to-z on exactly what I did to build those stores. So you guys can just watch this video and follow along exactly step by step, if you guys do enjoy this video remember to slap a like on it and if you’re, not subscribed, I don’t know what you’re doing let’s, get right into the video, alright guys.

So I’m gonna hop onto my computer in just a second, but a lot of you guys have been asking about one of the other stores that I showed in the video and asking about all the shipping information. So we actually decided to scale down, as you guys can see.

Um due to this whole coronavirus thing um and it was going up. We are at like 80, something thousand for the month and now we are slowly going down, but anyway let’s. Get back into building this store, alright guys! So now I’m on my screen.

I’m, an incognito mode. I’m gonna go from A to Z. You guys are literally gonna see everything. So we’re gonna start off by creating the Gmail. So this is the first thing we typically need to create and sort of how I like to structure.

My store names are the word shop in the first section and then the second word. Usually is anything random, so in this case we’re gonna do shop, Minto and basically the second word it doesn’t have to mean anything or be something, so it can be a random word, so you can do shop, linty Or shop pinta you could do anything and then for the gmail is just do shop minta and then let’s put a password in here.

Alright, and now, once we are done, we just click [ Music, ]. Next, alright, it says it’s, taken until just ADCO at the end, and I’m gonna take a screenshot just so I don’t forget alright. So now we are on the second page for the phone number.

You don’t have to put it and then, for the month and birthday we’re, just gonna put whatever for this. We just select mail and then click Next, alright, so from here we just scroll all the way down and click.

I agree so pretty simple step. One Gmail is complete. Now, once this is done, loading you’re gonna, have your gmail account and then we’re gonna use that Gmail that you created to make the Shopify store.

So it looks like this just finished so now what we’re gonna do is go ahead and make the Shopify store. So we’re in Shopify link below, if you guys want the 14-day trial. I’m. Pretty sure Shopify is gonna extend that 14-day trial that you use into a 90-day trial.

So if you guys need that the link will be below so right here, let’s, just go ahead and hit shop, minta, Co at and then hit enter and then the password we just put our password in and then for the store name.

Let’s, just name it shop minta. Hopefully it is available and it looks like it is so yeah we have the store created. All we have to do now is sit tight because the store is going to be created, and once this is done, we’re.

Just gonna fill out a little bit of information, so there’s. The first page you’re gonna be greeted with you. Don’t have to do this, I just click skip and then for the name and information we could just fill this.

I’m gonna blur this section, because I don’t want you guys, knocking on my door at like 2:00 a.m. in the morning, all right. So now let’s. This is done. We just click enter my store and everything should be ready.

You should be in your shop flight dashboard and then from there. We can get on into organizing everything and setting everything. So hopefully you guys are following along because it is gonna be sort of a step-by-step tutorial, so yea now once we are on this little page here for the first thing I usually do just so, I can disable the password and the easily view my store Is by the plan so, as you guys can see right here, shop flight did extend all trials to 90 days.

So if you guys want that again link below a little plug there, I’m gonna go ahead and put my card info. It won’t charge me for 90 days, but once I’m done, putting all my top-secret information and I’ll get back to you guys, alright.

So all my info is entered and then we just hit confirm and we should have the plan activated alright, so it just worked. We are now on the plan. I’m, pretty sure so start plans and we are all set alright.

So there it goes, and now we have the plan. So what we’re gonna do is go into online store, go into preferences. This is always the first thing I do just to make things easier in the future of building the store.

I’m gonna go ahead and disable the password and then click Save and we won’t have any passwords or anything unknowing like that. Okay, so the next thing I’m going to do is buy the domain. So we’re gonna go ahead into online store, hit domains, and then we’re.

Just gonna go ahead and hit find new domain, and you guys can use other things like Namecheap GoDaddy vomit into a circle from Shopify. So it’s easier and it will connect instantly to shop Minto. Hopefully it’s available 14 a year, so you always want to uncheck this auto renew it.

Doesn’t really matter it’s. Gon na be a year anyway, but buy domain all right, so I just went through and now we should have the domains alright, so it just went through and what you want to do is go to the gmail and then confirm that you bought the domain.

So now what we’re gonna do is add on some essential apps that we need to have on this store, so the first one is going to be obviously overload once you click on this app section right here over lo will be the First thing: you just want to click it, and it should take you to the overload ops page and then we just want to click, Add app once we are here and then it should just easily install automatically it’s, not too difficult.

Make sure to watch this video as you’re following along, and that way it should be super simple to set up so yeah. Now, once we installed it, we should be at this page right here. We got this little overload, lady.

That gets amazing views on YouTube. We’re gonna take over over lo in 2020 by the way. So now, once we go back into chancla, you guys will see overlord here gonna visit the Shopify App Store and get one more app that we need.

This is a vital, app and surprisingly enough, it’s called vitals, so you just want to search vitals and then get this one. So this was a 30-day free trial of version of vitals and you don’t have to pay or anything until 30 days is over.

But now we are in the bottle that okay guys, so I didn’t, go over exactly what you have to do in the app vitals, but basically just play around with it. It has a bunch of features in one app. You can add these sticky out to Cart button.

You can remove the Shopify logo at the bottom and a bunch of other stuff so just play around with it, and it’s, a pretty cool app. So it was pretty easy installing that, and if we refresh this, we should see the app vitals on our store.

So the next app that I’ve, always used on all of my stores, is going to be a reviews. Now this is a reviews. App that I use it’s super amazing, because you can import reviews it directly from Amazon, and if your product is on Amazon, you will have amazing reviews.

So you just want to type in a review, and it should be right here and – and all of these have apps are like easy to install. You just hit, add app and it works like magic, install huh and this app is $ 6.

99 by the way. So it will be 69 a month. You do want to import Amazon reviews, but if you just want to do Aliexpress reviews you don’t have to pay whatsoever. So this is installed. We’re just going to close all of these app pages.

We’re gonna go back and refresh this, and now we have these three apps. So I’m. Just gonna go over the basic apps. You need to I’m, not going to go too into depth on apps that you use later on, such as Zippo FiOS, EU or reconvert.

Those are things that come on later on or abandonment protector. I’m just gonna show. You guys the basics on setting up your entire Shopify store and you could get sales. So, with these three apps, you’re, basically done, and you’re ready to get sales on your Shopify store and then the last app we need is.

If we go into the Shopify store it’s called free shipping bar by hex tone. This is a shipping bar. I use on all my stores, because the default one on shelf life does not look good and you can’t really edit it.

So once you go here, you should see this white and blue logo right here and just hit add app, and once that’s added you just hit install and we should be good to go. So these are the four main apps that you need to get sales and start generating revenue on your store.

Now there are apps later on in the future, that you will need to increase profits and maximize everything such as email marketing, ABS. If I one click up for post purchase upsells, but I’m, not going to talk about any of that, because we just need the basics and it’s not worth our time to set all those apps up right now, because if You’re, not making any sales, yet you’re, just wasting your time.

Basically, so now, once all of these are installed, we’re gonna go over to Aliexpress, and we’re gonna import, a product that I think is good and potentially could be a winner. So I’ve. Seen this product all over Facebook, it’s called the onion corrector, and we’re just gonna import.

This of using overload that’s. Why we installed over low in the first place, and this product is going crazy on Facebook. I’m, pretty sure it’s, something like this one, okay, so it doesn’t look like we have some USA suppliers, but we can go ahead and import this one.

As an example, you guys can go over and search your product and you see a little overload logo right here and you guys can just click it and it’ll go to overload and then you can import it into your store directly, alright guys.

So since I was in incognito mode, I couldn’t really install the over low extension, so you guys can install it and then that blue logo will show up where you can click it and import it directly into your store.

So you guys will see it right here. I’m gonna change. The title to bunion corrector, like whatever I’m doing right here, don’t really pay attention to it, because this isn’t. The final version, so we’re just gonna delete the description or variants.

I usually always set the price in overload. Let’s, just put it for $ 19.99 for now and then for the compare app price. I usually just mark it up by two, so it’s, a 50 % off deal. So for this it would be thirty, nine.

Ninety five and then just click apply, and then we have that done that we want to go to images and then just select the images that you think are pretty high quality or you may want to use. So I’m. Just gonna select a few here, these aren’t permanent.

We’re gonna actually edit this on our restore. This is just the overload back-end, so we’re gonna hit import to store. Now it’s, gonna actually go on to our Shopify store. So from overload it’s on our Shopify store.

We can close out on overload and now you guys can see shop mental. This is the back end of this product. So if we hit view it will actually take us to our store and show us the product page and how everything is laid out, as you guys can see, nothing is set up on the store, the colors or anything we have the reviews widget.

But I’m gonna go ahead and you guys how to edit this entire thing. So for now we’re gonna go back into Shopify, and now this is where you research your competitors. So what I like to do is go to Google and what you can do to find your competitors and sort of get inspiration from their product.

Page is type in your product name. So we’re. Just gonna do Bunyan character and you want to put the plus sign and then plus Shopify, so we’re gonna get a bunch of shop, five stores that are selling this product.

We just want to open it up in different tabs. As you guys can see, you can right click it and hit open link in new tab, and then once we have all of these, you want to have at least like five all right guys.

So I found a few more stores that are selling the same thing as us. We have this one store, I gadget geek, we have spirits fluffy and we have for your choice. So, as you guys can see, these stores are pretty trashed.

So basically, we want to take the best features out of each one and add our own little touch and just make it better. So you want to make it better than any of these stores right here and the reason I opened all these doors is to get information off of it.

So, basically, like the description, how they’re sort of pricing it what they’re, calling it and all that so I sort of like the title of this one. So what I’m gonna do is go into my shop, buy, store and base the title off of this.

So what we’re gonna do is minta actually, because that’s, how we’re sort of a novelty name and then put TM logo, and then we could put this and then we can put forth Sepideh elastic Bunion corrector, so now we have a nice tub and it sort of looks more brand.

Now we can go ahead and save this and then about the images we’re gonna do all that later. We just want to set up the description for now. Alright guys I’m back. The description is pretty much done already.

I didn’t, put too much effort into it like if this was my actual store. I would probably remove this little watermark right here and maybe add some more benefits and more images that are higher quality, but this is just for the video and what you’re, doing this make sure to get everything to the highest quality possible.

So this is sort of what our product page looks like right now, and this is not what we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna change the theme? I have a couple of different theme options for you guys so yeah. Let’s, get right into that.

So the first thing you can do is just use the default debut theme – and I have done this before and it does work. But now I sort of switched over to used a beautify, and this is a theme that is free as well.

So all you have to do is search today, beautify on Google and it should come up as the first one and then once you click you guys can easily get the free theme you don’t need anything else more than that, unless you do Want to upgrade it, you do start making more money, job Minto at gmail.

com, free download, and then it should ask us for a store name. So we’re gonna do shop minta and we should be good free download. So now, once this is downloaded, it will take you to your store and then you guys can just install the app and then once it loads up.

You just want to click, Add theme to library and then you guys can go ahead and hit customize theme. Now this is where we can edit the front-end of our store. So the first thing before you do anything you want to hit actions and then publish the theme to make it our actual theme on the store, and now we can go ahead and hit customize.

So, as we click customize, we should be taken over to the Shopify editor. Now, once we have here, we can just change a couple of stuff up front just to make it look nicer. So the first thing I want to change is the typography, because I don’t really like how this looks um.

We can go over here and just select one that sort of fits the product. So I’m gonna go with this font called muli it just I don’t know stood out to me, so I’m, going to choose this font for this store, and then you want to select it on All of the font options so once we have that all selected our store should be using the font and then once that’s done, you want to go back and add a logo, so it’s.

Add a logo. You want to go to sections click header and then select a logo. I’m gonna quickly make one in Photoshop, and then I’ll, get back to you guys guys. So I took a little bit longer on the logo than I expected, but I have it here ready and I’m just gonna upload it I don’t know if it’s that good I couldn’t really think of a creative idea right now, so I’m gonna upload the logo.

We also have to upload it one more time right here, so I’m gonna select it right here and then we could change the size and everything. So I’m gonna make it a little bit bigger. The most important view is the mobile view, so we can look at it on mobile and then we can make it a little bit bigger on mobile as well, and then it should be about good right here.

So this is our store right now shop Mintel. I added a bit of leaves there and now what we have to do is change all the colors on the store to our logo colors. So I’m just gonna click and copy this code right here and this sort of that green theme that I have in the logo that we’re gonna be using throughout the entire store.

So I’m gonna go ahead, go into colors and then all the ones that are blue. I’m, just gonna change to the screen. Once that is done, everything should look pretty nice and clean all right. So that’s done and now what we can go ahead and do is go into the checkout and then also we want to change these checkout accents.

This is what some people forget to do, and it actually does decrease conversions. So you don’t want to forget to change the colors on your checkout and now once this is done, we can go ahead and go into the Welcome now.

This depends on the product. You’re selling. Whatever product you’re selling, just look Explorer free images, and then you could put anything so like I’m, just gonna pull okay, so I chose this sort of Beach image of some person with their feet out.

But now once we have that we can go ahead and change this well, okay, so sort of for the Welcome thing. I just put feel the relief bunions can cause an aching pain, which is why we created Minto. And if you test this product – and you realize it doesn’t work, you could easily just swap off the picture behind it and change the text to whatever relates with the product, and you could leave the domain and store name exactly the same because It doesn’t really relate in any way to the product, but now for the featured content, we could go ahead and put whatever we want.

So I decided to put professionally designed to reduce bunion, pin and get you back on your feet and then for the featured product. You want to remove that because this is sort of gonna be a one product store style.

We’re gonna also remove the collections and then the featured content we can also remove, and then the featured product is what we need. So we’re gonna select a product and select this Minto. So once this is selected, you guys see we have this and we actually don’t want this whole description to be on the homepage, so we can go ahead and uncheck show description, uncheck enable product sharing, and then we can enable the quantity, picker And then I want a disabled image zoom on the homepage, just so there isn’t too many things going on, and then I also want to disable this announcement bar because I want to enable in the free shipping bar app that I got earlier.

So how we do that is, go into themes, go into advanced settings and then the announcement bar we just hide and then we can go ahead and wait for it to just disappear. So once that’s gone, we have a nice-looking site right now.

All we need to do is add the logos to our footer and we should be good on this section. So I’m gonna go ahead and add content, add text image and then select the image at our logo, real, quick and then drag this all the way to the top.

So it looks like our logo is here. I maybe should change this shop to a white color just so that it fits and blends in and they follow us on Facebook. We can go ahead and remove and then for the Quick Links we’re gonna have to set that up later and really quickly.

Before I forget, we have to change the shop now button to go to our product page, so we want to change this to the product that we are currently selling. So if you were selling something else, you could make the shop now button go to whatever product you’re selling and then we hit save.

But now we have our one product store. Everything looks pretty nice. We can also add a bunch of extra stuff if you want to so maybe if this was featured on somewhere or maybe it was recommended somewhere, we can go ahead and add section and then we can add a logo list and then, with this logo list, what We can do is go to big trusted brands and see where this was featured and then just put a bunch of images from the trusted sources.

But I’m, probably gonna do all of this later. Basically, do is select image and then select whatever logo of whichever company that this was featured in and then that adds more trust and more social proof to your site so that the customers trust it more and again, you can add whatever you need.

If you go to add section right here there’s, a bunch of options, you can select a slideshow, you could select the logo list, you can select testimonials. So this is a crucial one if you want to add more social proof, but for now we’re, not gonna have any of this, so I’m.

Just gonna go and hide it, and maybe later on. I will add in everything here should be good, but now once everything on the homepage is set up, we want to go to the product page. So I’m gonna go ahead and click on product page and then we want to make this title smaller.

So we got a product page and then uncheck big product title, and we also want to make it so that you can’t see the product tags and they can’t share the product because right here they can get distracted share.

It and get off the site and then, if we go into mobile view, this thing right here looks sort of weird. So I’m, probably gonna remove that you can go into theme, settings advanced settings and then I think if we scroll down a little, we can uncheck this and then it should be gone right here, all right, so it disappeared.

And then I also want to hide the back to top button, because I don’t need that and then one of the last things you want to do is go ahead and click right here and then go to checkout. And you want to change this to your logo, so we want to change the checkout, so everything else should be good, and now we want to click the Shopify button and go back to our Shopify dashboard and then what we want to go to pages.

But basically, there was gonna be a few different pages that we have to set up. I’m gonna go through all of them and if you guys want to copy this it you can just go to the site. Shop and i’ll, leave the site up and running for you guys just so you guys can go and copy everything, though we’re gonna add page, and the first page you want to add is the about us.

So we’re, just gonna type in about us, and then you guys can go to the site and find this on the about Us page. You just want to paste it on your store and then basically you just want to replace shop Minto with whatever your stores, and then you want to put shop Minto right here or whatever your store name is, and then we can go ahead and push off Mentos.

You just want to fill it up with your store and maybe change some of this up to sort of fit into your store. But for now I’m, just gonna click Save and then we’re gonna go ahead and add the next page.

So the next page is gonna, be the contact us page. This is important because you don’t want any charge of Acts and you want people to easily contact you so that you can respond and let them know what’s up with their order or whatever issues they’re.

Having so we’re gonna name this contact and we could go ahead and paste this in you guys, can again go to the site and copy it so right here we have the contact us page and that should be good to go. So I’m gonna go ahead and click Save and now the next page is going to be the FAQ page, [ Music ], and we have all of our pages right here now we want to go into setting many.

We want to go into legal right here, and then you just want to hit create from template, create from template create from template. So all of this is good. All you have to do is hit command F on your keyboard and then type in your address and remove all the places where your addresses okay.

So I just removed all my personal information from these legal pages. You just want to click Save and we are good to go with the page side of things. So now all we want to do is go to online store, go to navigation, and then we want to go to main menu, and in this part you just want to edit the catalog to make it your shop.

So you want to make this shop go to your product, because this is the only product you’re gonna have on your store and if you do have multiple you just to lead this to whatever product you’re currently selling And then you want to add menu and you want to add contact and just find the page and paste it in and then we also want to add the about Us page.

So I’m, going to quickly add that and then just save menu. So you’re done with the menu page, and then we want to go to the navigation menu again and click on footer menu. So now, once you’re at the footer menu, you just want to name this menu just to make it more cleaner.

I’m gonna delete this search and sort of in this beginning part. You just want to add all of the pages you made just for reference that and people can go back and it looks more professional when you have a lot more lists at the bottom of your footage.

I’m just gonna quickly. Add all of these pages here and once we’re done, adding the pages you want to click Save menu and you want to make another menu, so you want to go back, add menu every one. They made policies so now.

This is where the policies we edited earlier comes into play. You want to go to policies, privacy policy, and then you also want to add the refund and Terms of Service. So I’m gonna quickly. Add all of these, and we should be good to go to save menu and we are done with the pages.

And now, if we’ve got our story here. I still have to make this logo a white logo, so it’s. Easier to see, we can see that this top bar is ready to go. We still have to fix the footer with the legal pages, so we can go back into our restore editor and all we have to do is simply scroll all the way to the footer section and then add content, add menu, and then we can go ahead and Change it to the policies and it looks like it’s all the way back here, so we’re just gonna rename it real quickly to policies and then just drag it up here.

So now we have the Quick Links and policies and our right here and I feel like adding text under this just to make it a little bit more filled. Autumns gonna put on number one shot or natural remedies.

I’m, just gonna put that just to fill it up all right. So all that’s good now we can go ahead and start working on the app. So we can go back to our store, go into app and then go into a reviews. So once I’m in a reviews, I want to buy the plans when I click right here.

I’m gonna buy the plan so that I can import Amazon reviews and it looks like this is it I’m gonna subscribe to it and it’s. Gon na charge me $ 6.99 right now so total we spent around like 20 bucks, and that is definitely worth it because we’re gonna have shopped five four three months for free, so everything seems to be going smooth so far and then Once you buy the plan, you want to go into importing filters.

This is very important. You want to go ahead and scroll down and only import for in five-star reviews and then just click Save right here and then you want to scroll up and go to design options, and once we’re here, you want to uncheck, show date and Then you want to scroll down even more, and here is where we can change a little bit of this stuff up, so you can customize whatever you want here.

I’m gonna go ahead and import the reviews first and then I’m gonna start editing just so, I could see how it looks so we’re going to type in the product name right here. So now we can go ahead and import an Amazon product reviews, so we’re gonna go into Amazon and type in our product name, so we found a similar product right here.

I’m, going to go ahead and click on it and then copy it. It looks like this is a good product. It does have five stars on Amazon, so we can go back to air views, import it right here and click import.

So now all the reviews from Amazon should be on our site and it will look something like this. So here’s, the Shopify page, and if we scroll down here, we have all of the reviews. So it looks like none of the images came with it.

I’m. Probably gonna have to fix that, and I’m also gonna remove these testimonials right here. Just because we’re gonna have reviews. I don’t really need any of these and they are gone and yeah, and then we also want to add these guarantee.

So for the first one we could add free worldwide shipping and then for the next one. We could go ahead and put satisfaction guaranteed, so I’m. Just gonna switch up these emojis right here, because they don’t make send and yeah.

So we should be good here and we can just click Save alright. So now that we’re done with the reviews, we can go ahead and go to the free shipping bar now this is going to be the announcement bar at the top, where you could put whatever offer you want.

I’m gonna go ahead and hit create new bar and then let’s just go with the trust me one and we could change the color later. But basically we want to change this to zero because we don’t want a limit and then you can go ahead and change it to free worldwide shipping or 24 hours.

And then we can add a globe right here and then you want to paste it for the rest of these as well, and you could go ahead and select the top one, because that’s. What we want and change the colors well.

So this is the color code that I use, so I’m just going to change it to whatever our color code is and then the text I’m gonna make it white and everything else looks good. So this is what I like about this announcement bar.

You can change the font, so I’m gonna change it to a lotto and see how that will look. So you want to play around and see what looks good on your site. So let’s, refresh the page and see how this looks, and that looks better.

In my opinions, all we need to do is set up the payment options for them to be able to pay and shipping option all right. So now we have to set up the shipping option. So if you go over here to shipping, we can go ahead and click manage right.

You want to delete all the default rates that are here so usually there’s, gonna be a bunch of rates that you don’t need, so you’re gonna hit delete on all of these. You want to keep this one and then just hit edit, and then you can hit remove all conditions and then just change it to free standard shipping and then also just change the price to zero.

Then you can go ahead and click on add rate and paste. This in this will be in the description below, like just click the store link. I’m gonna link this entire store and it will be open for you guys to just go through the whole thing and just copy and paste whatever you need to do.

You guys can go ahead and put the price at like $ 4.99 or something and people will pay for insured shipping and obviously you will have to give them insured shipping. So we’re gonna go ahead and hit delete on the rest of the world and do the same exact thing we did for here.

So we’re. Just gonna go ahead and get free standard shipping. It’s safe, so we are done with all the rates, all right guys, so my camera died, and this is the next day. Actually so I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys the last part – and this is the most important step, because if you don’t get this right, nobody can buy from your site.

Basically, you want to set up your payment provider. Now there are multiple different payment providers, you could use stripe, you could use Shopify payments or you could use PayPal. I recommend at least having one credit card processor and then PayPal, so both of those combined.

You will be good to go so you just want to go into settings right here and then once you go in settings, it should load for pain providers and then here is where you add everything. So everything’s, pretty straightforward.

I don’t want to add all my info here, because there’s, so much info that I don’t want you guys to see, but all you have to do is hit complete account and then also deactivate PayPal And connect it with your actual email, so all that’s good.

So this is going to be a quick overview. You can hit the I icon right here and then this is our store, so I fixed the logo right here, made it white and if we scroll down you guys can see the orthopedic elastic, bunion, corrector and everything else is good.

So if we go to the product page, we can see that this is our product page and everything is set up. We have all the reviews, we just have to add images to the reviews and you could easily do that within a reviews and overall we are good to go so now.

If you want to run a different product, you can actually just replace the product. You don’t have to change your store name because again, minta does not mean anything but yeah that’s. Pretty much done all right guys that wraps up this video and if you guys actually want me to run this store on Facebook ads and test the product comment down below sharif squad.

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