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The more you surf around the web the more you notice how people are implying blogs in there website. If those website owners know anything about the relationship with blogs and profit then they are definitely on the right track of having a good internet marketing campaign. If you have your own website with the intent of a successful marketing career and have yet to apply that knowledge then you are missing floods of traffic and potential conversion. I’ll go over how to make a blog page by showing you the free options, paid options and the most recommended options of making profit as a blogger.

What’s the Point?

You may be asking yourself, so why do I need to know how to make a blog page if I get my point across some other way on my website. Well I’m not saying you’re doing the wrong thing by not having one, I’m saying you are missing out on not only the traffic, but the connection with that traffic you can give with a blog. Blogs can be updated a lot faster than pages on websites which means a lot more can be dished out to your followers or just anyone that stumbles upon your site which equates to a faster, more profitable conversion. Conversion = Money

<u>Benefits of a Blog</u>Post any recent updates on your topicPeople can subscribe to a blogMore direct option of replying back to peopleYou can be yourselfAnd the list goes on by I think you get it

Free Blogging Websites

If you want to post quick blogs than the your best bet is to have a website or be a member of one that lets you post them. I can understand how you may be on a tight budget, trust me before Wealthy Affiliate so was I. But maybe you still want to learn how to make a blog page for profit and luckily there are a handful of sites that allow you for free that I’ll share.


Paid OptionA little bit of investment goes along way. Most of these sites are getting more and more affordable averaging around 4-10 a month. Going the paid route also gives you more professional options like maintenance and support from the staff of your desired website. Here are the top listed.


Strongly Recommended

Being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community is the route I chose and what I most recommend if you want to learn every aspect of how to make a blog page that will get you the most profit. The majority of people who first start an internet marketing career skip many important details that they can simply incorporate in each of their blog posts that will catch their traffic’s attention and make them into a profiting conversion. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you these aspects, but I can only talk about them to other members lol.

There are many options on how to make a blog page for profit on your website. Placing advertisement in random places of your site can generate somewhat of an income, but if it’s in your blog, you make a better connection to the person viewing it. You give your traffic relevant information about the topic in a quick manner by blogging and having that connection is key to having that profit. I have a website on how to make a blog page with wealthy affiliate if you are considering in-depth information that WA has to offer.

About the Author

My name is Kenn Pyon and I am a dedicated vegan that has a successful internet marketing career. I’ve learned all my tips and trades from Wealthy Affiliate and I salute them. Each blog I post usually adds 5% to my monthly income. I hope this article has changed your thoughts on how to make a blog page and maybe even changed your financial lives.

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