How To Make Money With eBay Affiliate Program 100 Dollars A Day

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Alright, so with the ebay program with the eBay of partner affiliate program, they pay up to between 50 to 70 % of eBay’s, revenue per sale or on a cart alright. So that means that on a hundred dollar purchase for an existing buyer, that means that somebody that uses eBay on a consistent basis for $ 100 purchase even makes $ 10, and you’re split, for that is six dollars.

So your earnings are six dollars, and so this is like any other affiliate program like Amazon and and whatnot. This is much easier to sign up, for you know, just link up your existing eBay account and, and you’re good to go and you get more money.

You get paid more money. If the person that uses your link creates a new account or reactivates an old account that they haven’t used in a while and eBay paid out using direct deposit or PayPal, and the minimum balance required for a payout is $ 10.

So it’s very easy and they do it. You know fairly fast, unlike the Amazon program, which takes a couple months to get your money alright. So what you’re going to do is first, you’re, going to want to find products that are selling well, that you want to.

You want to. You know post on Quora, so I’ve already done some research, so we’re gonna go with vacuum cleaners. We’re gonna go for gum. We’re, going to do the Roomba right. So when you’re looking for a seller link, you want to look for high sales right.

So that means that and the item high cost high sales. So that means that the seller has already sold. You know they’ve sold 500 of almost 500 450 Roombas them. That means they’re gonna keep it in stock right.

So when, when you link to something and like let’s, say two or three weeks later it’s, not gonna be out of stock, because this is selling well for them and they’re gonna keep it In stock, which is good for you all right, so what you’re gonna do is, after you know after you.

Log in this is what your eBay profiles gonna look like. So you’re gonna go, find your product. You can get that link you’re gonna go to you know, create a link, copy and paste crate link, and here is your EBA affiliate link alright, so you’re gonna hold on to that.

Alright. So what we’re gonna do with the next step is to go to kora and find profitable. Let’s. Go back was testing this out. So we’re gonna find profitable questions to answer profitable questions as in their specific about buying a product or asking what is better: relatively low competition, but a decent amount of monthly searches or an anomaly: searches, weekly searches.

So you know that your question, the question that you’re answering, is getting views and you will avenge like you know. You’re gonna get views on your answer. Alright, so let’s. Look at a question right.

So what is the best vacuum cleaner? So this is an example of a very good answer. As you guys can see, this is quite a lot of content. This is basically an article. They’ve written over here, a lot of good content, high value.

You know good structure, good format, couple pictures and then, at the very end they add their affiliate like all right. So this is basically what you want to do for many products. You just want to go around answering questions.

If you’re new to quorum, you don’t know how it works. People ask questions you and other people answer and so on so forth, but here’s a little secret to quorum. So you’re gonna. If you want to find the exact numbers, have how many views are each question getting so you’re gonna create a Korra ads management right.

We’re, not actually going to run any ads. It’s very easy to create this. You know the ads manager with your Cora account. We’re, not gonna make any ads, but we’re just going to use it to get insight on which questions we should be answering all right.

So let me just copy this question over here. So what you want to do is go click create campaign, so you’re going to go for when it asks you for objective. You’re going to go traffic over here. I’m just going to do VC for vacuum.

Cleaner. I’m just going to put in 10 it doesn’t matter, because we’re, not running the campaign. We’re just using it to get insights on what questions to answer. So you’re going to continue and then when it asks you primarily targeting you’re gonna do question targeting and then you’re gonna click over here add questions right.

You’re gonna you can type in keywords related to your product. In this case, I’m just gonna type. In that question I showed before it’s, going to show me other alternative questions, and I’m going to click continue and then over here now we’re, going to see all these questions that are related to vacuum.

Cleaners, what is the best vacuum cleaner? Where can I get the bath of the vacuum? You know these are highly targeted questions, meaning the people that are ending up on these pages. Searching them on.

Google are looking to buy right and that’s. What you want to capitalize on, if you have a good high value answer, so it’s, a 2’s. Look it’s, just a three-step program right, high value answers. Put your affiliate link in collect your money, simple! As that all right, so you might be like looking at this and be like 20 to 70 weekly views.

It’s, not worth my time to write an answer for that’s. Incorrect! Alright, let’s go and then you can right. Click over here, open a new tab and you’ll, see the question and you’re, going to be able to answer it.

Alright, as you can see over here, this has 42 answers. Why are people answering it right? If you’re? If it’s, only getting let us say you know it’s, saying 20 to 70 weekly views. Why are people answering it because you is going to consistently get those weekly views right and what you want to do is write one good answer that you could you’re able to post on multiple questions, but don’t get this Wrong do not answer the same type of questions with the same answer multiple times within a day, all right maximum.

You do one or two questions. Let’s say: okay, we’re, doing vacuum cleaners right. So I’m. Only going to answer two questions about vacuum cleaners and – and I’m – going to space those out too, because I’m.

I’m copy pasting, my answer and you don’t want to get banned on Quora. They’re, very strict about spamming and and and all that, since you’re gonna be having your affiliate link in the questions when you first start off.

If you’ve, never used Korra and you’ve, never answered questions. I would highly recommend you leave out your actual affiliate links for the first couple days or so of a question right. So, like let’s say if this one right you, you write the answer, a good answer.

You leave it off for a couple days and then you come back and you can add your affiliate link and what you want to do is add. As many answers as you, you can by writing, high-value answers, and you know eventually, you’re, going to link to your affiliate link and you can just keep finding more questions right.

You know you can bookmark these in the tab or something these are all questions that you should be answering right. Let’s, say let’s. Go to this club, see some of these. Have they’re very competitive? You know a lot of people are posting the same person that has number-one answer on on this question with 1k views is answering questions on this.

You know how many you see. 1.2 k views right. This question is going to be adding views to you weekly. You know it’s, gonna keep going on and on and on and on, and your affiliate link is gonna exist on the internet for a long time, and so what you want to do is build out your data.

Basically your database of answers, you know if you have a hundred answers out there with you all answers with your affiliate links. You’re gonna be making more than a hundred dollars a day. You know easily and eBay pays out on not just linking to a specific product.

If somebody ends up buying your product, then they go buy a couple other items and that’s in that within a 24 hour period, you’re still getting your commission all right. So what you want to do is just build out.

Your network of affiliate links out on Quora, but you don’t want to be spammy right, so you want to provide high value answers and you, don’t want to have your um your affiliate link right away. If, especially, if you have a new account, if you have an older account that’s been answering questions for a while that’s.

Okay, but if you’re new, you want to provide high value well researched answers. You can you know you just Google best vacuum cleaners, don’t copy and paste don’t plagiarize things, but you know take general answers, write it up and if your English or grammar skills are not that good, you can use plugins Like grammerly, I’ll have a link down in the description below.

Basically, you see, I can start typing over here. This green button that shows up is, if I type like an answer, I will check for my grammar, spelling and everything, and you know, make you sound very professional, and what you want to do is just create your database of answers and trust me guys.

You know you might not be able to see affiliate commissions the first day second day. You know, but like eventually, you’ll. Have such a large database of affiliate links out on Quora that you’re gonna be making commissions every day over a hundred dollars a day, and it’s very possible to do this in a very short period of time.

And this requires no money down right. No money invested no prior knowledge needed. You know you’re gonna be making a lot of money over the long run. So I hope I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video and you guys are gonna go try this out for yourself.

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