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Okay, so welcome to Shopify. Thank you very much. So the first thing we’re gonna do is we are going to get a theme so Shopify kind of guides you they also have their own tutorials. So they do give you a lot of guidance, but what I’m gonna do.

Is I’m going to get a theme first, so I’m gonna go to online store and themes. My computer’s, a little bit slow, okay and right now you can see that my automatically my store is password protected, which means that no people, no one, can go and see my store they have to put in a password.

In order to see my store, which is good because you know I’m – just getting started, the stores not done I don’t want anyone to see it yet. So I’m gonna go here to customize theme or I can look at theme library, so they automatically give you a theme.

I would recommend going to the theme, library and selecting a free theme. You don’t have to pay for a Shopify’s theme. There are many free themes that you can choose from that are really really good. So here you can see three.

Now I’m on this. One depends on you know what you like. I’m gonna. Do the Brooklyn theme and I’m gonna get classic it’s cute. Actually it’s too. Playful so add to theme library, alright. So now we have the Brooklyn theme, but we’re gonna make this our main theme.

So we’re gonna customize it okay, so I need an image. So this is my banner. I’m gonna need an image, so what I would do is now I’m, going to go to Google and I’m, going to find a picture of a bulldog and what I’m gon Na do is I’m going to go to tools, so you can see here there’s, a section that’s its tool.

I’m gonna go to label for reuse now. This is important because you can’t just pick any image on Google, because you need to be able to have the rights to the image. So if these are labeled for reuse, that means that you can save them and use them as you wish.

So I’m gonna find an image that’s relatively large and high-quality for that. I’m going to click here on size and I’m gonna go to large. I’m. Also, looking for something that doesn’t have too much going on, I think for a Shopify theme.

You want to be be a little bit. More minimalistic is helpful. Give a clean feel to your store, so don’t have too much going on in the background. So this is cute. See I wouldn’t. Do something like this: there’s too many colors too many things it’s like how do you want people to feel because that’s? What it’s about when they go to your store? They are gonna feel something, and how do you want them to feel? Let’s.

Try this one! So I’m gonna click on the image and I’m going to hit controls, not free, download Thanks. Okay, so I download it now. I’m, going to upload it to my store. So we’re gonna go to the slide.

One select an image drop the image there and see how that looks. So it’s, not so bad, pretty cute. I think it’s a bit dark. I’d, probably brighten it up, but it’s, okay for the demonstration in this video, so you can see here now.

We have some text that cut is covering this little guy’s face, and I don’t want that. I want his cute little face to show. So what I’m going to do. Is I’m? Going to go to so on the slide section, I’m, going to click on my slide and I could choose to do like an overlay which means kind of like a shadow on top, but I’m actually going to remove it.

So it’s brighter. I like brighter color, and I’m gonna remove this text. The subheading I’m gonna remove the shock Now button. I’m, going to remove this as well and though I don’t see it there we go and I’m gonna remove the heading, so you can choose to have text here or remove it.

If you wish totally up to you, I’m gonna keep it like this and then you can add more slides. So if you want it to go through different images, then you can just add a slide and you can say how many seconds between each slide one second five seconds, but we’re going to just have one slide for now.

So let’s. Go over to the header. This is where you would insert your logo. If you have one at the moment, I don’t have one. If you don’t have a logo. I recommend going to and they’re, pretty inexpensive, so places like this.

It depends on what kind of local you want find a seller. You know really reputable great art, really good, really cheap. It’s, a lot of things here that you can customize that you don’t have to do right now.

You can just do that when you have more free time. The announcement part is important to take note of so if you do have a sale or something you can show it right here. So, for example, 15 % off everything code Bulldog survived assail.

I’m, going to display that on the announcement bar and then you can remove it when the sale is over, so we’re gonna leave that for now so featured collection. If you have different products, then you would keep this section if you’re only selling one product right now, you can just hide this by clicking the I subscribe to our newsletter, we’re gonna get this into this a little Bit, basically, you want to have this on your website, because if someone inputs their email address and they’ll be subscribed to your mailing list and that’s, valuable for you, because once they’re on your Emilien list, You can send them emails and notify them about sales, so potentially creating new orders or you can tell them about other products that you sell or affiliate products that you’re affiliated with and basically just make more sales make more money.

So and obviously you want to add value to them as well, so you can keep them on your mailing list so giving them tips about bulldogs. You know whatever it is that you’re. A Misha is so here I’m, going to customize my store with some images about the product that I’m selling, which is the Bulldog sweater.

So I just uploaded a few images that I just grabbed from Google here. So we’re gonna leave that, and I’m gonna – have some text, so you got to be a little bit witty I’ve got nothing off the top of my head, but and insert another one.

Then you can have a button for the by now shock. No, and then you would just put the link to the actual product. I’ll, just put it for all products right now is it looks like this. Okay got another one.

You guys right here, let’s. Do is image shop now you always want to give them a shop now button whenever you are displaying your product, because you want to give them an opportunity to purchase okay, good okay.

So let’s, see how our shop looks like right. Now, let’s say that it’s mean image designer. We probably have this actually lower put this up first, so let me move things. It’s. Really easy to move things around so the newsletter, let’s put it underneath we go yeah and we’re.

Just gonna hide this or now we don’t need this. There we go. I recommend Tom. Having your mean money’s all four seconds, for example having the collections page um, so I can Bryce like links. Video sees price.

How did we talk like links? We’ve had much everything else. So, as all tearoom, let’s just go ahead. She was musing up so subscribe to. You can restart right so exciting. Let’s tribe. So you think I wait on it.

Do you guys you’re, used to keeping me up like sitting at him? Okay, so it’s, pretty basic you, don’t really need much. Now let’s go and edit. Some other stuff save. Also, keep in mind that this is how you can interchange between desktop and mobile.

So this is how it looks on the mobile version, so sometimes on mobile. You might want to remove or add some things most likely remove some things just because the space is a little bit more limited. You might also want to have smaller images.

So now I’m, going to go over to the product section and add some products. So you know, if you have products stored in your house, you can take your own photos if your drop shipping from Aliexpress or wherever you can import photos.

I’m just going to upload whatever I have and put a description rainbow sweater. Okay, we’ll. Put the price at $ 19.99 and compare out is basically showing them that there’s a sale, so we could just say regular price is $ 24.

99. You can input your cost. If you want to help calculate profit margins, you can charge taxes on this product. If you’re eligible to do that, charging sales taxes, you can have a skew. So this is to track your products.

You can have Shopify track. The inventory so say you have 10 units. If your drop shipping you don’t have to do this, you can allow customers to purchase if it’s out of stock. I probably wouldn’t. Now you’d, have to input the weight of the product so say it’s, point 5 and customs information.

So, where’s, the product coming from? Because if someone’s ordering overseas, then they’re gonna get charged customs taxes HS code. If you know that you can search that up, fulfillment service is Shopify and if I have variants so size variants, I would put the size here.

It’s, a small comma, that’s. How you separate it medium/large and if I have a color variant, I would put blue pink, yellow and then you would change the barcodes for each one of the variants, since they’re different products.

But you don ‘ T really have to keep chocolate bar codes. If you’re a drop shipping well technically, actually you still do because you need to know the size and color people order and then you can add them to a collection.

So you’d. Have to create a collection for that and you tags or so someone searches on your search bar. So if someone goes here and they search for rainbow, you want that product to pull up. So if you know that they’re gonna be searching for rainbow because they saw it on your Instagram, then you want to make sure that this is tagged rainbow.

So how does many takes as you want and then save, for example? Now, if I search rainbow my product comes up. Okay, I do my first product. Let’s, see how that looks. Okay, cute, I have my main photo: the photo different variations.

It shows the sale price perfect and then people can Add to Cart, and you would probably want to have more of a description here all right, so we ‘ Ve got one product, let’s. Look at collections so collections.

If you have you know collections, you create a collection, so I’m gonna put in collection sweaters. That could be one collection and you can manually add products or automatically. So if the take is sweater like I just put in then the product will automatically get added to this collection.

Okay, let’s. Add another one: let’s. Do jackets, so dog jackets. Then you got an image to your collection. If he wants so let’s say I want I don’t know it’s, not quite a jacket. Is it okay? I just found a really funny jacket: little shark okay, so one thing that you can also do for SEO purposes.

You can put in an alt text. So here you want to step in as many keywords as you can. Bull dog sweater sweater jacket, dog puppy. You got to do your keyword, research for that and so that’s. Gon na help you rank on Google and images, and all of that, so let’s, say Steve.

Let’s, go back to our other one and add a picture save so now that we’ve kind of got the basics down with her store. We’ve got our design done. We’ve got our products up here. Now we ‘ Ve got to really make the store function.

So what we want to do is we want to go to the apps section and they’re gonna give you some available apps that they recommend and they’re very popular as you can see here, but I’M gonna show you some that I would recommend or borough barrel.

O is a good one, because it’s. Gon na give you ideas of things to sell on Shopify. If you are a drop shipper, you can see that a lot of people have already added this app. So here’s, an example. What it looks like it’ll, say this bag.

You can import it to your store. All of the images import all everything’s imported for you and it’s very easy and you can easily order the product if someone themselves orders it. So I’m, going to add that one domain and by the way, so this is the free domain that Shopify gives you you can pay for a domain name.

That looks more professional when I would recommend that you do that. You can do that through GoDaddy. So let me show you that actually right now, okay, so this is GoDaddy calm. This is where I buy my domain names fairly inexpensively.

So I’m. Going to search here to see if my domain name is available – and it shows me that it’s taken, so they’re. Giving me other suggestions, Bulldog Nations, calm, the value is having the dot-com, you could have dot, live, dot, store, dot, IO all of these other ones, but the values and the dot-com for the most part.

So I would recommend finding a domain name where you can get the dot-com and eventually buy all the other ones like dot, Infonet Co. You want kind of want all of them, so I might go with the Bulldog Nation, scam or I might choose to change my domain name.

Maybe Bulldogs nation, this one’s pretty expensive, so someone, I think, is selling this one. So sometimes people! This is a business that people take, is they buy domain names and they sell them, but anyways? This is where you would get your domain name.

I’ll link it in the description of this video, for you installed the burr or low power low app, and I’m, going to just search in Bulldog sweater and see what comes up so I can build other. We go there’s, my rainbow sweater, so let’s, say add to import list and let’s, have a bunch of other sweaters, any other ones, with good reviews and let’s, build out a whole Collection out of Lisa, so that’s, pretty cute guys.

Okay, so I think we’re Singh out those ones they don’t, add ones that don ‘ T have reviews a little bit too cautious about that. I’m gonna say, selling to United States, so that does change things so import list.

So let’s. See now these other ones that I selected let’s, say import just store, so we can change the title. We can add to collection, so let’s. Add it to the sweater collection. I do not save okay same thing.

With this, we’re gonna change. This name. This is very keyword optimized. So we’re, just gonna do a search like sweater. You can see about all of the ones I imported are here, so this is the original one I created, but this is the one that I imported from the app and so now, if someone clicks on it and they want to place an order, they already automatically Have all the sizing variations? They can add it to cart.

They have everything here and then I would just manage my orders through the obear lo app, which is empty. Now you’re gonna get a lot of different recommendations for apps. So I recommend spending some time here and just browsing.

One thing that you definitely want to have is an upsell, so upsells are important because it’s, a way to add, add value to the order, so make more sales and it’s. Easy because when someone’s in the buying feeling like they want to shop, it’s, much easier to convince them to buy an additional product.

It’s just like when you go to McDonald’s and they say, would you like to upgrade your fries, or would you like to have a drink like that? You know so it’s, an easier decision for the customer to make when they’re already shopping from you.

So you wouldn’t, get an upsell app. You can get a free one. A lot of them are paid for, but there are free ones. I’m going to do this. One here which is free. It’s very easy to add an app install. You know.

Shopify just makes things very easy. I used to have a wordpress site and it was a nightmare you can you can definitely you can definitely do more on WordPress in terms of customization, but Shopify is a great place just if you want to get started and you just it’s.

Very user friendly, so you can customize customize the popups and the upsells integrate it with MailChimp. So MailChimp is like you know. If someone is gonna input, their email address, where does it go right? It has to go somewhere.

So MailChimp is a great place that integrates really well with Shopify. It’s free and you can send emails out through that platform, and so, if you have broadcast you want to tell someone about a sale.

You want to promote something, and you just want to share something with people. Then you can do that through the email broadcasting. So we’re, just gonna say Save Settings alright. So again lots of different apps that you can play with.

I’d, recommend getting them up, so I’d, recommend getting something where people can rate or review the products. I’d, recommend getting something like Wii Leo, which is something like like here. Let me show you.

This is wii leo on my website. You can see here that it pops up and it gives people a reason to not leave the page. So I was about to exit out of this website, but now this intrigues me it’s, a spin to win big discounts and look.

I can win 30 % off my order. I can win free shipping. I can wear a free panty set, so it gives people incentivization just stay on your website because they can potentially win something and then, if they do win something, then they’re, more likely to actually purchase from you.

In addition to that, it sends them to messenger, so I highly recommend that you integrate Facebook Messenger on your Shopify store. This has been huge people, love Facebook and if you send them a message on Facebook, they are incredibly more likely to open that message than if you were to send them an email.

So my open rates on facebook, Messenger or something like 98 percent versus on email. It’s like 30 percent, sometimes 15 percent. So this is a really great way to do marketing, so it sends there are such messenger and then on Facebook.

You start you can create a series of emails messages that people get. You know you can hey. Did you see this picture of this Bulldog fun, send funny images funny things send the promotional content. You want to build a relationship with your customers, because that’s long-term.

What you want to do is you want to have that relationship so that when you do offer something to them, when you do offer a product that they trust you to buy, so I would recommend this as well. So let’s, get back to customizing the store we’re gonna go here to preferences, so you’re gonna.

Do a lot of SEO stuff here. So again, SEO stands for search engine optimization. So if you want your website to start ranking on Google, it needs to show up, it needs a weight to show up and how is Google good? How is Google gonna know anything about you unless you have the keywords, so if you’re stores about Bulldogs, you want to do all your research about Bulldog clothing, all of that stuff and have those keywords embedded on your website.

You’re. Also gonna want to install Google Analytics very easy to do just search on Google. Google Analytics sign up for an account and copy and paste your domain name in Google Analytics. You can install Facebook pixel if you want to set up a Facebook page, and this is where you would change your password.

So payment providers and you’re gonna – want to have PayPal so set up a PayPal account. A lot of people do like to pay with PayPal, so it’s. A good option to have you would just you know, set that up Shopify payments.

If you are in the u.s. most places except Shopify payments, it is powered by stripe. So if you’re in a country like Russia, I think you would probably just use stripe instead, Shopify payments very easy to use.

Basically, what this means is that people can pay with credit cards, so stripe accepts all credit cards and then all of the money it goes through your website through Shopify, and then it gets deposited into your personal into your business or personal bank account same thing with Paypal and it will automatically capture payments, so we don’t really need to change much there.

You just need to make sure you integrate Shopify and PayPal by creating accounts check out so wedgy people see when they check out. You can have people create accounts on your website, totally optional.

I would disable it for now just to focus on other things, so you can have customers checkout using their phone or email. Just look through all of this stuff. I would require first name and last name. So a lot of this stuff is pre-selected and it’s good.

So what I would recommend doing is doing free shipping if you are just selling in the United States, and your goods are shipping from the US or other countries. People like free shipping, so a technique that a lot of people do.

Is they just kind of include the price for shipping in the product price? So if you are gonna sell your product for $ 19 and shipping would have been like two or three dollars. Maybe you would sell at 22 or 23 dollars instead and then just say that it’s free shipping, because people like free shipping and then you could always add it to the.

If you do want to charge for shipping, you can edit the weight of the product and how much it cost there so taxes. One thing I really like about Shopify is that they can kind of take care of the tax rates for you.

So you need to be eligible to be collecting taxes, sales taxes so, for example, in Canada I would be charging GST if I set up a GST account, so you just set that up here. You have to have your registration number same thing with the US.

If you are collecting sales taxes in California or in wherever, then you would need to have your sales tax number, because you can’t collect taxes from people that actually be registered in that state or province.

If you do that, it’s illegal, so just be aware of that. Usually, if you’re, not really making many sales, you’re, just starting you, don’t have to worry about taxes. It’s only when you’re, actually making money that it matters so places you stock inventory.

If you’re just drop shipping, then you don ‘ T really need to worry about this, but if you do have a warehouse, so, for example, you say you have private label products, you’re, storing them at a warehouse in Florida.

Then you would just add the location of that warehouse. So can probably calculate the cost for shipping so notifications. This is great. So as soon as someone places an order automatically Shopify send them an email about the order.

If the orders cancel they’ll, send them an email. So it’s automatically set up so don’t even have to change this and yeah. The rest of the stuff is pretty simple. So there’s, not too much to it here.

It just counts. This is where you can make coupon codes, so, for example, if you want to get people five dollars off their first purchase, you could do both the coupon code. Fixed amount $ 5 entire order, none specific customers, everyone limit to one per customer so for each personally, get $ 5 off.

Take that coupon code and uh yeah that’s, pretty much it. So it’s, pretty basic again. You’re gonna get 14-day free trial trial with Shopify from there on out. You can decide on what plan that you want.

I would suggest to stick into the big supplant for the beginning. It’s, 29 bucks a month. It’s, really all you need until you’re, actually really picking up and making sales, and you have a reason to upgrade your plan.

For example, one reason you might upgrade your plan is because, if you click on your account, you’re. Only gonna be allowed to have two staff accounts, and if you have staff, you’re gonna need more than two.

Probably so, if you upgrade your account, you can have five yeah and so that’s. What I had to do, I had to upgrade my account and then once again, because I just my staff increased and everyone kept needing more access to the story.

So let ‘ S have one last to look at our store. Just make sure that you integrate your payment methods. Make sure that you know you can set up notifications so that whenever someone places an order, you get a text message or a notification from the Shopify app.

So I recommend on your phone to download the Shopify app, so you can get notified as soon as someone places an order so that you can fulfill it so that you’re, not really delayed with your shipping. So that is it my friends.

I hope that this tutorial is helpful for you. Basically, I just want to show you that it’s, actually not very complex. It’s very simple. Just you’ve got to go for it, spend some time play around with it and it’s.

Pretty self-explanatory, so Shopify makes it as user-friendly as possible and all the apps are there to make your life easier. So you don’t have to do any kind of coding. It’s, not like weird press and all the apps are super user friendly as well.

So hopefully this was helpful for you. If you want to sign up for Shopify with a 14-day free trial, please click the link in my description box or pin comment below. I’ll, also link down below GoDaddy, fiber and upwork for your reference, because those are some sites that you’re, probably going to be using.

Quite often if you become an e-commerce seller or do any kind of work from your computer. So see in my next video bye. Thank you so much for watching. I really hope that you enjoyed this video. Please subscribe to my channel and if you’ve already subscribed there’s.

This little gray bow symbol. If you hit that, then you’re gonna get notified when I release move and if you want to keep watching, I’ve hand-picked these two videos for you to watch right here.

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