How To Start An Affiliate Program For Your Shopify Store

Shopify Affiliate Profit Secrets

So basically, it’s, the method where other people promote your store’s products and when a sale is made through their link, they receive a commission from you. So I think this is a really underutilized method when trying to make sales on your Shopify store.

Everybody talks about Facebook, Ads Google, AdWords Instagram influence, but creating an affiliate program for your store is never really touched on and I think it’s. A really quick and easy way to start promoting your products, because you can sit back and relax whilst others promote your products for you.

So I have already set up my store. I’ve got a full tutorial, so I’ll. Leave a link in the description and there should be a card on the screen now for how to set up a Shopify store. But in this tutorial I’m just going to show you how to set up the affiliate program.

So from your back end in Shopify, you want to click on apps visit the Shopify, app store and under search just type in reversion, so it’d. Be this one here refers an affiliate tracking, so just click on this, so it does start at $ 20 a month you do get a 14-day free trial, so you can test it out and maybe create an affiliate program for your store, see if you get any Affiliates on board and see if they start making sales and if things pick up quickly, you can carry on with the $ 20.

So I think, even at $ 20 a month it’s, still a worthwhile investment. It’s $ 29. For Shopify and $ 20 for the refrigerant app, so that’s $ 49 in total, so $ 50 a month for your store. It’s not going to break the bank.

I’m sure you probably spend on food haircuts going to the cinema and things like that so $ 50, a month I think, or even $ 19 a month for this affiliate tracking is a reasonable price. So what you want to do is click get and over here it will tell you it’s for the start, our plan so $ 19 a month.

Just click continue and then click install app and what you need to do now is you need to enter in your billing information. So, like I said you can enter this in and then you can simply cancel it after the 14-day free trial period.

So I’m just going to enter my billing details in and then click confirm and I’ll, see you guys on the other side. So after you enter in your bank details and click confirm, it will bring this up. Just saying that there’s, a 14-day free trial period, which gives you full 10 days to test the application out and see, if you like it and after that, it will charge you $ 19 a month.

So you can just cancel the monthly charge. After the 14 days, if you don’t like it and if everything’s going well, you can just carry on with that. So just click approve charge and it would just confirm everything and once you have done that it will bring you to the back end of reversion.

So we’re, going to go through this signup process now and I’m just going to show you everything you can do in order to set up reversion and start setting up an affiliate program. So the first thing you want to do is enter in your subdomain, so I’m just going to enter in the domain name.

I’ve used for the Shopify store. I’ve set up already, so I’ll, just type that in here then it’s already pre-populated, my name and my email from my Shopify store that I set up. But if you haven’t entered this into your Shopify store just enter in your name and enter in a contact.

Email then create a password click that you have read the reversion Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and perhaps actually read them as well, and then click Save after that. It would say that your tracking has been connected, so it basically just means that all of your affiliate tracking for anyone that promotional products now has been connected.

So just click on continue and in here we can start creating some branding for our affiliate back end. So when affiliates that want to promote our products, they will log into a reversion account and it would be branded the same as our store.

So that’s quite important, just to promote your brand throughout and make you look a little bit more professional. So I’m just going to upload my logo here. So let me just get my logo, which is this one here and just upload that – and you can see here.

So this is what it’s, going to look like on the reversion dashboard, so you can also type in your brand name, so they can obviously see mine is cycling since they’re online because I’ve set my Shopify store up with that and just click Save and continue.

The next part of the setup is to adjust your shop settings, so the first need to do is enter in your stores URL. So I’m just gonna paste money in here. If you are using a doc, my Shopify com URL, you can add that in their bio it suggest getting a custom domain name just because it looks more professional.

Then, when it’s asking you, what should your commission total include? It’s, basically saying when an affiliate makes a sale on one of your products. Do they receive commission on how much the customer paid for shipping tax and the product itself or just the product itself? So if you have this one, which is the default ticked, one which is discounts and subject that’s, basically, you’re only going to pay Commission on the product that the affiliate sells.

They were also including any discounts. So we’re, just gonna leave that as the default and we’re going to pay our affiliates in u.s. dollars, so just click Save and continue again. Now this is the area where we can actually set the affiliate commissions.

So we’re, going to set the percentage of what an affiliate who promotes our products from our store, how much percentage they’re gonna receive per sale. So you can name your affiliate offer. I’m just gonna leave it as standard affiliate Commission, because I’m.

Just gonna set up one affiliate Commission for my affiliates, but you can name it whatever you like. Then you can set what type of commission that your affiliates will receive every time they sell one of your products, so it can be a percentage of your product, so you can set that percentage.

So let’s, just say 20 % or you can set it as a flat rate. So this is basically saying every time they make a sale, they will receive $ 10 or $ 20 or $ 30. I personally think it’s. Better to set up as a percentage shell because you might have items on your store that are only $ 20.

So if an affiliate promotes one of your products, that is $ 20 and you’re playing them a flat rate of $ 20, you’re, not going to make any profit. So I’m just going to leave this as 20 percent, but you could to try and boost your affiliate program and get a fetus on board.

When you’re first starting out, you could set it as something like 50 percent. So for every sale they’re, going to get half and way. You can start get getting a felis on board and promoting your product steps straight away, and then, once your store starts to pick up and get customers, you could perhaps think about putting the percentage down.

Well, I’m just going to leave this as 25, because I think that’s, a fair percentage amount, a quarter of every product they sell. They will receive a commission on then over here it’s, saying automatically approve commissions.

I would recommend leaving this as no, because a customer might refund it and have accidentally purchased something and then, if they refund it immediately after their purchase. If it’s already been approved.

The affiliate who promote a product they have to receive their Commission. So leave this as no and click Save and continue again now you can design your affiliate registration page. So this is basically just like when an affiliate who wants to promote your products when they come on to your affiliate program and they want to sign up as an affiliate what they’re going to see.

So it’s. A kind of dashboard, so you want it to be branded in the same style as your Shopify store just to keep the professionalism and to keep your branding throughout. So we’re, just going to add some branding colors to this, to make it the same as our store.

So let me just head over to my Shopify store just to show you the color scheme that I’m using. So I’ve used this kind of pale green and it’s. A drop shipping store all based around the cycling niche. So let me start adding my color scheme to my referrin dashboard, so the link color.

I want to be this green, so let’s. Just click on that and choose that the background. I think I’m going to leave as gray, but let me try it as white just to see. I think I, like white, just looks a bit cleaner and the form background you can kind of change it around, but I think as an affiliate program, you generally want it.

When you’re a feel it’s, a signing up to be as easy as possible and as clear as possible. So I’m, just going to leave that as white as well, but feel free to play around with it and try and match it towards your branding as much you can.

So then, after that, all you need to do is click the save and continue again, and then it brings us to the reversion dashboard. So it will say here is your affiliate registration and you can actually use this link to get affiliates to sign up to your Shopify store affiliate program.

So you can close this, but firstly just copy the link and add this to notepad somewhere. So you have it saved just in case. You need to refer to it later. So I’m, just gonna open up a notepad and save this here, and then we can click close.

So once you click close, it will bring you to the reversion dashboard from the dashboard. You can actually start promoting your affiliate program and you can alter anything about your affiliate program that you choose, so you can click on promote your registration form.

So this is where the registration form that we just saved so affiliates can sign up for your affiliate program. You can actually promote that from here. You can conduct a test order so to test that when somebody buys a product from one of your affiliates that it comes through your Shopify store and shows that it has been promoted by an affiliate and there you have to pay them a commission and you can Set up PayPal integration so that you’re able to pay your fee leeet’s every time they promote one of your products.

You can also generate referral links for each of your affiliates and there’s, loads of other different things that you can do from the dashboard. So the first thing that we’re going to do is conduct a test order on one of our products.

If just to see that if an affiliate was to promote one of our products, that everything is working correctly. So, in order to conduct a test order, the first thing you need to do is activate the testing gateway on Shopify, so go back to the backend of Shopify click on settings.

Payment providers – and you should see here so I’ve – already set up this bogus gateway, but if I just get rid of it deactivate this, and I can show you how to activate it. So let me just do this. We need to do.

Is click on select provider, scroll down to see other and then click for testing bogus gateway, then, after that just click activate first. So for me, it’s reactivate because I’ve already activated it.

So just click on that and the next thing you need to do is make sure that there isn’t a password on your store. So if I go to online store, you ‘ Ll see that because I’m still in the trial period of my store, my store is password protected.

So just click remove password scroll down and to remove to disable your password. You need to pick a plan, so click on pick a plan. You still won’t have to pay until the 14 day trial is over and I’m just going to choose the cheapest plan.

So just choose this plan and that’s. Fine everything is loaded. So I’ll, just click confirm changes and just enter in my password and that’s. Fine, I’m ready to start running a test water. So let me head back over to reversion and click conduct a test water.

So we want to do, is you need to select an affiliate? So obviously, when you first start, you won’t, have any affiliates for your affiliate program, but reversion automatically lists yourself as an affiliate.

So just select yourself and click get a test link. Then all you need to do is go to the link, so this link here is a tracked linked by reversion, so it can track every product that is sold from your affiliates, so click on go to link and you’ll, see here success.

You’re. Referrin click was tracked. Please continue with your test order, so that’s. Perfect. That means that reversion is tracking your affiliate links correctly. So just click okay and what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to add something to our car like a normal customer? So if I go to bike seats – and I just click on this – one and click Add to Cart, then I can click checkout, then, after that it will bring you to the checkout.

What you want to do is just enter in any random information for your email. So I’m just gonna enter this in then enter in a first name and last name. So I’ll. Just enter in John Smith. Address can be 100 city.

Is London? Postcode can be anything as long as it’s still a kind of relish postcode. Then just click continue shopping and you can select whether you’ve shipping. Your setup for your Shopify store click continue to payment method.

Then you want to enter in entering the card number as one, because that’s, the Shopify card number for doing a successful transaction, then entering bogus gateway, as the card holders name then enter in any month and year expiry in the future.

So I’m. Just gonna put 1220 then enter in any three-digit number as the CVV. So I’ll just enter that in and all we need to do is click complete order. So say your order is being processed and perfect.

The order has been confirmed so that test order has gone through perfectly so now, if we head back to reversion click X on this, we want to click on manage conversions. Then just click on manage versions again, just maybe click it a few times, because sometimes it takes a little while to register and just make sure to refresh your orders as well before you keep refreshing under conversions, but then, after a little while once it has registered It probably would take around one or two minutes.

You can see you’re. Referring affiliate has come through, so the order from the affiliate link that my affiliate is using to promote my products has worked correctly and if I check under the orders, so the order value was fifty dollars.

I set up my affiliate program to pay a 25 % Commission to all of my affiliates, so 25 % of is 1250, so that’s. How much money! I owe my affiliate, who has referred this product, then we need to do. Is click approve to pay your affiliates who promote your products for you so now that I know that my affiliate program is working correctly and the test order has run successfully.

I can actually start promoting my affiliate program, so we want to do is go back to your dashboard and click on promote your registration form. So if you click on here and you can just copy your registration form – I know I said, save it in a notepad earlier.

That was just in case. You lost it, but you can actually get the real version. Links of the signup link for your affiliate program from here also – and you can embed this in to loads of petitions. Different social media accounts, so Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, reddit and email, so we’re going to do is the first way that we’re, going to start promoting our feel –.

It program is actually by adding it to our store. So let me just click off this and head back to Shopify. So if we click on online store and click on pages, so I’ll. Just do that anyway, then we can, do, is click, add a page and we’re, going to add this page as join our affiliate program and in the content.

You can just add something like join our partner program and I can spell and promote our products today. All of affiliates receive a generous twenty-five percent commission. So you can specify the percentage commission that you’ve set up and in here on the products they promote and then just click sign up and start and today and then you can just paste that link in there or actually what you can do Is you can just put a link on this text and just say and openness in a new window so that you don’t drive traffic away from your store and just click insert link click save and now, if you head over to navigation, we Can add this to our footer menu generally, most websites will promote their affiliate program in this footer menu.

So let me just delete this and just click. Add menu item feely it program and I’m gonna pick pages join our affiliate program and click, Add and click Save and now, if we preview that scroll down all the way to the bottom of your store, click on our affiliate program – and You can see here join our free VIP program.

All of our affiliates receive general solutions so what we just put in and if we click on the signup form, it brings us to the reversion signup form where an affiliate can sign up. So what you’re going to do is I’m, going to go through the signup process.

Just so, I can show you how to generate links for your affiliates, so they can add them to their blogs or to their social media accounts to promote the products. So let me just fill this form out as if I was an affiliate interested in promoting cycling.

Sensei online products, so I’ll, just add a first name and a last name add an email address in and a password and click apply, and it will say thank you for your registration. So now, if I head back to the reversion dashboard and refresh this, it will say we have a pending affiliate.

So this is a pending affiliate. That’s. I’ve, set up earlier practice 1 as well. So I’ll. Just yes, and here is the another one and those are the pending affiliates I set up. So all you have to do is click tick and you have accepted someone onto your affiliate program so that’s perfect.

So now they are ready to stop noting your products. So let me just click, generate referral link and if I select an affiliate here is the affiliate person that I just signed up. So the dummy affiliate person I sign up on to the affiliate program and just accept accepted their registration.

So I just click that and click generate link, and here is the link I can send them. So if I just copy that now, I can email that to my affiliate and I can they can actually start promoting the products from my Shopify store on their blogs.

On their social media on YouTube on email and loads of different places, and every time someone clicks on their link and purchases a product, they will receive a 25 % Commission. So that is a really easy way to generate links for your affiliates.

So I just go back to manage and click on affiliates. You’ll, see with your affiliates here, so the people that have signed up for your affiliate program and that you have accepted to your affiliate program and once you have accepted them, they will receive an email with the links that you generated for them.

So if I head over to my email, the one that I rich registered as an affiliate just to see if that is working quickly as well, so let me just click on this and it will say hi Ryan. Thank you for signing up to our flip program.

You may affect access your affiliate dashboard at this URL. Your tracking link is here so now. The affiliate who has signed up for our free Liat program has received their tracking link and they can start adding this to blogs YouTube social media, like I said, and as soon as someone buys a product through their link that they are promoting.

They receive their Commission and you start receiving sales on your store, so everything is set up perfectly. So what I’m gonna do now is actually show you some websites, that you can add your affiliate program to and get people signing up to.

Your affiliate program so that they can start promoting your products on your store and you can start making more sales on your Shopify store. So the first website you can use to start promoting your affiliate program and get affiliates to sign up for your affiliate program is CJ affiliate.

So this is basically a a program directory. So what you can do is you can list your affiliate program onto their directory and affiliates can start signing up to your program straight away. So if you just click on advertiser and click on requirements, all you need to do is define your program.

Have a website ready and select your program, resources which we’ve, have selected as reversion, and then you can do apply it to become an advertiser, go through the signup process. So it’s. Pretty simple! You’re, adding in your company website.

If you have an existing affiliate program, which you do because you’ve set up with reversion, you would just click. Another network go through the signup process and then you can actually list your affiliate program on here and affiliates can find you through here and sign up for your program and start promoting your products, so that’s.

The first website CJ comm, the next website I’m, going to show you is offer vault. So if you’re going to offer fall, we need to do, is click add offer, and then you can fill up the information that’s needed, and this is basically another affiliate directory where you can list your affiliate program.

So, under the network URL, you would just paste in your affiliate, signup form and you can just fill out the rest and click register. And once again you can list your affiliate program on here and you can find affiliates that can sign up and start promoting your products.

So off of all is a really great website to market your affiliate program to different affiliates. The next website that you can use to promote your affiliate program and find affiliates to stop promoting your products is affiliate seeking comm.

So once you come into the homepage of here, just click add a program, and once again you can just click, Submit your affiliate program and fill out the necessary information. So the affiliate info page URL and the tracking software would be referred, and you would just put in your sign up link to your affiliate program in here.

So this is another really great website and that you can use to promote your affiliate program and the final one I’m going to show you is Rakuten. So this is one of the biggest philia listing directories in the world, so we can do it.

Click on affiliate from the homepage scroll down until you see advertising solutions, just click sign up now and go through the signup process, and you can promote your affiliate program on here as well.

There are a few others that you can use such as Clickbank. So if I just go on here, this is another website that you can list your affiliate program and find it freely it’s to sign up for it, who can promote your products and also jvzoo.

So this is another affiliate directory that you can list your affiliate program on and get them to start promoting your products. So there are loads of different websites and there’s loads of other ways.

It can promote your products on social media just by reaching out to people and trying to find people to sign up for your affiliate program. You can use and ask your friends and family, so if they make sales for you, you pay them a commission.

So there’s loads of different ways. They can get people to sign up for your reversion affiliate program. Another method to promote your affiliate program is just to reach out to bloggers all around your niche of your store.

So my Shopify store is all about cycling and selling cycling products. So if I was to just type in cycling blog – and I could reach out to one of these blogs – so let’s say this one. For example, I could go into contact and I could contact the blogger and send them the signup link for my affiliate program and just say: are you interested in promoting the products on my store and if they sign up for my affiliate program, they can then add Those affiliate links to their blog and start promoting my store, so that’s.

Another really great method of promoting your reversion affiliate program, so that is it for this tutorial guys. I just want to quickly mention that if you are using WooCommerce and WordPress to run your store, that you can set up an affiliate program with reversion using WordPress and WooCommerce as well.

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