How To Start Dropshipping on Shopify in 2021 (For BEGINNERS)

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So let’s hop into my computer and i’m gonna show you how a complete newbie should start their drop shipping business, but before we do that, i’m super excited to announce that i’M finally, going to be releasing my drop shipping course.

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The first link in my bio, because after these hundred spots are taken, i won’t, be letting anyone else in till the course is fully completed. But with that being said, let’s, get into the video alright guys.

So the first thing we need to do is we need to start a trial on shopify shopify is where our website’s hosted and all of our orders come to. So this is pretty essential. There’s, other ecommerce platforms, but shopify is definitely a very reliable one.

So i’m, going to start my free trial and then i’ll. Show you guys what to do next, all right guys. So i just started my trial, so the next thing we’re going to want to do is come over this app section over here and click visit.

The shopify app store all right now that you’re in the app store you’re, just going to want to search up oberlo. What oberlo is it’s, this tool that helps us import products from aliexpress? So i’m. Just going to add this app and i’ll, be back after it’s done downloading all right guys! Now that you’re in oberlo, you’re, going to want to come over this product section over here and you’re, going to want to click, find products, and it’s going to redirect us this Page, that’s, hosting all these different products from aliexpress, so we could search through these.

If we see a product that catches our eye, but i’ll – also leave some links to some product research, videos that will show you how to find winning products, but for today’s. Video, i’m, not going to really be covering that so i ‘

Ll drop a link above to check that out all right guys. So after you found a product that catches, your attention, just click add to import list and click edit. On import list – and here’s, where we can actually change some of the details inside the product description, so i can change the title and call these blue light glasses and then over here’s where the products collection gets hosted.

You don’t need to worry about this right now and you don’t need to worry about this or this part, but i definitely recommend coming onto this description. Part and all the description is on aliexpress is very generic, so i always recommend deleting that and then coming over this variant section and here’s, where you can choose what product skus you actually want to sell.

So, for example, if you only want to sell black red and pink – and we can just get rid of these other variations over here and inside this pricing description, we can actually put the price we want to sell it at.

So we can see that this blue light glasses from aliexpress cost two dollars and 64 cents, so my rule of thumb is at least having a three times the product cost. But since this product is so cheap i definitely recommend doing a little bit more than that.

So i’m gonna put this product at 9.99 and we can actually just copy and paste it in the other variants we want over here and then this compared app price is very important because this price actually going to dictate.

If the customers see, if it’s on sale or not, so i’m, going to choose change all and we could just put it to 50 14.99. So when customers come on our website, they ‘ Ll see that the product used to be 14.

99, but they can get it for 9.99 right now, so it makes it look like a better deal and then the last thing we’re going to want to do is come over this image section and We’re, going to want to choose what images we actually want to import to the store, so i’m going to get rid of some of these images like this one over here i’m, not that big of A fan of, and since we aren’t selling, the blue or the white glasses, then we’ll, just get rid of some of these product photos, and now that you have what you want.

Just click import to store over here and within seconds the product will be imported to your store, so you can just click edit product on shopify and now you’ll, see the product that you just imported.

So inside the description we can actually control what’s going to show up on the website. So one way we can actually craft our product descriptions is by taking the name of our product. So, for example, we’re selling.

These blue light glasses, and i recommend just going on google and typing it in and what’s going to happen is that tons of other websites that are selling like the exact same product are going to pop up.

So we’re going to want to find a drop shipping website, so we might need to look through a few different websites over here. So i’m, going to add this one and this one so after you found some good examples.

What i highly recommend you do is look through a few of them and see what you like and what you dislike and then essentially what you want to do is you want to reword and turn this into your own, so definitely not copy, but i definitely recommend Taking some features that you like, like these bullet points over here and put it in your own words for today’s.

Example, i’m, just going to show you by copying and pasting this into our store right here. So, as you see after i copied it, it’s going to show up over here. So what i recommend you do is to bold a couple of the important details out, make sure to click save and we can just click this preview button over here and we’re gonna actually see our live product.

So, as you see, the product over here is starting to really come together, but the website over here is the standard. Shopify theme, the shopify theme controls. What design we’re actually going to be using, and i actually don’t recommend any of these shopify free themes.

Some of the paid ones are good, but the best free theme that you can actually get is this debutify theme over here. I use it for pretty much all of my stores and it converts amazingly. So all you need to do.

Is click free download enter your information in and then all you’re going to need to do is put your store link and you can just grab it from your url right over here, paste it in and then just click free download now and It’s, actually going to install their app onto your shopify store and then the theme is going to be ready for use.

So after it’s done, i’ll, be back with you guys. So after the downloads done. All you need to do is come to this online store, section and click themes, and you should scroll down and you should see to beautify over here.

So the first thing you’re going to want to do is click publish, so it becomes the native theme that shows up when a customer comes to it. So after it’s published. What we want to do is click customize over here and here’s, where we can actually control the design of our store.

What i highly recommend you do right off the bat is you come over to this viewer section and click mobile? I recommend that you optimize your website for mobile and then come back to desktop and make sure everything looks good.

So now that you have your store ready for design, you’re gonna need to come up with your brand name. One of the easiest ways to do this is using this website We can just come in here and we can type in blue light glasses and we can click generate and all of these different domain name ideas will pop up.

So i like looking in this fun section over here, because these usually sound more like brand names, so we can scroll through here and see if there’s, anything that we like one thing that i recommend you do.

While you look through these domain, names is try to find something short and catchy and something that relates to the product. Now that you have your brand name ready to go, we need to make a logo, and my favorite way to make logos is using canva.

com. They have all these pre-populated templates, so, for example, we could just come in here and click logo and on the left side over here, all these different templates will actually populate where we can just put our brand name into.

So i recommend scrolling through these and trying to find something that relates to your brand. In our example, we’re gonna be selling glasses, so i can just come up to this template and actually just search up glasses, and we can actually see they do have some examples for us over here and then after you’Ve picked your template out.

You can just come in here and put your brand name so, for example, blue light and they have tons of different fonts. You can actually manipulate the logo with. So you could try this one out and you could just change the sizing to whatever you want, so you can see how easy it is to really make a solid logo with this within just a few seconds.

I already have a pretty cool logo over here. So after you have your logo figured out, all you want to do. Is click over here download and as a transparent background and there you have it that’s, going to be the logo that you’re, going to be using for your drop shipping store.

So now that’s ready! Let’s, hop back onto shopify, and i’m, going to show you exactly what you need to do. Okay, so what we’re going to want to do with our logo now is come back over to the shopify theme section and just click customize.

On the debutify theme we downloaded – and here we’re – going to want to upload that logo. So after you’ve uploaded your logo. It should populate over here, but you’re gonna need to make sure to do it for both of these sections over here.

So i’m, just gonna click, the logo again, and there you see it. We have our logo and if we actually check it out on mobile, it looks quite a bit better and in this section we can actually resize it if we want it to be a little bit bigger.

So i’m, going to leave it like that for now, and now what we’re going to want to do. Is we’re going to want to start designing the website over here and it couldn’t be overwhelming for a beginner, but this process is actually really easy.

You want to come into this welcome section over here and here’s, where we’re going to want to click, explore free images, and here’s, the section where the image is actually going to show up. So i’m, just going to look up glasses over here and let’s.

Try to find someone wearing glasses, maybe something that looks professional and clean, like this image actually looks really solid. So we could just click select over here and now we’re just going to want to put some text in so usually what i use this section for is just getting their attention, so i could say the best blue light glasses and then over Here we don ‘

T really need to put anything, but if we want to put some text we could just put in here shipped worldwide to your doorstep and there we go. We actually have our first section over here and if you don’t like how this font looks, what you can do is you can come back over here, scroll down to theme settings and in this typography they’re, going to give Us tons of different fonts we can actually go through.

So maybe we like this antique olive one over here, so i’m going to click select and then it’s going to change this section over here. So now that you have your first section, what we’re going to want to do is we’re, going to want to come back to the theme settings and we’re just going to want to click.

Add new section and what i want you to do is add an image with text section, so it should look just like this. There should be an image right here and then a text section, so let’s. Click select, and now we’re, going to want to drag this under the best blue light section we just made and these other sections what we’re going to want to do is click into them and for now we’re just going to remove these sections because they’re, not needed.

So after you’ve removed. All those sections make sure you keep this subscribe to our newsletter, because this is the part we’re actually going to be using, and now in this section, what we’re going to want to do.

We’re, going to want to head back over that aliexpress listing that we’re using for the product we’re selling so on this listing over here. What i want you to do is i want you to download this tool called ali save over here, because it makes it so easy to download images off aliexpress.

You can just come to any of these images and any of these variants click one button and if you see they’re all going to download right here, so this is going to be really convenient for us. So we don’t need to right click and try to save all these because they come out in this web page format.

So this way we just get all the images really simply – and now we can do in this section is we can click back over the image with text section we created and we’re going to want to click select image over here and here’s, where we can actually add some images that we want to show up on this section.

So i’m going to click select over here. The type of image we want in this section is something very visually: aesthetic that catches their attention. So this is a really high quality image, so that’s.

Definitely what we’re, looking for and now what i recommend for this image with text section is to look back on the aliexpress listing and look for some of the features that the supplier talks about, because those are some big selling points of it.

Sometimes you actually won’t, be able to find them, which is a little bit of a bummer, but definitely worth scrolling through. If you can’t find anything then make sure to go back to the listings, where you got inspiration from to create your original product description, and you can kind of add some details that you feel like would be relevant there.

So in this section i’m gonna say i’m gonna put blocks up to 95 of harmful blue light, and i’m just going to get rid of this portion over here, capitalize some stuff. So what this portion is for is to really describe a benefit of this product.

A lot of people like to describe features, so what a feature would be is talking about, maybe the metal or the shape, but what a benefit is is talking about what it’s going to do for you, so this has 95 percent of harmful Blue light, so what you want to do in this section over here is elaborate on it and talk about how this is actually going to benefit you.

So since it blocks 95 of blue light, we could put over here reduces headaches strain on your eyes and overall improves your day-to-day. So if you see this, header over here relates directly to the benefits of the product.

So now after you have your first section, i recommend you create two more of these, so we go back to add section and we want to scroll down for the image with text. So let’s. Add one more of these and then we’ll have the total number of sections we want and then all we need to do after we ‘

Ve added them is to drag them above the subscribe to our newsletter. So now, right now you should have three sections and i’m gonna, want you to rinse and repeat this strategy, just talking about more benefits.

So i’m gonna knock mine out and i’ll, be right! Back with you guys, all right guys, so i just knocked the other sections out over here, so you can see in this section i said: featherweight design lighter and more durable.

So how i related this section to the header over here is, i said you can take your blue light glass with you anywhere, and our super durable design allows you to live your life without worries, and then the other section over here is talking how it blocks 99.

9 of radiation – and i just said with radiation all around you – we need to be proactive to protect ourselves and loved ones with our blue light glasses, you’ll, be one step ahead of the crowd. So if you see these three sections over here really sold the product.

So as soon as they come on your website, they’re, going to be able to scroll down, and they’re, going to see that this is a really solid product that they might actually want to purchase. So after you have this section done, we’re going to want to come to the subscribe to newsletter section, and all we’re going to want to do is put a short sentence over here, so we can put by subscribing you’ll, be the first person to know about our exclusive deals and discounts.

So then, now that you have that set up what i recommend you do, i recommend for you to scroll down to this guarantee section and i recommend removing them. Actually, i found that this section over here, doesn’t, convert that well, so i’m going to remove these you don’t have to if you don ‘

T want to do that, but after you’ve removed them. The last thing we’re, going to really need to do to our website. Is we’re going to want to set up our footer? So what we need to do is we need to scroll down to this footer section and we’re going to want to come to the about us and we’re just going to want to come back put our logo in here And then we just want to put a short sentence about our brand, so we could just put over here the world’s best blue light glasses.

Something like that. That’s, catchy and sort of a slogan for your company, and then you can just fill all your info over here. So if you have a contact, email and a phone number you can put that in and then over here in this quick section is where you’re, actually going to set up the menus that redirect, since we haven’t set up Our menu, i just recommend to leave it in this footer menu over here and then the subscribe to newsletter.

We can actually remove because we already have a newsletter section. So i’m, going to click. Remove, and now we can do is just this. Aesthetic part over here, so if you don’t like this color scheme, what i recommend you do is come over this theme settings over here and go inside colors and inside here it’s actually going to control the colors that we’re using on our website.

One thing i highly recommend is you go back to your logo and you figure out the color code that you use. So if you come in canva, you can just click new color over here and it will have the exact color code that we used on our website.

And now, when we go back to our website, we can just put this color code in so the colors are actually congruent with our logo. This is actually a very important step, so you could just put this in all the sections you want, and now your website’s going to be looking really cohesive.

Now. The last thing that i recommend you do to your homepage over here is to add one more section, so you can click add section, and i recommend you go to featured product and here’s where they’re, actually going to be Able to buy your product so let’s.

Click blue light glasses over here and then all we’re going to want to do is drag this in front of the newsletter. So now you see that they’ll, be scrolling down, and then they’ll see a way to actually purchase your product, and if we come over to full details over here, you can see that the website’s.

Pretty much ready to go and one thing that you’re gonna see, is this testimonial section over here. I do recommend that you get rid of this testimonial section, because we actually are going to add reviews from a tool that will import reviews from aliexpress.

So we can just remove these. We can click save and then we’re going to want to go back to the shopify app store and we can just look up review app over here and what’s going to happen? Is there’s, going to be tons of different apps? We can actually use for importing our reviews.

So, for example, any reviews on this aliexpress listing will actually get imported directly to our product listing over here. So we don’t need any real reviews to start off with which makes it really nice.

This is definitely one step that i recommend you don’t miss because reviews are very important to help people convert and actually turn them into sale. All right. Now that you have your website and reviews done.

What we need to do is we need to go into the online store section and we need to head over to this pages section over here. We really need to create a few more pages in our website to make it look professional.

So i recommend just clicking add page over here and what we can do is we can call this contact us and in this section you just want to put some details for customers to get in contact with you all right.

So i just knocked mine out – and i put over here – need help don’t worry, our team of experts will get back to you within 24 hours and then i just put a link to actually contact us. Obviously, this isn’t.

A real store, so i didn’t, put a real url over here, but after you’ve done that make sure you save the page and then what you’re going to need to do. Is click create another page and what we’re going to want to do here is put refund policy, and then in this section you just want to kind of describe briefly your refund policy.

I highly recommend you have a super lenient refund policy on your drop shipping store. So for my example today i’m, going to show you a standard refund policy that i would use for my stores all right.

So what i put in this section is, we are a family run business and your satisfaction is our priority. If you don’t love our products and we want to make it right and then i just elaborate a little bit on how the process actually works, and this is actually very important, because tons of customers will actually look at this before they purchase.

So if they see that there’s, a lenient return policy, then they’re, definitely going to not only be more in clients or shop with you, and if they don’t like their product, you’re. Actually going to be able to mitigate it with a refund rather than them, calling their bank and trying to get it resolved on their own.

So this is definitely a really good way to get customers to purchase and actually come back and order from you again. So after you’ve saved this page, we’re going to want to make one more page over here, and this is what we’re, going to call the faq so inside this section.

I want you to think about any questions that would come up through the buying process and then you can just put them in the faq over here and you can structure it like this. So this is what your faq should look like.

As you see, i just have a question over here saying: how long does it take to get my order, and then you just put the answer over here, so i recommend just thinking about anything under the sun that will be a bottleneck in the buying process and I just recommend putting it in the faq and after you’ve done that just make sure you save that page and what we’re going to need to do is come over to this navigation section over here and we’re going to want to head over to the main menu section and what we’re going to want to do now.

Is we’re going to want to come to this catalog section over here and if you have a one product store like my example today, then i recommend you just name this link the product name, so the blue light glasses, and then you want To make sure it links directly the product page, so you can click products over here and link directly the product page.

So when someone clicks this menu item, they’ll land directly on the product page, which will definitely improve those conversions. Now i recommend you click, add menu item over here and we’re going to want to go to link and then pages and click contact us and then add that over here and we’re going to want to add one more Link and that’s going to be the faq page we actually created.

I don’t recommend having your refund policy in your main menu. What we’re, going to use for the refund policy, is we’re, going to actually go back and we’re going to go inside this footer menu over here, and we’re going to leave this Search item over there, that’s.

Fine, but we’re, going to want to add a menu item and we’re, going to actually want to add the product link like we did before so direct it to blue light glasses. And then, in this section i recommend putting the refund policy the contact us and the faq, so this section will be more of like policies and when they’re shopping, they have any questions.

They can use this menu over here. So now all you need to do is click save and when we actually view this website, we’re, going to be able to see that the menu items are actually showing up and if we do scroll all the way down.

We’re gonna see that the footer menu is actually put in place correctly. Also, so the last thing that we’re gonna need to do before this store is ready for launch is we need to set up our shipping? So you wan na click inside this settings over here and you to head over to shipping and delivery.

So just click into that and what we’re going to need to do. Is we’re going to need to click manage rates over here? So there’s, a few different rates. We’re, going to need to actually figure out so inside this section.

It’s. Shipping from the united states, what i recommend you do is you just delete all of these besides the free option right here, because, ideally, what we want to do is we want to provide free shipping to all of our customers, so this is really important that we Take those other options out and we want to put the shipping speed that we’re using over here.

So if you have five to eight day shipping, you could say that, but usually with aliexpress it’s. Gon na be about 10 to 15 business days, so i would definitely edit that up and then i would leave this at free over here and then what you can do is you can make sure it says, based on order price over here and make sure you Put zero so that let shopify know that if any order is over zero dollars, then they’ll get free shipping.

So now you can just click save, and then i want you to scroll down to the rest of world section over here and let’s. Just get rid of these rates over here and let’s. Click add rate, and you want to put your own rate over here, so you can pretty much name this anything.

I recommend either calling it standard shipping or you could call it usps shipping. If you’re using that service, and then you just want to leave it at zero over here and then click add conditions, and you want to do the same thing.

You want to click based on order price, make sure it says zero dollars and click done and that simply we just created our shipping options, so anyone coming on our website is gonna get that juicy free shipping.

So now all you need to do. Is click save so right now, your store should be pretty much ready to start advertising, but what i definitely recommend is checking out this video link. Above it’s, going to show you how to get a little bit more complicated in your product, page creation, because the product description i showed you how to craft today is a very simplistic version and probably won’t yield as many Conversions so definitely check that video link out and also inside this video, i decided not to cover advertising, because i have tons of video on the channel talking about it.

So i’m going to leave a link above if you’re. Just getting into facebook advertising and you want to learn the basics and learn how to actually launch your first profitable facebook campaign, alright guys so that’s, pretty much all i have for you guys today.

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