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Show you exactly how to get around tick-tock, how to get the most benefit out of tick-tock and how to create videos for the first time on tick-tock, so go ahead and search for tick-tock. I’m just in the app store here.

It’s also available for Android, and you could read about it here, but we’re gonna go ahead and download tik tok. For the first time, tik tok used to be owned by musically. It was called musically and he recently merged with musically, and now it’s, one app called tic toc one word and it first started as a lip syncing music, video app.

But now you could upload all kinds of videos and you’ll, see all kinds of different videos on tic toc. Let’s, press open! Now that the download is complete here and I just wiped up on the app here. I’m gonna not allow it to send me notifications, and this is how the app is going to work.

So you could scroll up right now. I’m on one and I could scroll up to see the next person and the next person, and so on. So right here that’s, the very first page, you simply go and scroll up to see the next person’s post when you’re all the way on top.

If you scroll down it will refresh this entire page for you so right now I’m on four. You tab and I could simply scroll up to see more and if I go to following once, I start following people. I could start to see my following videos there, but that requires you to create a tic toc account.

Another way to create a tic. Toc account is on the bottom of the page. You see, you have home, you have search you have Plus, which will be the way you create videos. Then you have your message: tab where you could see your messages and you have your profile icon.

So before we go any further, let’s, create a profile accounts. You could use your phone or email or you could use Facebook, Google or Twitter, or if you have an account already, you could just press login on the bottom.

So let me go ahead and sign up with phone here and tik-tok does require you to be at least 12 years old, so go ahead and type in your birthday make sure you’re, at least in order to make an account. Otherwise, you could just browse around without making an account, then you’ll have to type in an email or phone number.

On this page, I’m just gonna type. In my phone number, you’re gonna get a four-digit code here on your phone and go ahead and type that in and it will create a tick tock account for you. So I’ve already created a couple of videos on the second, so I could show you around, but let’s, go back to the home page here and look at some of the options on a video.

So when you’re, looking at someone’s, video here, I’m. Looking at this person’s, video, if I go up, I will come to a different profile in a different video, but let me go back if I slide left here, I will come to their profile page, where I could simply press follow to follow That person, I could also see all their videos underneath and click on each one to view, and I could always scroll up like this to see more of their videos so that’s.

How you look at someone – and you could come back here to the home page, go up and then again, if I slide left, I could see this person where I could follow them to and so on. So you could see, as you go through here’s.

One from the MBA I could come left see all their videos click on each one and go through just their profile. At any point, I could press the arrow back come to this page. Follow them, as you can see, this is a verified accounts as well, and then I could always go back to the home page here and on this page you could like a video from this page.

You could press the three dots here to leave a comment right here. So if you wanted to leave a comment, you could go ahead and leave a comment here. Press send. I’m gonna press X out of there, and you could always go ahead and press save right here to go ahead and share it or all these other options here are available to you underneath and if you wanted to just follow the MBA.

You could just press the plus sign, it will take you here where you could just follow them just like that. So this is how you get around the main home page of tik-tok on the bottom. You have search go to search here and under search.

You could see some of the trending hashtags here. Tick tock, like Instagram, does use hashtags here and you can find some things here or you could go ahead and type in someone else that you wanted to follow.

So I could type in my other user name here to see if that user shows up and there it is there’s, my username and if it wasn’t mine, I could have clicked it and followed it just like that. Next to it, you have your message tab.

So, under your messages, you’ll, get all the notification and all the messages that you’re gonna get right here on tick tock and the last option is your profile icon. Where you go ahead and edit your profile, so let’s.

Do that now, under the profile tab go ahead and press edit profile and you could change your profile picture or have a profile, video that’s just by going and pressing one of those two options, and you will have access to that.

You have your username here, which I’m, not gonna change at this time, and you could add Instagram and YouTube at the time of this recording here and you have your description here. Mine says easy to follow social media, how-to videos and once I’m all set here, I’m gonna press save and that’s, editing your profile.

So you want to make sure you could do that. On top of that, you can see you’re following your followers and how many hearts you’ve had and on your profile page. There is those three dots on the top right go ahead and press those, and it will show you a lot more privacy and settings account options, and so on that’s, a little more advanced for this video.

So we’re, not gonna worry about it, but managing my account. For example. Here you could see your phone number change your password deleting your account. Everything is shared here, but now that you know how to get around your tik-tok and you have a profile set up and you figured out how to go to search search for people also on their profile.

You have that plus option where you could go ahead and invite or find contacts here before we go to the next step. Now that you have those steps down, let’s, go ahead and create the video that’s. The plus sign on the bottom of the page go ahead and press that and in order to shoot a video, you have to granted camera access.

So I’m gonna grant it access to my camera. I’m gonna granted. Access to my microphone here, so I could actually get my voice recorded and let’s. Look at this page here you have a couple of different options and I’ll, go through them one at a time on the right side, you have your flip option, which will basically flip the camera here, so that’s.

The option here on the left side: next to it, you have your speed option. You could record things faster or slower that’s. The option here I’m gonna just be on 1x. Here, then you have your Beauty option.

We smooth out some of the details of your video, so you could leave that on or as you could see, is just cleaning up some of the details. And then you have your filter option here: lots of different filters available here that you could choose from and then tap anywhere to get out of that, then you have your timer.

If you wanted to do a countdown, you could press that and then you have your more option here to turn off flash and things like that, so that’s. What’s going on on the right side on the bottom? If you press and hold it will start recording a video, so right now, as you could see, on top is recording a video and when it hits 15 seconds it’s gonna stop or whenever I take off my finger so the moment I Take off my finger, it will stop recording and then I compress X to go ahead and delete that last segment.

If I didn’t like it, but here you could create multiple segments like that. Next, to that, you have your photo template where you could go here and choose some of the options here. I’m gonna exit it there and you also have the 60-second option to create longer videos.

That is a recent update to this, and the best thing that actually recently came out is this upload option next to the record options. So next to the record option, you will have the upload option where you could actually upload videos that you were recorded.

So let me go to settings and turn that on here, so I’m gonna give it access to my photo library reading rights. So now, if I go back to tik-tok press the plus options go to upload, I could actually go ahead and upload videos just like this on to my tik-tok account.

So let’s actually do this video right here. Let me go ahead and scrub through, so this is the entire video here is 18 seconds long, so I could trim it down to make it 15 seconds, for example – and I’ll start here, so that the video will start here.

I could press Next on top its processing, and here these are the options I have on there. You have effects, so I could just go ahead and add different filters. If I want to there’s, transitions as well, there is a way to split.

There is a lot of editing options and I have a complete video that goes in depth of the video creation process and tick-tock, but I wanted to show you some of the brief overview you have text here. You could add some classic typewriter and text like that.

So if you were to send someone to the link in the bio, for example, you could go ahead and put that somewhere within the video, and you could always grab that take deleted by pushing it on top. You have your filter tab again and you have your stickers here.

You have lots of different stickers to choose from so I’ll. Just choose this to care. For example, you could go ahead and shrink it down or rotate it with your two fingers. Put it there and you have your volume on top, so on top you could use the original song or the soundtrack right.

Now I don’t have a soundtrack selected, so you could go ahead on top press, select sound and choose some of these songs to edit to the video. So I could choose this song use this sound and it will now be edited with this video already and then I could press next and on this page now I could describe my video so that’s, the caption of your video.

Basically, the description you could use hashtags here to do some hashtags, so there’s, a hashtag. You could tag friends if you’ve ever used Instagram. This is very much like Instagram as far as tagging and hashtag go, and then who could view it.

This is important. Do you want to make a public or just for your friends or private? Those are your options. Do you want people to comment and do it? Is a more advanced option where you could do it with someone? We’re, not gon, na focus on that in this video, and you could automatically share it on things on the bottom of the page or save it as a draft.

Once it’s done, you could go ahead and press post and now, if I jump into me right here, my profile section and refresh as soon as it’s done posting, which sometimes takes a little bit. It will show up right here and then people could go ahead and jump in and view it just like that, and you could have shared it just like that on this page by pressing the three dots here and sharing it to other platforms, which is really cool And you could press the hashtags people could press the hashtags to see what else is available here and even comment on those videos.

Let me just one last time go to the plus sign here. Another way to do it is not from previously uploaded videos but go ahead and add a song first. This is another way to do. It choose a song first. So let me go to trending and choose this song on top or this one press, the checkmark.

Now the song is selected. Let me just show you one more thing under the song tab here, you could actually search for anything here and find a song that you want, or under trending, is always like, for example, new releases.

It’s, a really easy way to find a song and press the checkmark I could now want the song is plain: listen to the song. I started recording to that song. So if you’re, recording yourself dancing or lip-synching to that song, this is a great way to do it.

And then, when you let go here, it is playing to that song. You could always go ahead and add filters and things like that, but you could always do that on the next page I’m gonna press the checkmark here now we’re here.


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