I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (From Scratch)

Dropshipping Profit Secrets

For this video i will be building a shopify drop shipping business from scratch and test it out for an entire week, and i will be revealing literally everything from a to z and at the end of the video i will show you guys how much money the Business makes hopefully over ten thousand dollars.

So first i’m going to find a product to sell. Then i’m going to create an online store using shopify. Then i’m, going to create advertisements and market the product, and i’m, going to walk you guys through the entire process: [ Music, ].

Alright. So today is day one and honestly, my plan is to get everything done today and then have the store up and running for the whole week. That way, i can make the most amount of money. Also, my budget, for this is going to be a hundred dollars.

So i do not want to spend any more than a hundred dollars so now. The first thing that i have to do and with any other business, is finding a product to sell. So, in order for this to work and for me to actually make money, the product has to fall under certain categories.

So i honestly would prefer if the product is in high demand, solves some kind of problem. Can’t easily be found at walmart and also has that wow factor, so people see the product they instantly want to buy it, and you probably have seen how people find products to sell, and there honestly is so many ways you can do this.

But i’ve decided to use tick tock to find the product [ Music, ], so tick. Tock is one of the largest social media platforms and i think that everyone should be using tick tock for their drop shipping businesses, because it has personally helped me a lot.

So the technique that i use to find winning products on tick tock is just search up. Amazon, fines, scroll through all the posts and any video that has a lot of likes and comments, is a product that i might test out.

So now i’m gonna go ahead and do this and try to find a good product to sell, and once i do, i will come back and update you guys all right guys. So i am back and it only took me 20 minutes to find a product, but i honestly think this product is going to sell really well so the product is soap sheets and i’ve actually seen this product a lot, but for some reason I never actually thought about selling it, and we can agree that based off of tick tock, it’s in demand.

It also has that wow factor when you see it and i don’t, think you can easily find this at stores. Like walmart, so for all those reasons, i’m, going to go with this product and i used to use aliexpress.

But the problem i used to have is that shipping took way too long. So, instead of using aliexpress, i switched over to s pocket, which is so much better. And if you look at s pocket, you can see that the soap sheets are available here and they’re only 225, which is actually pretty good.

So if i can get the product for 225, i can probably sell it on my store for about 6.99. All right, so i’ve, already found a product to sell, and next i want to get an influencer to advertise the product for me and no, i’m, not going to be using facebook ads because it’s.

Going to take me too long, and so i rather use an influencer, and also since i use take talk to find the product i’m, also going to be using a tick, tock influencer to advertise the product. So honestly, i’m, not going to be too picky with the person as long as they have over 150 000 followers and get over 20 000 views on each video, and i guess the most important thing is they do have to have a loyal Fan base and a lot of comments.

So actually what i think i’m going to do is search up. Amazon finds and then go through that and see who posts a bunch of those videos and then go on their profile kind of look into it, see how many followers they have, how many views they get on each video and if i think they’Re going to be a good fit, then i will email them, and an important thing i forgot to mention is that i am going to reach out to 40 people, and the reason for this is because people usually take a really long time to reply, and so, If i reach out to 40, i’ll be lucky to maybe have five people respond, all right guys.

So i’m finally done and it took me two hours to reach out to all the influencers. So what i did is either just email them or dm them on instagram. So now what i’ve done is i found a product to sell? I’ve reached out to influencers, and the next thing i need to do is actually build the online store using shopify.

So i actually have a separate video on how to build a shopify drop shipping store. But for this video i am going to go over some tips all right, so i just finished making the store and no joke. It only took me about 40 minutes to make it but anyways i’ll.

Show you guys how the store looks real, quick, alright, so here’s, the home page and honestly, it doesn’t. Look that good, but it doesn’t matter, because the customers are going to be redirected to the product.

Page so let’s, go to the product page and on here. As long as you have good images, a good description and reviews on the site, you should be okay, and one thing i want to mention is, i did add the buy to get two dollars off and the reason i do this for all my stores is because, When people see that they will be inclined to buy more products – and if you want you can use the app vitals40 to do this, but anyways that’s, the store it looks pretty decent.

So now i’m. Actually gonna go over some apps that i use for the store, so the first one i use is s pocket, and this is where i get my product from and once you create an account with s pocket it’s. Super simple to use – and all you have to do is basically search up the product that you want and you should be able to find it.

Then, once you click on the product, you click on add to import list. Then you want to click on import list, and here you just have to click on push to store, and this will send the product to your store and, like i said before, i really like s pocket it’s, much better quality products in aliexpress And also faster shipping, so if you guys do want to try them out, i linked s pocket in the description and you can go through that link and try it out for free all right.

So another app i want to go over is one click ecom and i basically use this for all my stores. So this app is great for finding winning products and, as you can see here on the app you can easily add the product to your store and there’s.

A large selection of winning products to choose from, and also if you want to create facebook ads, then you can do it through this. So all you have to do. Is click on settings and then set it all up from there and it’ll.

Basically, walk you through the process, so you can launch your facebook ads and it makes it pretty simple all right so another app i want to also go over is called luke’s, and this is one of the biggest review apps on shopify.

So, basically, its purpose is to add photo reviews to your store, which is really important and honestly think of it like this. If you’re going to buy a product, you obviously want to go through the reviews to make sure it’s good and if you guys do want to check them out for free.

I did link it in the description of the video but anyways. Those are really all the tips i have for you guys, and these are some of my favorite apps – that i use for all my drop shipping stores all right so now the store is all done.

I need to create an advertisement to market the product, and usually what i do is outsource this, because i don’t have the time to do it, but because this is going to be a tick tock, it kind of has to be in a Different format, so what i’ve decided to do is get the original tick, tock, video and then edit it in in shot, and then i’m just going to get the influencer to post that now.

Obviously this isn’t, my video, so i am going to have to credit the person, but i don ‘ T really think it’s a big deal, so i went ahead and edited the video and i’m, going to show you guys how it looks all right guys.

So now everything on my end is done. So what i’ve done so far is found a product. I built a store i reached out to influencers and i created an advertisement to market the product. So now i basically just have to play the waiting game, because i do need to wait for an influencer to email me back.

So once that happens, i’ll, wait for them to post the video and then i can start making money but anyways. My plan is to now end off the video and then at the end of the week i’m gonna touch base with you guys and then show you how much money the drop shipping store made monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday [ Music ].

What’s up guys? So now it’s been seven days and everything is done. So now i’m, going to share the results with you guys and also tell you how much money i ended up making. But before i tell you guys how much money the business made, i do want to tell you what ended up happening with the influencers.

So i told you guys i reached out to 40 people and out of 40 people, only two people actually responded. It honestly sucks, but that’s, usually how it goes, but the person i actually ended up going with was pretty good.

She had over 200 000 followers, her followers were pretty loyal and she used to also post girly things, which is also a plus, but a good thing was she only charged me 60 canadian dollars and that’s only 40 us dollars, but unfortunately the Video was only up for two days and that’s because she did answer pretty late, but i was honestly shocked with the results, because the video did do really well.

It got over 200 000 views and it was one of her best performing videos. Now, with 200 000 views, you might have thought i could have made maybe 500 to a thousand dollars, while i didn’t actually make that much, which is pretty disappointing, but i am still happy with the results because i was profitable.

So real quick here is the tick tock analytics. I got her to send me a picture of that, and also here is the results from the store. So i ended up making 211 dollars in just two days and i will say that is pretty decent, but i honestly wish it was more now.

Obviously, this is not all profit, so i do want to go over the expenses with you guys, so the first expense is forty dollars for the tick tock influencer. Second expense is fourteen dollars for the shopify domain.

Next expense is ten dollars for the shopify and paypal fees and the last expense is 67 for the product cost. So in total the profit was around 80 and honestly, that’s, pretty good, because that’s about a 40 profit margin.

Now i honestly was expecting a little bit better, but i do think this is actually really good for just one week but anyways guys. That is all for this video. Thank you so much for watching and i’ll, see you in my next video.


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