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This and I’m gonna go over an underutilized, Roddick research method, which is definitely Amazon. So I found this on and I was really just looking at the best sellers so right here and I was just kind of looking at these categories.

Seeing what people want to buy online now, obviously, we can’t dropship. A lot of this stuff like we’re, not gonna be a little dropship like some of these branded products and then obviously, like an echo dot.

We can’t. We can’t dropship that, but if you look down and narrow down and some of these categories, I can tell you that there are a lot of winning products. If you go into let’s say so. Beauty and personal cares is one that’s really good.

So I’m, going to open a tab on that one. Sometimes cell phones and accessories. Sometimes the accessories are good, but it’s kind of a hit or miss every time. I look at that. Electronics is good, sometimes health and household and home kitchen and then kitchen and dining.

So I would probably – and this one is good and then, if you’re doing a pet niche, you can do pet supplies sometimes fortune outdoors and then tools, tools and home improvement is a pretty good one. If you look through those, so those are probably the ones that I look at the most all the other ones, aren’t that great okay, so there this jumped ahead, and this I’m gonna tell you right now that this Is not the product that I’m selling this I’m, not selling this product anymore, and this product worked for me in the past.

However, I did find this product on Amazon bestsellers when I was scaling it. So this made me a lot of money, but now I’m working on another product. That is is better, and so you know you look at this stuff and say: okay, look.

This looks pretty unique like what is this like hairdryer and that’s. What I was thinking the first time and and then I went to see it on Aliexpress and it was available. I found somebody love it available videos and because it was like it was so hot in so trendy right now.

I just a lot of people wanted to buy it. Then I just I hopped in, and so you’ll, find really good products on here. This false lash effect mascara. I wouldn’t. Do this just because it’s like five bucks and it like and then bath bombs.

Those are just bath bombs. You can’t. Do that, like I’d, skip this skip this skip this anything that’s like pretty low ticket, probably under like 20 bucks. I would I would stay away from unless just common for people to buy two units of it, then I would consider it, but here you can see like people are buying.

You know this is five pieces, but you’re. You’re. Only paying like nine bucks for five, so I would stay away from that and then I would definitely stay away from like well-known branded products. You can’t dropship that stuff, and so I’m looking for products.

Also that I can. I can advertise on Facebook or advertise really on social media, because Instagram is included and we want to really blend in with social media and we really want to create an impulse purchase.

I’ve, definitely seen nose, hair, trimmers and ear hair trimmers do well on Facebook ads before, and so I’ve, seen a lot of flat irons and a lot of hair straightener stuff, like hair curlers, do really well on Facebook ads.

So there’s. Another a good wing product, doesn’t have to be this exact model. But if you can get a model that does a good product, that’s better than what’s out there or better than at least what the other dropshippers are advertising, then you can definitely jump in to that.

But yeah I’ve, seen this bag on Facebook ads too, you know just just really looking like this deep waver. This could be really good. I see I see it like a lot of hair tools do good on Facebook they or they do well, and I think the reason why is because you can see the difference like you can see a difference in the ad like people just go.

People just go wow like I really want to buy this, and they see that the difference between before use of the product and then the after, while the part is being used and then the end result, and so the end result.

And what was going on before the use of the product is just so different that it’s, compelling in the in that. So let’s close this and look at let’s. Look at the cell phones and accessories car phone holders do well on Facebook ad, so seem like two or three that got went viral this year.

So if you can find a good one, a product, a good car phone holder that’s better than what’s out there, then that would be really good but yeah other than that. Just like regular, you know, watch watch, bands or eye watches or Apple watches, stuff that you would just.

You could normally get everywhere else, and I mean that’s, not that much of a problem if you can get it everywhere else, and the reason why is because I’m gonna debunk products that are normally found in local stores.

I think sometimes you can, I think, sometimes you can sell them, and I really de bunk that with this product and the reason, why is because I I was trained to not sell products that you can find at local stores.

But when I saw this on Amazon – and I did see this in the Amazon best best sellers in one of these categories right, but I also, I also saw it when I was walking around Bed Bath & amp Beyond not their website, but in the physical store And I actually saw a lot of really cool products.

Their products that you don’t normally see I’m. Now I’m, not saying: go dropship every single product from Bed Bath and Beyond, but you know like stuff like this wine glass. You want to stay away from because it’s, just a normal product but stuff that you can use in advertising.

Social media advertising works so well as long as you can see an end result that’s, that people really want and – and I’m talking about see it like you – see the actual physicality in the ad – that’s, That’s.

Gon na do well so health and personal care. This one’s, probably one of my favorite ones. Obviously, Norrell batteries you can’t, do and like this shouldn’t genetic f, Nissa t-test, but something like this.

This is really cool. This was like a cold massage roller. I bet this is like kind of like an ice pack, but it’s, also a roller, and so this is something I would definitely try out and and use for Facebook ads.

A video like that. You can see a different like you can see. The action happening you can see this person using the product, and so you might want to add something you like you might want to add. And oh, it’s cool here too, because you can use on your feet when your feet are tired, like they’re outside they’re running all day, and then you use like a cool pack, an ice pack, but It’s like a rolling ball, so it’s.

Also a massager people at the gym people who are outdoors and hiking or people just that stand out, stand up at work all day. You know back in college like it’s like seven years ago or something I was standing all day as flipping burgers and my feet hurt and at the end of the day I would have liked this.

This would have been amazing, actually want this. Now I mean I kind of just sit at my desk all day, but this sounds really cool. I mean I would probably use this once in a while when I go out and I’m sure there’s, some really cool videos.

Here too, and you could probably just search on youtube so yeah I mean there there’s, a consumer who’s using it, and this is this looks really good for like a retargeting ad too, because it’s. This blends, in with social media, let’s, look at home in kitchen, because there’s, a lot of good products on home in kitchen, I know weighted blankets are actually trending right.

Now there’s, a high demand for waiting weighted, blankets. Right now I’ve, seen this on Google Trends, and so when you search weighted blankets and then you sort by sea, you see that spike for weighted blankets like that’s.

It’s hot right now, but I think it might be just be hot every so here’s, a thing like it. It was hot, like nobody cared about it like two years ago, and it was super hot last year right during the winter and it died down obviously after Christmas, but it’s still like pretty high, even after, like like the week after Christmas, it’s still somewhat high, so it’s.

Probably gonna go down again, you might be able to jump in and sell it for like two three more weeks, but even even like maybe January so January 13th. Like I know, this is really really high, but this, like 30, is still significantly higher than this, and so let’s actually compare to like the posh burger and see like what’s, the.

What’s, the difference here. So yeah I mean okay, look at this, so you also want to look at the at the demand right because posture corrector there’s, such a high demand for posture correctors, like if i, if i hadn’t shown you that chart Just now – and i just went straight to posture corrector – you’d, be like whoa.

There’s like this huge spike right like, and everyone knows that this was something so high demand like everyone wants to buy it and it’s still in super high demand. But then, when you compare it to the weighted blank, blankets like okay, so even even at the lowest peak like the wig weighted blankets, is pretty much similar to like the pusher correctors highest demand.

So it’s. Still gonna be like it’s still gonna be so high. Like there’s, gonna be a lot of people. Don’t want it now, however, listen to this because you can’t just go in into Facebook ads and try to install weighted blankets and the reason why is because posture correctors are so much easier to sell, because you can actually See the difference you can, you can get a viral video for this easily people are gonna be compelled to say.

Like wow, I’m gonna buy this right now and create that impulse purchase. So this creates impulse purchases this one doesn’t so much so. If you’re gonna go and sell a product in high demand. If you want to do it on social media, with Facebook, ads or Instagram ads, you’re gonna need to work a little bit harder on your videos and really show the benefits.

You would need to really show an audience who is extremely upset and they’re in the position. If weren’t using weighted blankets and then you show them like super happy and really comfortable with the weighted blankets on and that will work and then me and then you’ll, be able to win with the weighted blankets.

But if you just try and sell weighted blankets with like a picture ad or if you try and sell it with a random video that that doesn’t really show why the customers life sucks without the blankets.

Then you’re, not gonna have a good time so kitchen, home and kitchen. Let’s! Look at this stuff waffle maker! If you there there, I’ve, seen a lot of good like waffle, kitchen like pancake stuff. So you could probably get a good video for this, although it is, it is kind of low ticket like ten dollars.

It’s kind of nothing here’s, another way to blink it. So so you have weighted blanket in the one. Two sorry three four eight and 11 slots, and so you know there’s, another another, huge trend that you can jump in this I’ve seen this do well on Facebook ads, and this did well like January 2018.

So that was almost two years ago, and you know there could be a lot of new people on Facebook now and nobody is mmm is – might be selling this anymore, so somebody could jump in and try and sell this.

I’m, also like trying to eliminate products that that aren’t gonna work. So I mean it’s, just a regular trash bag, regular blanket it’s like regular mug and cup, regular hydro, fat flasks. I mean the robot vacuums there.

They’re everywhere, so this one I probably wouldn’t even try. I’ve, seen this too. Well there you go this original blanket sweatshirt. This went viral like multiple times this tortilla I saw somebody.

Do a one product store in this tortilla blanket let’s, move on patio and garden like I’ve. Seen this. This bugger saw it too well on Facebook ads this looks kind of cool. I mean you could probably get get a cool Facebook ad like this and show happy people out of party using this is just like a broom ice scraper.

This looks really cool like get a good video for this, and this will work here’s. The video let’s, see what it does. That looks I mean I don’t live in the snow, but I’m, assuming a lot of people do and of course a lot of people do, and so that looks really cool.

I mean I’m sure you could sell something like this and – and this will do really well yeah here. This solar charger did well too so. Just look at this stuff and be like okay, like if it’s too generic, and it there’s no way.

I’m gonna get a good video. If for it, then No just delete it, and so that’s. What I’m thinking about, I’m thinking about both the product and the video that it’s gonna be in, and so this stood well. This is like it’s like a dog treat tossing.

So it’s, like a machine that that throws are the truth. There’s, treats and then has a camera there’s, a ton of winning products on here I promise so this did well this pet hair remover and that’s, pretty much it for this specific product research method.

I know it’s like not out of the ordinary or anything new, but you know it’s. It’s away so the day just started, so it’s. 12 a.m. so we’re about to start with a new day, but yeah it’s. You know it’s, you got ta, see just look at it.

It’s, nothing new, but just do it just go on and start looking at products, so you can start paying $ 4,000 days. So if you want me to go more in-depth into different product research methods and how to find winning products – and yes winning products do exist, it is a fact that some products sell better than others and you will have an easier time.

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