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Now i believe, this method that i use to get this 26 000 is the best. If you are starting on jvzoo it’s, not as hard as you think it’s, actually quite easy to do this. I’m. Going to be showing you the best and the right way to do this, so there’s, a lot of ways to make money with jb zoo and a lot of those ways are wrong, especially for beginners.

This is literally the best way to do it, and this is how i made that 26 000, but you must pay attention because if you don’t watch this all the way to the end, you could get it wrong, but this is the best Way, in my opinion, for anybody that’s, trying to make money on jvzoo now you don’t need money.

To do this. You don’t need an email list. I know that you know when most people, when they’re teaching this stuff, they tell you that you need to blast out emails and that sort of stuff you don’t need to do that in this tutorial, you don’t need a big audience and you don’t need to go and create a complicated funnel.

If you’re someone that’s watching this right now and you don’t have any of this stuff. It’s completely fine! You’re in the right place because you’re, not going to need it. You can start this. If you’re trying to make money online from scratch, you don’t need any assets, we call them assets, you don’t need any of those, and this is completely free for you to do now before we jump Into this we need to understand what is jvzoo.

So jvzoo is a platform where people upload affiliate marketing, well products and you become an affiliate marketer for those products. It’s kind of like clickbank. You might have heard of clickbank before, but jvzoo is exactly it’s.

Basically a clickbank people, upload products, they are sellers and you can go and promote those products for a commission and how it works. Guys is basically what affiliate marketing is on. Jvzoo is you go and find a product to promote and you get links and these links are called affiliate links and then, when someone clicks that affiliate link they go to the page, the product, it could be a software or a course, and what happens is when Someone purchases that product you get paid, you get a commission in return.

This is called affiliate marketing. So let me show you step by step exactly how to do this and how to get started. So you can make money online with jvzoo, but before we do that guys, i did not forget the winner from the last video is up on the screen all right.

This person has won access to one of my courses and they have been contacted if you want to get into this giveaway. We’re doing it for this month, only it will be finished by the end of this month. Basically, you find the emoji in this video.

You comment below what you want. So you comment the emoji and you comment cash or course, and you smash that, like button drop a like, so i know that you’ve done it and then you could win in the next video.

So let’s. Get into this guys, the first tip you’re going to want to do is, go to jvzoo.com and simply sign up an account by going start selling more today, and you simply just sign up an account. It’s very easy now, once you’ve filled out all that information, you’ll, actually come to a page that looks like this and what i’ll do.

Show you some quick navigations, but we don’t, actually use jvzoo a lot, and that might sound strange and i’ll. Tell you exactly why in a second, but when you’re on this page like this, if you go to affiliates and you go down to find products, this is where you can find products in the marketplace to promote.

I’m, going to tell you some good things about this and some bad things about this, and you probably won’t actually be using this much in this training, and i’ll. Explain to you why, in a second? So if we actually scroll down um, this has base you can put in keywords and things like that, but these are all the top products right, this one, for example.

Here, if you just go, get links, you can just promote this right away. All you need to do is you need to get this link and simply go into your browser and paste it in and it’s going to take me to that product and if someone purchased that product, i would get a commission very simple to Understand right now, the thing about this is that’s, nice and easy, but some some of them might need request approval.

So i’m, going to click, request approval and it will ask me to put in some information now. Usually, you can say: hey, i’ve got an email list and i want to promote this product. I’ve got a website or something like that right and you just put in some information here.

You go. I’ve. Read the instructions and click i’m, not a robot, and then you go request approval i’ll. Just do that real, quick tick! The box request approval and what will happen? Is you’ll know in a day or so whether you’ve, been approved? It says, pending approval.

Now the good thing about this kind of area is there’s, lots of products to promote? You can see this one here has sold 60 116 000, an average price of 31 dollars that’s, 3.4 million dollars that this product here is made.

So there’s, a lot of money to be made on this platform, but to be honest, the way that i recommend you do this and that’s best for beginners. You’re, never actually going to be using this area. The reason why is because we’re, going to be using a method where we need to fi to promote the latest products.

So these are all kind of like old products that have been around for a while and things like that, and there’s. Software’s courses and all that sort of good stuff. What you want to be doing is you actually want to do another method, and i ‘

Ll show you that method right now, okay, this is important. What you want to do is um. So if you just want to go back to your dashboard, just go to overview, but what you want to do is you want to go to a website called munchie.

com and you’ll see down. Here is a little jvzoo symbols. The jvzoo symbol basically says that this person’s product that you can promote through jvzoo. So munchai.com is a platform where people put up their products that are about to launch in the marketplace and what you can actually do.

For example, if i click on this one here, which is called um funnel vo or something i can actually click on that and i can go to funnelview.com and it’ll. Take me to what we call a jv page. So basically, what’s happening? Is this product is launching into the marketplace? And we can capitalize on this and we can basically jack traffic from this.

So they’re, giving away 25 000 in prizes and all you’ve got to do, is scroll down and go um get on the you want to get on the list. So you know when it’s launching, but you go get your affiliate link and you get the affiliate links.

You can promote that product. It’ll. Take you to jvzoo, you fill out some information and you click. I’m, not a robot. If you want to tell them what you’re, doing just say: hey, i’m. Going to sin just say: hey i’ve got some traffic.

I want to send that’s, all you got to say, but that’s. What munchie.com does is essentially, it goes out there and you can find products that are launching now. The reason you want to do this is simple.

Let me explain to you why you want to do this because what happens is so um. Basically, there’s, a lot of products. Okay, these products actually launching every single day, so you’re, never going to run out of products to promote okay, but munchie.

com is the best place to find products. If you, if you have an email list or something or you do have a big audience, then yes, these products would be perfect to promote because they’re already established and things like that.

But no one’s really searching for these products right now, because they’ve already been launched. So what we want to do is when these products launch the affiliates of these products send the product to the email list.

But what a big majority of people do, the people that they send to they go to like google and youtube and stuff and they search for the product name. Okay, let me explain to you how you can make money from this.

This is how we get the traffic to the offers, and this is exactly how i made my money from doing this method here. Okay, this is how i made my money. So what you want to do is you want to go and find a product that’s about to launch.

Now i’m going to take this one as an example, but i’d, recommend finding one that’s launching about a week or two weeks away to give yourself a little bit of time. Now, what i’m going to do is i’m going to go into google and i’m going to put in funnel vo review, because what people were going to do is they’re, going to Actually go into google and they’re, going to search the product name review that’s.

What they’re, going to be doing okay, and what i’m going to do is show you something. So if i actually scroll down there’s, a website here on medium.com, if i open this up, what it does is, i can actually this you can put this content on here for free you, don’t have to pay any money.

Medium.Com is a free website that you can use to put articles on now. This guy here has done a review on the product and said kind of like what it’s about, and he’s given basically given um. You know, bonuses and stuff like that, what they’re going to do is they’re going to scroll down and they’re, going to click on his affiliate link, which is somewhere down here so grab your funnel funnel Video here or he’s actually got links in here as well.

You can see here he’s, got links here as well. So if i click on this link, then i’m. He’s, going to make a commission now. It does say currently the product that we’re looking for has not been sold. I think that’s because they’re about to launch the new version soon.

Okay, but usually a lot of them actually stay open now. Another example of um, so medium.com is a website you can use for free, okay, you just go to medium.com and you go to get started or, if i actually put in this product here, which is called high traffic academy 2.

0, you’ll, see sites.google.com. If i click on this one, it takes me to a review of a specific product as well. Now sites.google.com is actually a free website builder from google that you can use to build a website.

It’s completely simple! You just go to sites.google.com and you just basically start a website. So i got a project here and i can build a website from scratch for free and we know that that it ranks because um we saw it in that and that when i just i’m thinking, you can actually see here i can put In project name, i can put in all of this information here i can drag and drop it’s really simple.

To do! Look at this right. I can put in text just like that super simple to do and, as i showed you before, that it is ranking that it does actually rank in google. So all you’ve got to do is find these particular products and then go out there and write reviews on them.

So when people go and search what happens? Is they come up? Comes up in search and here’s? Another one here that i found for this training. If i go back to google here and i put in this one – you’ll – see here that there is a medium article at the top right.

So syntrio reviews the medium article at the top and if we scroll down there’s more content. So if we click on this one here this this is actually a paid website. But you don’t have to do that. But you see here, this person has done quite a nice little thing here.

So when this product launches, which is in um on the 11th of august, so about two weeks away, when this launches people are going to go and search that product name, they’re, going to find your website and you’re.

Going to get paid when someone purchases through that link, but what, if you want another traffic source and you don’t want to actually go and build a website? Well, it’s, super simple: we can go out there and we can do video versions right now.

I i understand that a lot a lot of people won ‘ T want to actually do videos themselves and i’ll. Explain to you how you can fix that in a second, but what you can actually do is you can self i go to funnel funnel video review there’s, someone here that’s, done a video and then the links in the Description link to the product that’s about to release, but, more importantly, he’s, ranking for all of these keywords.

So when people search the review, the actual name, he’s, ranking number two um funnel video demo funnel vo um. Funnel video review get funnel vo. He’s, ranking for these keywords and if we actually look here, this one was done.

A week ago, this one was done a week ago. This one was done a week ago. This one was done five days ago, so it’s. All fresh videos ranking for these particular keywords and people are going to purchase when it goes live.

Now. I know this works quite well guys because i have affiliates that do stuff for me and they make very very good money, but this is the best way to do it now. If you don’t want to put your face on the video, you can actually use a program called vidnami.

You can actually go and create videos without putting your face on it. I think that’s, what this guy used, but once that product launches there’s, going to be traffic to this product now, are you going to make a lot? It really just depends like some some launchers.

We did a thousand here. A thousand a thousand you know two thousand did hundreds at like 200, 300. 400. 500, some of them. You can make a lot of money. Some of them, you might not make much or you might not make any money, but what your goal is should be.

I should say is to go and build a website. That literally, does this on a daily basis for multiple products and build it up as an authority as a launch jacking site, you can’t just expect to make money by doing it once you have to do it quite a lot of times and Same with youtube, so this website here these guys, are doing reviews on products literally every single day.

So all of these were done today. I know they. I know that because i checked all of these were done today, so you could imagine if – and this is like an advanced version like obviously when you’re starting, you’re, not gonna.

Have it this nice, but you could imagine if he’s getting say: let’s say he gets 200 per launch right and he does four or five of these a day that’s, a thousand dollars per day that He could be making.

Potentially all he needs is a couple of people to come and click on this and he could get money. Okay and here’s. Another one here’s, another one. So this is a very, very good method, guys to go and make money with jb zoo you’ve just got to go to munch.

I find products that are launching and put out content based on those products, whether it be a guide or a review, or something like that. You can use medium.com it’s, a completely free website, uh kind of we’ll put an article on the internet or you can use sites.

google.com to create a completely free website or you could use youtube to create free traffic. This, in my opinion, is the best way to go and make money with jvzoo, because people are going to be searching for that product name.

Once the big affiliates start sending emails to their email list and then they could potentially find your site and then you could get money from them, searching all right guys. So that’s, how you can go out and make money with jvzoo if you want some more advanced training on this, i do have a course you can go through.

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