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So, in order to do so, you just go here hit sign up, and then you select that I’m. I’m an advertising your gonna be forwarded to forum with all of the details that need to fill in in order for you to start by in traffic from propellor ads, so they offer several ways of adding funds just like any other traffic Source, usually I’ll use PayPal for small deposits and wire for bigger amounts of money that I want to add to my account so yeah.

Once you have created your propeller account, you are going to need to start your first campaign in order for you to start a new company, just click on the button here at the top of the page, where I said create campaign, then you have company name.

You have several advertising formats or traffic types, so usually you have on click for pop under traffic, which is the which is what propeller is very known for push notifications, which is new native ads when I think, which is the most the newest among these four and Then interstitial ads, so you can just select type in a name for your campaign and then in this case we will be selecting on click for on click.

There are several pricing which are CPM smart, CPM, smart CPA, so four CPM means that you will buy movable body in per thousand impressions. Smart CPM. It is pretty much the same, but you will be. Your campaign will be optimized based on a CPM roll that you will put here so basically, as I have been told by account managers once a zone spends an amount of money which equals the CPA, roll doesn’t generate anything.

It gets blacklisted right away. Then there is the smart CPA. The smart CPA ones are companies that you would, that would be optimized automatically and for which will be paying for per conversion. But this might sound appealing.

But there is something that you would need to have in mind, which is the fact that, in order for you to start a smart CPA company, you would still need to specify a test traffic budget limit, which means that before you start paying for conversion.

Propellor needs to be sure that your campaign is performing well. That is converting because propellor still pays, they still pay. They’re, probably further on a CPM basis. So basically, if they’re selling new traffic for on a CPA basis and pay their publishers on a CPM basis, those are very, very huge risks that they will be taking with you.

So, first they need to test the offer and once it’s converting, then you will start getting some conversions and you will be able to pay per conversion. So I will be walking you through the process of each of these pricing models in order to avoid any kinds of confusion so for the CPM one, you would put here your tracking link, which is the one that you get from your tracking platform.

In case you haven’t, checked out my video regarding per click. You can go and check it out in my youtube channel. So the tracking you all. You need to make sure that you have all the correct, macros and everything, as I explained before, for the frequency capping.

It means, as I’ve explained in the tutorial for Papa means. How many times will the same user be seen your ad? So usually I go for once every 24 hours there’s, this section here, which is pretty pretty much new, the brokers traffic, which means, would you be willing to buy traffic from other traffic partners which are integrated by propeller? So let’s say pop ads are integrated with propeller.

In case you want to receive traffic from them as well. You will need to select this option for the second option, which is called the anti anti adblock means that in case you are willing to buy traffic from websites that have an end.

An anti el bloque script, which means that propeller provides their publishers. With a ninth anti adblock script, which me, which allows them to show pop-unders for users who have ad blocks on their browsers, so it is kind of a workaround to prevent them from blocking your pop-unders for user activity.

Regarding this one, I don’t. Think that these volumes are huge for for this entire blog, but still the traffic might be very, very good, so you need to you need you definitely need to check it out and see how it goes for your campaign for the user activity.

You can target all users or select high a high CTR or medium CTR along CTR. I usually go for all users and then optimize. Based on what I see for the countries you can select. The countries that you wish for the CPM propellor gives you some recommendations that you can use, for instance, for the US.

They might recommend you to start with a bit of 2.84. Basically, during my set up, I usually specify the platform first, because the bid depends on the platform as well. So basically, if I’m, have a campaign, for instance for US and targets desktop only.

I would specify the US and go down on select, desktop and then come back and see which CPM I would go for so, for instance, you can see here that the recommended CPM has has changed so most of the time I would go for the recommended and Then optimize accordingly, then for the daily budgets you can specify whatever you want.

The minimum budget is 10 per day for the total campaign budget. If you want to specify you go ahead, if you don’t want to, you, can leave it blank there’s audience, which means that in case you are using propellerheads for your own website or a website for which or an offer For which you are able to use a pixel, you can use a retargeting campaign, and you can do so here by creating an audience of the users who have been into your website.

But didn’t perform the action that you wanted them to do to do and create a campaign for them to retarget them only and try to convert them for the campaign schedule. It means that, during which days of the week and which hours do you want your ads to be live, I usually go for all day all all days, all hours, including then start optimizing.

According to my data, you can choose, of course, the standard delivery mode and the distributed the standard is once you are bidding the highest your you will be buying that impression, and you will be your ad will be showing to to the visitor until your daily budget Is reached for the distributed propeller make sure that your ad lasts approximately 24 hours.

So basically it’s, one way to slow down the spending. It would be a good idea to use this in case. You see that there is a campaign who is converting for you, but still it reaches its daily cap very very quickly, so we have already chosen platform the OS.

I would suggest you because before I specified that for in order for me to specify the CPM I used, I usually go for the country and then the platform you need to go for the UI, the operating system as well.

So basically, you select the country which is the US here. You select the platform, you select the operating system and then you come here and check what are the recommendations for the CPM? So basically you see that it went down a bit to 1.

5. So once done in case, you want to select specific operating system version. You can do so here specific browser or exclude some. You can do so. You can same thing for browsers languages, connection type so that you want to target Wi-Fi only or career.

Only mobile is speeds or careers, same thing for zone limitations. If you have a blockage that you want to address, hit, exclude and add them separated by commas, and then I declaring guarantee that my campaign meets the calling guidelines and then start the campaign.

Usually, your campaign will go on pending status, but will get accepted or approved by their moderators in a matter of minutes and sometimes in a matter of seconds. Actually, there is the second advertising format now, of course, on for the on click there’s.

The second pricing model, which is the smart CPM – it is basically the same process as for CPM, except one single option that you have here, which is the automatic optimization for the automatic optimization.

You need to specify a CPA goal so, for instance, let’s say the campaign of that pays me one dollar per lead and I can go for the CPA goal value of 0.8 or 0.9 and try to reach it. Basically, as I’ve been told, and I’m – not 100 % sure about this, as I have been told by my account manager, the algorithm goes this way.

Once a zone spends that CPA go, that doesn’t generate anything, I think they stopped two times or three times of the CPA ago. So basically, if his own spends one point, six or two point, four dollars and doesn’t generate any conversions.

It’s. Gon na it’s, gonna get blacklisted. So you can try that out and see how it goes for you and then the rest is pretty much the same thing as for CPM campaigns. One thing you need to keep in mind, though, is that, in order for you to to use smart CPM campaigns and smart CPA campaigns, you need to be using propellerheads postback.

What should you find in here once you click on the tracking? You will get your tracking link and your post back, which will which you should be adding to your tracking platform, because what does the post back do? It allows your conversions to show our property rights platform? So if you wish to get propellers help in optimizing your campaigns, you need, they need to see your conversions.

So in case you start a smart CPM campaign. Basically, it’s, going to be the same as sorry in a CPM campaign because it’s, actually the wrong approach to work with propellers, because you are expecting them to help you with the optimization.

But still you’re. Not sending them any conversions same thing for smart CPA because they will be paying you per conversion, so they need to see those conversions on their end, so they can know when to pay you the one not to pay.

So for the smart CPA, the process is pretty much similar, except for so here there is the conversion price. They their recommendation is to go for 70 % or 80 % of the new offers payout. So, for instance, if you have an offer that pays you $ 1.

00 per conversion, you might go for 0.7 or 0.8 as a conversion price, so which means that if you go, for instance, for zero-point energy, you’re, aiming for a margin of 20 % so out of its each conversion, you’re, going to be making in case it works.

You’re gonna be making 0.2 dollars and in in case you go for 0.7, it might be a better margin, so I would suggest I usually go for 80 % because it is sometimes it is appealing to go for the minimum. It might work, but for scaling purposes you might even want to duplicate the campaign and go for even sometimes 90 % of the fail, or even sometimes 95 % of the fail.

Because, at the end of the day, when trying to scale campaign that DIY doesn’t really matter, but your margins matter in terms of how much money are you making on a daily basis. So this is a whole other topic that we can discuss in a future video of course, so the rest of the options are very similar to the two pricing models that we’ve seen before, except that this last section, which is the test traffic Settings in this, you specify how much propeller is going to be spending on the test traffic.

So, as we discussed before for smart CPA campaigns, propeller needs to test that your your campaign is converted in case it doesn’t convert. You will end up paying the budget limit and that’s it. So the minimum test budget is $ 50, as you can see here, yeah.

So normally, if your campaign works, you will end up paying less than fifty fifty dollars and you will start paying per conversion right away if the campaign works convert, but still it’s, not profitable, profitable.

For them, you might end up paying the whole 50 dollars, and you will still get a few conversions later, that you will be paying per conversion, that’s. It in case the campaign doesn’t work or doesn’t converge for some reason you will be paying the $ 50 and then that’s.

It, of course, for this one please make sure that your post bacc is set up correctly, so the last section would be sliced limits, which means how many impressions you’re gonna be sending you will be willing to buy pre-sliced on mobile and On desktop and then you hit, I’ll declare and then sort campaign, so this is pretty much it for the pop under traffic.

There are the three other types here for push notifications. You have the option to go for CPM or CPC. Cpm will be paying for oppression per thousand impressions for CPC it’s. Gon na be pretty Lake. I would suggest you to go for CPC because in case the cut the banner you’re using doesn’t have a high CDR.

You will end up spending money without any interactions, so CPC is safer unless you are pretty sure that of the performance of your banners, which is something that it never happened to me so far. So for the target URL it’s, the tracking link frequency capping – and here there is the section where you can add your push notifications.

So you have a small thumbnail and a bigger image, and then you have a headlight and a small description. So, of course, the annoying thing about put notifications in propeller is that your were still not able to add several banners or push notifications in a single campaign.

So basically, if you want to test three push notifications, you will be. You should be setting up three different campaigns so for to traffic options. You can target the premium supply which is according to propeller high converting with because it comes from between quotes premium websites, user activity, it’s, basically the same thing as before same for countries, advertising budget campaign schedule, targeting cetera et cetera for native ads.

It is the same thing as for push notifications. I don’t. Think it’s possible to add several images here either. So this setup is gonna be very similar to push notifications and then the last one is interstitial, which is the same as before, except that the image sizes are different, so yeah.

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