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Shake & Bake - 1 Sale, 2 Purchases - 50 shares Added

What’s up everyone?

Thought I would share what I have been up to again with our portfolio. This month we sold our one of our positions and added 2 different tranches to one of my favourite holdings.

I don’t sell much, but when I do it’s most likely one of my original holdings. With time things change and I rather focus on great brands/ companies hopefully with a great dgi track record. (Ill give some companies a pass in this environment)


This sale has been a long time coming.. A long time! When I look at our portfolio this is always the #1 stock that I wonder why I have it. I’m talking about Altagas. The company is a good company for sure, but they cut their dividend for me awhile back and I kept them thinking they would bounce back.

The position is down for us and was worth roughly 500$. I hate having such small positions and yet I couldn’t get myself to purchase more shares in them. The yield is over 4% and yet I wouldn’t increase my stake in them.. So you got to ask why continue to hold them?

Overall I was down like 40% on them but collected dividends over the years and all told I’m probably officially down 30-35%. Obviously I wanted to hold until I break even yet again but eventually we just need to more forward. It’s not a stock I’m excited about, in fact the oil & gas industry as a whole isn’t too exciting. I also keep thinking if I were to buy another energy stock it would have to be tc energy and I would have to get rid of some non core stocks.. Well here we go.

So we sold 30 shares of Altagas and brought in roughly 500 bucks but lost $28.80 in forward dividends. You may be thinking wow only 30 shares, that’s nothing. True but when I started investing in stocks my minimum purchase was 750$. I made one purchase in them awhile back and never added.


This week we increased our holdings in Restaurant Brands International twice.. I have wrote about them a couple Times. They have treated me very well from a dividend growth point of view. Their 3 year dividend growth rate is 47.10%. Of course this isn’t sustainable and will drop drastically, but clearly they want to reward their shareholders.

Their payout is pretty high at the moment but I think that is due to weakness last quarter due to covid. Popeye’s had a great quarter and next Monday their viral chicken sandwich is being launched in Canada..

I love the 3 brands Tim Hortons, Burger King and Popeye’s and tend to go to bk whenever we feel like a fast food burger. They have been expanding at a pretty good rate but will slow down in this environment as they watch their finances. In my opinion they do have lots of room for growth moving forward though.

Of the 3 brands Tim’s continues to be the laggard, hopefully they can fix this soon. From what I see though the drive thru’s are backed up once again, but I do wonder how much the work at home thing will effect their sales. I guess we will see next month when they announce earnings.

We bought shares twice this week

  • Wednesday 29 @ 72.80
  • Friday 21 @ 71.41

In total these purchases added 104 usd in forward income and now we hold 111 shares which should allow the stock to drip a new share at current prices each quarter.


Well that concludes our recent moves for the month. Overall this shakeup will add roughly 100 bucks Canadian a year. While it’s unfortunate to sell stocks at a loss, Our investing time frame is long term plan. I rather have our portfolio full of great stocks than holding losers until they break even..

Curious what do you think of these moves? Qsr doesn’t seem to be in many dgi portfolios, but I think they are full of potential.

keep on stacking those dividends and increasing that cash flow!


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