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Beauty is not something I would consider a niche. I would say that an industry and as all highlight today, I’ll, show you how you can make your affiliate website more focused to a specific audience within the beauty industry.

So I’ve got 50 affiliate programs here, but really that is just the start. Those were the 50 affiliate programs that I found, and I thought looked good enough to be on a top 50 list, those top 10 I might have picked.

You know I wouldn’t narrowed it down a little bit, but I do have my top three list and that I want to introduce to you today and tell you about why. I think they would be the most interesting ones that I would potentially promote for an affiliate website, so the first one is called scent bird.

So sin bird is a subscription box for perfumes. So I guess perfume could maybe be not very closely but somewhat related to beauty, but the reason I like this one is because for one subscription boxes are very popular right now.

I think some subscription boxes are a little bit over over advertised like they’re too expensive, like we bought a dog subscription box, which was not very good. It’s very expensive and the products weren’t very good, but I think some subscription boxes will survive and I think this scent box is something that could potentially survive, because you would end up using the stuff all the time and When you use it, then you would get a refreshed version.

A new version I don’t, think perfume is something I guess some people would use the same one all the time, but I think perfume is one of those things. People want to try different things and from what I know about living with my wife.

I know that she is. She tends to collect a lot of beauty products and she’ll use, half and so leave it on the shelf for a year or two and then get back to it a year later and sort of rediscover it.

So I think people could get a lot of use out of the this scent box and it’s, something this unique. You could promote it as part of a sort of box review website. Where you’re. Reviewing these subscription boxes.

You could do it as part of a perfume review website or you could do it as part of it. Just like a general Beauty website, a general how to make a specific look type a website. So yeah there’s, a lot of potential ways that you could promote to this particular company.

Oh and there there may be other ones out there as well. I doubt that they are the only one who is in the perfume subscription box niche. So the next affiliate program that I think could be interesting to join as this website called style Korean, so Korean makeup is seems to be very popular compared to any other makeup from any other country.

Perhaps, with the exception of France, something about Korean beauty, I guess they have high quality products. Maybe they have good advertising. I don’t, hear a lot about Japanese or Chinese beauty products, but I know that the Korean beauty products are.

I would consider it their own niche because some people just look into the Korean stuff. I guess they have the whole kind of kpop culture and some things that are unique to Korea. That seems to have imported.

I don’t know if imports the right word, but is also popular in Western countries like the United States, so yeah. I think you could potentially have like a Korean beauty, review website or well. Okay, that’s, the only one that comes on top of my head, but yeah, not this particular company per se, because I haven’t used it whose beauty product I don’t know if they’re Good or bad, but I just like the idea of Korean beauty, product affiliate programs, so I haven’t done a top-10 list for this yet, but I plan on doing it in the future style Korean will definitely make it on this list, and I’m interested to see what else I can find within this arena and the last company that I thought was something I would follow up with.

If I was planning on doing a beauty or skincare related website, is this company ila? So I loved what I thought was interesting. Is they don’t make their own products? They sell products from other companies from around the world, so they handpick various beauty products from different companies and they only select the best ones that they feel fits their eyelid beauty brand, and then you can purchase it through this website.

Now don’t know if they have a subscription box or if you would just send recommendations, but I’m sure they have a very strong email presence where they’ll, send you new things they get in, or potential Promotions or discounts things like that, obviously they work on the the whole natural stuff good for the environment.

Look good also feel good. That type of the sales pitch, which is very common and all of these Beauty, affiliate programs yeah. I thought it. I just thought it was kind of interesting that they’re kind of a beauty product curator, and I know for myself with my own interests, whether it’s, beer or whatever, I guess pretty much any beer.

I like this idea of the curation of finding the best and then and then being able to order it online rather than having to do that yourself, I mean some of these companies are so small. You know they’re in the middle of France.

In some small town, how are you gonna know where to find it, and you know, and then, if you’re, let’s say your hobby. Is you’re, a specialist and in low production, French beauty products? Then how you gonna find Korean beauty products or Japanese beauty products or who knows, maybe there’s, some good Brazilian beauty products out there.

So I think they could provide a very useful service for people who enjoy trying different companies and getting the best of the best so yeah. Those would be my top three picks. Obviously, there’s, a lot more, this list of beauty of affiliate programs.

Here it it covers the range skin care to hair care to general makeup cosmetics. Obviously perfume you’ve got high-end stuff, low-end stuff discount stuff. There’s. A couple different styles represented so yeah there’s.

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