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Okay, we’re going to be talking today about MailChimp, what is it, how does it work and why you need it for your business. Stay tuned. Let’s talk MailChimp.Now you have a lot of options as far as mail or email marketing out there but MailChimp is one of my favorite because it’s a free platform that does a lot for you, especially if you’re a growing business, you’re just getting started in business, this is a great resource for you to have.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty. What is MailChimp? How does it work? Let’s talk about all the cool things about it. MailChimp is an online program that sends emails, sends invitations and reminders to all of your clients.

You can have email sent out as campaigns, that’s what MailChimp will call them if you have signed up for MailChimp in fact, if you want to, go ahead and open up another window right next to this video and you can kind of surf through MailChimp as we’re describing it to you.

So when you log into MailChimp, you’re going to notice that emails are called campaigns. Campaigns are awesome because you can AB split test which means you can send up the same campaign with one variable difference and kind of determine what works and what doesn’t.

If this is a great platform to send multiple emails because if you have an email list which you do because you’re in business for yourself and if you’re smart in business like you are, you’re keeping a running list of people who have either subscribed or have purchased from you in the past or that you’ve marketed to in some way.

MailChimp will keep track of all of that for you and give you stats and analytic data on top of it. MailChimp will also help you build your list, it’ll have a formula event you can plug in to your website to actually grow your subscriber list.

Now if you’re using Bluehost or Wix or any of those other things, a lot of those platforms will have a way to talk to MailChimp. Google for example. If you have Google Gmail, MailChimp has a plugin for your Google Gmail that will autofill MailChimp’s database with the emails that you add to your email list and Google’s so awesome they’ll add emails to your email list if you’re adding them, if you’re even emailing them, it’ll add them to your list and then it’ll auto feed to MailChimp.

Of course you’re going to always want to double and triple-check but if those auto feeds are working properly then it takes a lot of work out of your hands. MailChimp will also help you build beautiful email templates all without you having to learn to code anything and in fact, if you watch our video on how to do that through MailChimp, we walk through the step-by-step process on how to actually compose an email campaign through MailChimp.

So check out this video right here. If you want to an A to Z walkthrough and how to compose those emails through MailChimp, we’ll actually walk you through that guide of how that’s done. Another cool thing about MailChimp is that AB split test we talked about before.

You can compose the same email with the same graphics, everything the same throughout and maybe you want to test about how those opens are working you know. MailChimp will actually show you which emails got opened, which emails didn’t, who opened them, who spent time in the email, who clicked the links that were involved in your email and it all could boil down to a good subject line, okay.

So maybe you want to test those subject lines and everything adults about your email looks exactly the same but you want to test out some subject lines. MailChimp will actually teach you some effective ways to compose those subject lines so maybe you have a subject thing that says “Open this right now.

Click inside for your deal.” and maybe have a subject line that says “Clear in 75% off everything in our inventory.” Now those emails are going to have the same body, the same fill, the same text, the same images, everything else about those emails is exactly the same, that’s the way an AB split test works but you want to know which subject line got more opens and MailChimp will walk you through how to do that, it’ll even help you do the AB split test campaign and analyze all the data for you so you can just go in and make better business choices and then turn a higher profit in your business.

In MailChimp, you can create an email template to get a cohesive look for your specific brand. One of the things that’s most important to remember in business is to keep a cohesion, cohesion means you’re using the same color, you’re using the same logos and your brand has the same feel to it no matter if someone’s opening an email from you, getting a text from you, getting a mailer from you in the mail or seeing you in person, it all has the same feel because you are branded, meaning you have the same look and feel business no matter how people experience you.

In MailChimp, you can actually compose templates with colors, pictures, fonts and styles that remain the same throughout all of your emails that you can then compose and send out to your people. If your brand has the same look to it that develops trusts in your brand.

So create a template and then go in and change specific details of it and you can even create multiple different templates. If you have a template that you want to use for sales, you can use that. If you want to use a template for information that you’re just sharing with your people, you can create a different template for that.

If you have a customer satisfaction survey you want to send out, you can create a template for that but all of those templates work with each other and all those templates look the same within their each different categories.

When you sign up for MailChimp, be aware that there are different levels at which you can plan MailChimp. there are different levels where you can have more subscribers and send out more emails to more people if you have the upgraded system.

If you have the entry level system there, you can send out several thousand emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 people that you can have on that free platform. If you need something more than that, you find you’re outgrowing MailChimp free level, there are really reasonably priced options that you can upgrade and still keep your lists all in the same place.

I love using MailChimp because you can export all of your lists directly to the website. I don’t have to learn encoding to use any of their features, I can upload stock photos or digital images even sometimes they have suggested images that they’re free to use when you don’t have a stock photo, when you don’t have photography for your business.

So going to MailChimp, explore your options, get a free account, sign up and just go in and get familiar with the interface in the back because it is going to be one of the most highest benefits for your business for tracking and recording data which always increases your bottom line.

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